Long Awaited Sequel to the Hit Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin Finally Confirms Air Date

Hot hot hot out of the oven (actually, not so hot since a lot of other bloggers found out about this waaaay before I did, but it’s hot out of the oven for me!) but Bu Bu Jing Qing, the long anticipated sequel to the C-drama that blew everyone away back in 2011, Bu Bu Jing Xin (which was a adapted from the same name novel by acclaimed author Tong Hua) finally gets a confirmation of an air date. It seems like forever for it to finally lock down that piece of information down. News was floating around back in 2011 that a sequel was going to come and it did get confirmed but filming didn’t start until March last year since they had trouble with negotiating for the original cast members to return. Filming finished in July last year but despite all the teasers and trailers that have been coming out, no air date has been confirmed until today. For all those fans why have been waiting since forever, you will finally be able to lay your eyes on it on 22nd April on Jiang Su Television

Despite being billed as a sequel to BBJX, BBJQ actually has nothing to do with the novel or Tong Hua. Zilch, nada. BBJQ is not even a sequel as such, it is more of a loose sequel than such. For one thing, the only original cast members to return are Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu/Liu Shi Shi and Ye Zhu Xin and for another, BBJQ is in a completely different setting and environment than BBJX. While BBJX is about a young woman who time travels back to the Qing Dynasty and gets entangled in palace politics, in short, BBJQ is classified as taking its leads to the dark side of modern workplace politics. 

The synopsis of BBJQ is that Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu/Liu Shi Shi) returns back to the modern world as a white female collar worker. She runs into Yin Zheng who resembles her 4th Prince and she ends up working for him but before she can piece together of the connection, she loses her memory of having ever lived in the Qing dynasty. Being a newcomer, she runs through a number of troubles but Yin Zheng sees talent in her and helps her to walk through these situations. They slowly develop a close relationship but before they can work out their feelings for one another, Kang Shi Han (Sun Yi Zhou) enters her world. She starts to fall for him and finds that these two guys in her world are both battling for the succession rights to the company. Once again she finds herself caught in the middle of a battle.

See, the thing is that I have never seen BBJX before (it’s on my to-watch list!) but its buzz has been everywhere that you can’t help but take notice of it. It brought on-screen couple Nicky and Cecilia together and netizens have gone crazy over this coupling ever since their revelation back in November of last year. I have never seen either of their drama works (except for trailers and such) but from the photoshoots and backstage performances, it’s hard not to love them as a couple. It’s hard to judge considering that I have not seen BBJX but I hope that BBJQ will deliver.

For all you patient waiters out there, here are some posters, a 10 minute trailer and song themes to keep you satisfied as you do some more waiting. (:

10 minute trailer:

Opening Theme Song, Step by Step by Mayday:

Insert theme song by, Involuntary Della Ding:

Ending theme song, Dust by Jia Jia:

Fanmade MV of Dust by Jia Jia:


Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu/Liu Shi Shi’s Romantic Valentine’s Day photoshoot:

[Credit: Pictures from https://www.facebook.com/BuBuJingQing]

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2 thoughts on “Long Awaited Sequel to the Hit Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin Finally Confirms Air Date

  1. heisui March 20, 2014 at 5:58 pm Reply

    Oo I haven’t seen that version of the BBJQ promo poster before! And thanks for including the photoshoot, I hadn’t seen all the pics from it. *W*

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