In A Good Way Episode 23 Video Previews and a Very Warm Episode 22 BTS

The ending is nearing and the cast have been wrapping up their last scenes one at a time. It is now finalised for 25 eps, which I am pretty sure is on par with Office Girls being the longest running prime-time idol drama, with the last ep to air on the 9th of May. It’s a sad acknowledgement that has to be made but In A Good Way is coming to an end as do all good things. The past twenty-something weeks that I have spent with it has been nothing short of being splendid. I loved every second of it to bits and pieces. Never once did I think that IAGW would be as good as it is but it certainly blew me away. It is such a rare encounter to meet something like IAGW that is so well written and true to the heart. More than that, it is such a rarity to meet a drama that touches base with life. Never did IAGW stray away from what it had in mind to bring across a reflective, true to life story even once throughout the course of its run. It’s an amazing achievement in its own but what’s more valuable than that is the tight-friendships that it has helped created. It is just so warm and fuzzy and always sends happiness down my heart seeing how close they are. These friendships will last a lifetime and is something that cannot be bought with money. It’s a sad closure but this is only the beginning of a new journey that will be filled of laughter and lots of love.

I have no idea how the ending will turn out to be but I am sure that regardless of what happens, each and every single one of the characters will be happy. But I am assure you that IAGW will give us a very real ending that reflects who the characters are. IAGW is a drama all about the journey to freedom and I think it has captured this sense in a very sentimental way. I’ve fallen in love with it without it even having to try and capture my heart. Simple is best and this drama has stuck to simplicity. I’m so glad to have walked on this journey with the characters but it pains me to have to start the countdown to the ending. This will be one drama that I look back on and remember all the beauty that it is engraved with.

The preview for ep 23 shows Liu Chuan and Jia En preparing for separation. Their relationship has become something very strong and I think a separation will actually do them good. Regardless of what fate has planned for them, they will not regret the decisions that they have made to come this far. It is something that they can look back on and appreciate everything that it has to done to shape them to be who they are. The drama is touch on separation which is much like us having to prepare ourselves from separation with the drama. As much as I don’t want to do it, it is something that has got to be done. There’s still three more eps so we have to savour every bit of it while we can!

*Preview starts at 27:52

Lin Jia En: Today, one of my professors recommended me to be an exchange student. He also suggested that I participate in the 3 days, 2 nights English camp starting tomorrow.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: That’s great!

Lin Jia En: But I don’t want to part with you.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: A little absence will make the heart grow fonder. Then we can treat the three days starting tomorrow as a practice round.

Daddy Lin: Hey…!!! Jia En! … I understand that one day our child will grow up and leave us but I just have a hard time letting go.

Lin Jia En: Morse code?

Lin Jia En: There are so many names on the list, where should we start first?

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: It is already the last one. … Excuse me, I want to ask if there is a person called Li Lai who lives nearby?

Man: I am Li Lai.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Over these past few days, Jia En and I already found the owner of this land lease.

Man: This land lease came too late.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Did what grandfather left for me really only an ineffective land lease?


Awwww, this is such a warm BTS! I’m going to miss watching this when IAGW ends its run. It is so warm and watching it just makes me so happy to be able to see such warm friendships off-screens as well as on-screen. Jay Shih teaches Smile Weng how to pose to be cool and that crossing your arms will always make you appear very aesthetic. Smile laughs Jay explains that today they are here at the Atayal tribe and that they have a lot of princes and princesses. He then corrects himself saying that there is only one: Calvin Lee (AKA Earth, AKA Di Qiu) as the prince and Lorene Ren as the princess.

The crew take the trek and Jay says that despite the roughness of the trek, he is very fast only to be countered that Lorene is already far ahead of him. They then start shouting “do do” at each other. Awww, cute! Lorene explains the story of “do do” originated from when Lego Lee went to the tribal place to fix his hair, he found that the locals Atayals would add “do do” at the end of their sentences. So when he came back, he would add “do do” at the end of his sentences and that’s how it got to the rest of the crew. Continuing on, Jay Shih says that it was after after IAGW that people started to take notice of “do do” and even an American orchestra started to take notice of it. However, the Americans pronunciation is a bit off so they pronounce “do do” as “de de”. They then made a song and Jay sung it which caused laughs all round.

Lorene explains that the tree is 145 years old and gets questioned by Steven Sun how she would know how old the tree is when the tree is not even dead yet (you count the number of rings that a tree has in its trunk to determine its age). Lin Shu Yu/Apple explains that they took slices of the tree. Yao Chun Yao/Jack Yao starts singing and then the rest of the cast joins in but they stuff up with the lyrics.

Huang Zhen Ni/Jenny Wong and Jack film their kiss scene. She explains like Lego preparing for his kiss scene last time, she too, went to brush her teeth.

Apple and Jack get “touchy” with each other but Jenny gives no reaction to it.

Smile Weng gets labelled as the best for stuffing up her lines. Jay pretends to shoot Earth who pretends to get injured while still rooting for his captain. Earth shoots back and Jack catches it.

Bromance between Jay and Lego. LOL, it’s their rehearsal of the treasure hunt scene! Jay says that Lego is no longer free and so Lego replies that “If I was free, you would…?” Jay then replies not to take advantage of him. LOL! Lego says that from the very first ep, Jia En has been they key between them and how when she mentions 339 Zheng Ren Wei, he took particular notice of that name. Awwww, reminiscence! Lego asks if a Liu Chuan-Ren Wei ending will be accepted but one of the crew members replies that Lorene will be heartbroken. Lego then says how shocked viewers would be to find that they have been lied to for twenty something eps. Yeppp, but I wouldn’t mind. 😛 Jay gives Lego a cup of red tea. Lego asks Jay if he is confessing and Jay replies “I don’t…” but before he could finish what he wants to say, Lego had already started drinking the tea (i.e. he accepted the confession).

Lorene is sitting beside Lego’s assistant and the director comes by and asks if she has changed boyfriends. She replies that she is very obedient.

Lego’s watch starts beeping and he cutely replies that this is because it has made an appearance at the BTS for a while now. The ratings for the BTS has fallen and the lovebirds explains that this is because they have been putting their effort into the on-screen filming and not off-screen filming. They get asked why they aren’t throwing their love chemistry in the BTS any more and they reply that since they are already dating in the drama, they don’t have to date in the BTS. Lego adorably helps to fix Lorene’s hair.

Love it, I’m going to miss watching this week after week! I love the friendship that occurs BTS. It is so sweet and warm!!

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