In A Good Way Episode 22 Written Preview

The stills are making me really anxious about the future for our OTP! Both Jia En and Liu Chuan are looking pierced in the heart! Regardless of how smooth-sailing their relationship has been, the future has never been concrete for the them and this whole journey that they are going on right now is about setting in place their future. What they are going through right now is a test regarding their relationship. Relationships aren’t just merely about two people. Aside from their feelings for each other, there are number of external and contextual factors that affect their progress. There are some things that have already been set in place and are just waiting for the right time to blossom, just like the treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind. Although we don’t know what the treasure may be but one thing for sure is that this will have a definite impact on the OTP’s future, just don’t separate them and my heart will be at ease.

The very first still was found on IAGW‘s FB page and it looks like there will be some man-to-man talk with the guys! That, I look forward to. Maybe that will be Ren Wei taking a few steps forward in moving on from Jia En? I really hope so, but I don’t want to see Ren Wei just stuck in a pot hole of trying to reach for something out of his reach. Ren Wei deserves to be happy as much as any of his friends do. I want to see him smiling happily when he looks at Jia En and not putting on a fake smile filled with pain. He will be able to find his happiness, I’m sure of it! 

Written Preview:

When it comes to love, one needs to take the imitative. For the pursuit of happiness, everyone has to get moving. Even the cupid is waving his hands, telling everyone to come, come, come, you come here! Tracy’s lucky bracelet falls off and she feels that her wishes are far from reality. Yet, at this moment “true” is close by and waiting to greet her with an open heart…

The dairy cow with lousy drawing skills is at his table bitterly trying to draw. He even eats up the snacks that other people like! Will the dairy cow’s sincerity be able to impress his OMEGA girl?

The wind chime that evokes past memories rings. Liu Chuan walks into the days of the past and finally sees the path that his grandfather left behind. The scars left behind by history points Liu Chuan and Jia En into an unknown future. Is it freedom or is it…?

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