In A Good Way Episode 20 Written Preview

I really believe that every happening has its own reason. Nothing happens without reason and when it does happen, there is something behind it that pushes it to happen. Even if you don’t like what is happening, you can only push through with it because you can only change the future and not the past. It is a matter of taking into your hands and shaping it to be apart of your journey, whatever that may be. Regrets might come but at least you can have the comfort of knowing that it was your decision and no one else’s. Ren Wei might be regretting it not confessing to Jia En but it was a decision that he made which he now has to stick by. He might have regrets regarding but it is a decision that he made with his own hands. If this is where he wants his life you head, he can only look at himself and blame himself for the decision. It only happened because he allowed it to happen and no one can change this but himself.

Liu Chuan’s freedom has been quite limited, his freedom has been tied down by his father’s directions but that is not what he wants. He wants to be free, to have the ability to do what he wants and the ability to live his life his way. This is why he is going to take matters in his own hands and really fight for his freedom. And it was Jia En who has given him the strength for this fight. Liu Chuan is a strong guy but Jia En just makes him stronger and braver. He is not going to give up until he fights for it and fighting for it is what he is going to do. 

Written Preview:

“Every happening has a reason.”

A series of mysterious events makes Jia En face fears but also guides Liu Chuan to the key of solving the treasure hunt.

After the Valentine’s date full of scares, Jia En learns of the disappearance of her red clothes. It turns out that the origins of fear is actually very gentle awaiting and that red is actually the warmest of colours…

Ah Qing and Tracy’s 130 days of dating is nearing the finish line. This game of love is about to announce its winner but a passionate kiss stirs up a change in their hearts…

Daddy Lin’s birthday wish is for the man dating his daughter to give her a free future. Liu Chuan who is binded by a contract of freedom hopes that his father can return him his life. What will be Daddy Liu’s answer?

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