In A Good Way Episode 21 Written Preview

Ep 21 is almost here! And it’s all about the treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind for him. It might have been left for him but it is no longer just his treasure to find. Finding and chasing for it is all leading up to freedom for the entire Treasure Hunting Club committee. This is no longer just a task that affects Liu Chuan but it is also something that means a lot to the rest of the club members. I love that the club is very close-knitted and how everyone is pitching in to find this treasure. Their friendship is adorably sweet and it is just so nice to see how they interact with one another. It is something that is very real and something that is portrayed very well in the drama. I’m going to miss this watching this friendship when this is all over. I’ve been saying a lot of parting words today with IAGW when in reality it still has three more weeks left. I must stop and look on the bright side. We’ve got to treasure this while it lasts because IAGW will definitely go down as one of the best idol dramas ever ever ever. 

Written Preview:

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is ticking away. On the 129th day at 10:58pm, Ah Qing and Tracy spend this minute together. Because of Tracy, Ah Qing will forever remember this minute. 57, 58, 59… It is the the end yet also the minute when a mere game turns into genuine feelings.

It is very hard to understand a woman’s mind and even the cow is having difficulty doing so. “Aren’t we already together?” Unable to restrain his feelings, the cow wants to be romantic to her but he makes her angry once again. It seems like the cow must take off his costume and thoroughly think this through!

A chance encounter brings about unexpected clues. The treasure hunt has finally opened its doors. Every one of them carries along a heart filled with the chase for freedom. Heading towards Byacing will lead them to freedom! It seems like the mountains where the tribes live holds a mysterious power, letting everyone’s dreams to come true. At this moment, the key to the answer rests in the hands of Liu Shan Feng…


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