In A Good Way Episode 18 Written Preview

So far, In A Good Way has been very focused on building up our character’s uni, social and romantic life but looming around the corner is their very first step out into the bigger world. This is a territory that will take our beloved drama to a different level. It will affect the drama big time, with it dictating how relationships out to play out. It will put our lovebirds on a boat where they will have to work hard to keep floating. It is not going to be something easy to do but it will definitely be something that will bond them closer together. This is not going to be a sinking boat but they need to put into the same amount of effort together to keep it on balance, something that I am sure they will do very well together. I am excited to see this new stage of life for the characters and how it will affect their lives because it will be a huge change from everything that we have come to know.

I love this, I love that we get to be there and witness the different stages that our characters have to walk through and I am sure that regardless of where the future takes them, the decisions that they choose to make will be something that they can look back on without regrets.

Written Preview:

It’s a mesmerising sunset at Tan Shui. It is said that couples who have their dates here will be catalysed by the magic of love~

Tracy is waiting for Ah Qing to arrive for their date but he encounters a problem that he cannot refuse.

Not long afterwards, the elder members of the Treasure Hunting Club progress to their final year and everyone is making plans for their future. Ren Wei’s ideal future is very colourful and euphoric, he has a beautiful secretary, a longing wife and his favourite sesame oil fried omelette.

Ri Qi’s visualisation of his future is of riding a bicycle around the island but Xiao Wei does not think that this is realistic enough. In the end should a university student give careful thought to their job after graduation or should they complete what they want to do first?

Liu Chuan’s future is going to abroad to study. Furthermore, he has been certain that this is the direction he wants to go very early on .

Jia En, who has just entered second year has yet to consider what she wants to do in the future. She suddenly feels that she is very far away from Liu Chuan… The path to the future, where is it right to start from?

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2 thoughts on “In A Good Way Episode 18 Written Preview

  1. aehyu March 21, 2014 at 7:35 pm Reply

    *does a little happy dance* squeee~~ this is the best thing about Fridays lol. I can’t believe Liu Chuan and Jia En are already going to have their first argument, I’m guessing this might be the fuel to the fire, but they haven’t even kissed yet!

    • misscupcakees March 21, 2014 at 8:34 pm Reply

      It’s fuel alright, but it will only make them stronger as a couple. Oh, they’ve shared quite a few kisses, but not lip-to-lip kisses, but that is definitely something. I love that they are saving it until the end because this will make it precious and something that this little kisses can build up intensity towards.

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