A Time of Love (Malaysia) Overview

Dubbing is not involved here, something which I am very happy about. The leads speak their native language with subs to lead us through the dialogue. Obviously this would not be the way couples communicate in RL but I’m just going to overlook that because it is better than having the voices dubbed. It was a bonus hearing some Cantonese dialogue from the two guys even if it was two words utterances. I would have preferred it if Kate Tsui delivered her lines in Mandarin rather than in Cantonese but this is a Hong Kong production so it has to fit the HK audience. 

For a short movie, this did quite a good job in telling a succinct and compelling story. It doesn’t have anything near the force of a drama or a theatre movie but that was a given since it was filmed quite quickly and the story did not have much to work with. I actually liked that it was a tight story as it gave our leads something that does not require them to really have that time to develop their feelings. Despite that, I found that the leads had some reasonably solid chemistry. I like what they were able to give in such limited time. I wouldn’t say that they were anywhere near complementing each other but they worked well together to deliver wonderful and compelling scenes. They were each able to allow their acting capabilities to shine through despite their communication barriers and that is something I really appreciate. Well, to say a communication barrier is quite an exaggeration but nonetheless, there is some communication barriers since the two guys don’t speak Cantonese while Kate had to speak her part in Cantonese.

This was a nice love story that supported the sorrow theme and held onto a swift development. It was sorrow that not all the leads got a happy ending but it delivered one that was satisfactory to my tastes. At least in hindsight, they will each be able to live a happy life. Moving on is the best medicine to finding happiness. 

Sorrow in Malaysia Overview:

  • Shan/Kelly (Kate Tsui): “Thank you for letting me remember the memories that I should not have forgotten”
  • Shan tries on her wedding dress and narrates that she is just an ordinary girl wanting an innocent and ordinary romance yet God has played such a big joke on her.
  • Glass shatters and passerbys are anxiously if Kelly is alright and screaming for an ambulance.
  • The alarm rings but Kelly turns it off to bid some more time for sleep. Her fiancée, Shing/John (Chris Wang) results to waking her up by calling her and his ringtone is him telling her to marry him.

  • Kelly makes a mad dash to get ready and comes down to a sweet breakfast prepared by John. They have their sweet flirty moment and he tells her that he won’t propose today. She questions why he proposes to her everyday and he replies that it is because he is scared that she might leave him when she recalls her memories. She assures him that she will only marry him.
  • Kelly realises that she is running late and immediately runs out, and doesn’t even realise that John had a proposal in mind. John narrates that he never thought of marriage until he met her.

  • Kelly dashes to the station and awaits for her tourist, Li Zi Ho (James Wen). He spots and goes up to her and gives her a hug. However, she distances herself away having no idea why a random stranger is embracing her in a hug. He wonders if she is still mad at him; it has already been three years. He tells her that all the wait was worth it to know that she is fine.
  • She takes him to check-in at the hotel. He wants to spend more time with her but she pushes him away.
  • Kelly arrives to the bridal store when John is waiting. She tries on her wedding dress and faint memories of Zi Ho telling her that they will get married if she wants to. They can do whatever pleases her. She thinks that it was John talking to her and then she faints.
  • Kelly and John are at the doctors. The doctor tells Kelly that it is very possible that she will regain her past memories. As they walk out, John asks if she will still marry him if she recalls that she was once together with a childhood friend? She tells him once again that he is the only person she will marry.
  • Kelly goes to meet Zi Ho who immediately asks how she is. He tells her to cherish her body more and that today he will be the tour guide.
  • Zi Ho tells Kelly that regardless of all her changes, she is still that girl from the past. He takes her to the places that they once went to together and tells her his love story with Shan. Shan is the girl he loves the most and also the one he hurt the most. Whenever they were together, they would have endless talks. She was a children’s storyteller who really knows how to tell stories. Whenever he lost his job, she would always tell stories to encourage him, supporting him through his hardships. The station was like their home; Shan would tell him that all the unhappy things will pass by like the train and they can start again at the next station. Without the past her, there wouldn’t be the him today. At that time he didn’t have an income and she would support him financially making him feel like he was useless. So the better that she treated him, the more that he pushed her away. Her books sold better further distancing them apart. When she cleared his debts, he really flipped the tables. She even proposed to him but he couldn’t accept it knowing that he is the one who is constantly making her shed tears. Kelly lets out some tears hearing the story and Zi Ho asks if she is Shan.
  • John senses that Kelly isn’t happy but she brushes it off as having not eaten yet so he goes to make some food for her.
  • Zi Ho asks Kelly to meet him at the station. He invites her to sit down and places a cold drink to her face, telling her that she once said that people are most awake at the coldest moment. She tells him that she doesn’t remember and he agitatedly tells her that they can make peace at this station, right? She reminds him that she is very happy right now and about to get married in a few days. He has been working really hard these past three years and asks if she is willing to allow him to make her happy. Kelly is confused and runs off.
  • Flashback to Zi Ho search for Kelly finally scores some fish and he says that this will be the last time.
  • Zi Ho’s words are on Kelly’s mind which causes to have (another) car accident.
  • After two days, Kelly finally wakes up with John by her side. She admits that she recalls it all. John tells her to go meet Zi Ho who is at the station waiting for her. She tells John that he must wait for her.
  • Kelly arrives at the station but thinks that Zi Ho has already boarded the train. She cries as the train takes off and screams that she is no longer mad at him. She is not going to force him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. She just wants to be with him.
  • She hears someone call out to “Ah Shan” and turns around to see Zi Ho. She runs up to him and they hug. He tells her to stop shedding tears for her. She questions what she should do and he advises her that John is a good guy. He tells her that he wants to take her to a place before she goes.

  • Zi Ho takes Kelly to a closed amusement park. She notes that it is very dark. He takes her inside and the park is completely lit up. He tells her that he hopes her days will never be dark again. They go to the carousel and each have their narration. Zi Ho narrates that he has already told John to take good care of his woman. She might look strong on the outside but she actually quite weak. She deserves to be cherished. What Kelly wants to do right now is depend on the person she loves. She subconsciously tells Zi Ho to live on well.
  • Kelly: “Meeting your beloved is already hard enough but yet I happen to meet two.”
  • Kelly thinks that if she had to choose, she would choose to give up. She doesn’t know how to fight a love triangle. What she can do is step out of it.
  • Zi Ho: “I am willing…to wish you happiness.” Zi Ho walks away while Kelly telepathically thanks him for allowing her to remember this memory that she should not forget.
  • Kelly: “The bad things will pass away like the train. We can start afresh at the next station.”


My Opinion:

Chris gets the girl once again in the battle with James. Hehe, but poor James for not getting the girl in his recent dramas! Those feelings aside, I was satisfied with how the story played out. It wouldn’t have made logical sense for Kelly to turn back to Zi Ho. She is content with her life right now and even despite gaining her memory back, it does not change the fact that John loves her dearly and willing to give it his all to make her happy. Her time with Zi Ho has shaped her to be the person she is today. It is a part of her that cannot be erased. I’m glad that it is what makes her her and allows her to move on with John. Obviously things would have been different should she have not lost her memories or maybe they wouldn’t have been but that is something she cannot control. What she can control is her future and she chose to have John in her life. She chose what she can grasp. She knows that she will be happy with John and chose that happiness. It was also happiness that Zi Ho chose when he decided to let go of her. He wouldn’t have been happy to be with her knowing that he is no longer her everything. Letting her go will allow him to chase after a happiness that she did offer. In the end, the leads made the best decision to chase after their happiness and that is what matters to them.

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3 thoughts on “A Time of Love (Malaysia) Overview

  1. kat. January 29, 2014 at 2:21 am Reply

    Yeah this was pretty good for a short story. Now i have Joyce’s song in my head! Still feel sad for James though, but I guess poor Chris was so adorable how can she dump him!

    • misscupcakees January 29, 2014 at 10:19 am Reply

      A number of people mentioned that they thought it was Linda Chung singing!

      James never gets the girl when he and Chris are playing love rivals. 😛

      • kat. January 31, 2014 at 12:58 am

        Did you think so? Joyce is stronger singer though… and Linda definitely sounds more…sweet. Listening to her feels like eating too much candy.

        awww I’d take James hahahaha~~

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