A Time of Love (Singapore) Overview

The ep was actually much better than what the trailer showed. The trailer was distraught, disjointed and misleading something that this ep was not. This was a story that I really enjoyed. It threw in humorous and filled with delight, something that really helped to gel this story together. While the “love” wasn’t pronounced here until near the end, that was okay for me. In fact, I actually preferred it it if this story was told without the love aspect. It was long enough for that love develop. It would have worked better should it had been introduced earlier in the story but it occurred way too late for any significant love to show. I felt where it was leading to but it didn’t have the development for it to grow. It was slight a problem with the writing but that aside this was a really good, light-hearted story.

Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma had really good chemistry with each other and this was something that really helped the story to pop. It gave the story life and colour. This was actually their first time working together and they delivered, not that I had any doubts about it. They definitely rendered the story into something much more meaningful than what it looks on paper. I am open to seeing more of their collaborations in the future. It was fun to see both Charamine and Kenneth play some light-hearted characters. Kenneth was such a cutie here! He always plays his characters really well and it was no exception here. (:

Metropolis in Singapore Overview:

  • Crystal (Charmaine Sheh) rushes for the lift but she misses it by a second at the most. Recently transferred from Singapore, Oscar (Kenneth Ma) heads to the company on a Sunday to take advantages out of it. He does his laundry and then makes an international call to his mother in Hong Kong telling her that he will steal some stationery from the company to send home. LOL.

  • Crystal looks at her wedding invite from her ex-boyfriend when she gets a call from the guy who she was supposed to go with cancelling on her.
  • Oscar speaks really loudly which catches Crystal’s attention. She calls him to his office and queries about his transfer which he secretly hopes that she won’t fire him. She gives him the option to meet her tomorrow 4pm at Orchard Road or to pack his bags and leave. He opts for the former. She tells him to wear a tuxedo.
  • Two police officers (I’m going to refer to them P1 and P2) as are standing by a pedestrian crossing remarking how hot it is and how they haven’t made a fine in ages. Just as they are about to head to an air-conditioned place, they spot Oscar walking a red light. Oscar tries to bid his way out of the fine telling the officers that he is also a Hong Konger like them but to no luck.
  • Oscar waits at the designated destination and is stunned to find a beautiful and pampered up Crystal walking towards her. She immediately critiques his so-called tuxedo.
  • She makes him hold a bag and takes him to a luxurious boutique, makes him model out numerous outfits finally settling on one which she deems decent. He looks at the price and is taken back but thinks that she will pay for it only to find that he is supposed to pay for it. He is shocked to find the belt costing more than his tux.
  • He learns that she is going to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and tells her that even if they can’t be lovers, they can be friends. She comments that there is a smelly odour going around and tells him to stand still while she goes to buy him some cologne.

  • Oscar wonders why he always listens to the women in his life. So he goes to swing the bag only to have it hit some tough guy. The guy stares him down leaving him no choice but to back off. He goes to pick up to contents only to find a gun, drugs and some sulphuric acid. He spots P1 and P2 so he quickly packs them away. P1 and P2 come over and ask him what he is doing squatting down. When he says nothing, P1 tells him that it is better that he says something or it will seem that he is suspicious. So Oscar makes up an excuse that he is enjoying the weather. He uses the bag as a pillow and lies down. P1 and P2 lie down beside him enjoying the weather too. (Weren’t you guys all for the air-con!?) Oscar sneaks himself when P1 and P2 aren’t looking.

  • Crystal returns and sprits some cologne on Oscar. He is terrified with sweat all over him. He tells her the past is better being the past and going to see her ex will trigger bad memories. However, she insists on going, still furious that he ex dumped her and is getting married to a girl who he dated only for three months. He pretends to excuse that a friend in needy needs him but she points out that he is holding his phone the wrong way. Forever LOL! She reminds him that this is his job today.
  • Crystal goes to meet a man to retrieve a package that looks very suspicious while Oscar watches from afar now even more afraid. She commands him to hold onto it and tells her that it is a surprise present for her ex. The present ticks! Oscar imagines what Crystal would do at the reception which includes throwing a punch, forcibly forcing some drugs on him and bombing the reception.

  • The two pass P1 and P2 who are reading a magazine featuring Crystal’s ex and his to-be wife. The magazine catches her attention which her being named as pork chops and his to-be wife named as the princess. She furiously tears up it up while P1 and P2 hilariously bring more out. P1 and P2 pull Oscar and Crystal to the police station for abusing the magazines.
  • Crystal gets interrogated with P1. She expresses her dislike towards her ex’s pairing with his wife-to-be. P2 ends up having to listen to Crystal cry as she tells of her break up story with her first crush.
  • Oscar gets interrogated by P2. He tries to befriend P2 but doesn’t work out well. He admits the truth of his possession in an “if” scenario. P2 tells him that if he really is in possession of those things he will be dead meat.
  • P2 goes to pound Oscar with a phonebook when P1 bursts in giving the all-clear to this misunderstanding.
  • Oscar is so eager to get going that he forgets the bag of things. P2 returns it to him but he shoves it back causing all the contents to spill. Crystal clarifies that it is just water, lollies, chocolate and a firelighter. The ticking present is only a bomb based clock.

  • It’s dark, the wedding is probably over and there are no taxis around so Crystal makes Oscar take her to the reception on a bike. She recalls her ex’s promise to her as well as their break up.
  • Crystal arrives to the reception on to find that it has already finished. She learns that the newlyweds are at a park so she decides to run there. However, her legs begins to hurt so Oscar offers to piggyback her there.
  • The newlyweds are lovey-dovey with each other when Crystal arrives and introduces Oscar to them as her boyfriend who proposed to her today. Crystal has tears in her eyes and Oscar eases the situation by getting them to take pictures. The newlyweds leave and Oscar tells Crystal that it is okay to cry. So she cries.
  • Crystal tells Oscar that these past 10 years with her ex felt like a dream. He assures her that she will meet her Mr. Right soon. However, that doesn’t cheer her up. He questions what he can do to cheer her up. She goes and bites his arm.
  • Oscar rocks up to work with flowers for Crystal. He even shows her of two plushies kissing but she pretends to be oblivious to it. She asks him if he is free today to attend another wedding with her.


My Opinion:

I really loved the comedy that P1 and P2 offered here. It didn’t feel forced at all but rather something very natural. They did a really good job in helping Charmaine and Kenneth show their comedic side. It is always hard to build up the appropriate feelings in a short amount of time but for that short period of time, the four created some very realistic feelings between them. They built up a sense of comfortableness between them and that really shows on-screen when they are able to appear friendly with each other while delivering their scenes in a light-hearted, humorous way.

I actually wouldn’t call this a love story as such because there wasn’t so much as love in the story itself. Well, there wasn’t the love between the OTP but I didn’t mind because this was more of a story about bringing Charmaine and Kenneth together than a love story. It was lingering on the fact of Crystal getting over her ex and Oscar being forced into helping her do so. If I don’t look as this as a “love” story, I would actually appreciate it much more but since it was marketed as a love story then as a love story, it doesn’t hold up to being a love story. There was no love there until the very end which was felt forced in respect to everything that was built up in the story. It was just introduced out of no where with no indication whatsoever that it was coming up. I could definitely feel it there due to Charmaine and Kenneth’s chemistry but it doesn’t hold up in this supposedly love story. That was the biggest downfall of this story but other than that, this story offered something very amazing considering its short filming period and short ep length. Regardless of how you view this ep to be, it was definitely a worthwhile one. (:

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4 thoughts on “A Time of Love (Singapore) Overview

  1. dramatictealeaves February 5, 2014 at 7:29 pm Reply

    I haven’t checked this out, but I’m definitely keeping up with it via your posts!

    • misscupcakees February 5, 2014 at 8:46 pm Reply

      (: You should check it out if you have the time.

  2. kelly199865 February 19, 2014 at 11:49 pm Reply

    I think this is the lightest “season” because it wasn’t sad and it was full of humour. I laughed a lot and I liked it. I thought it was odd that Oscar just suddenly likes Crystal at the end. I would prefer it without the romance aspect of it as well. It is a pretty fun watch by itself but it’s not bad considering that this is a mini movie thing. It is hard because it is not as long as a movie to have time to develop the story more.

    • misscupcakees February 22, 2014 at 12:40 pm Reply

      Yeahh, it would have been better without the romance but nonetheless, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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