My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me: First Impressions

Fall in Love with Me. Hmmm, yes, yes, I’d fall in love with you Aaron Yan, you’re some very delicious eye candy! Yum, yum, yum, I can just stare at you all day long. However, it’s a different story for the drama itself.

I didn’t plan on watching this latest SETTV Sunday prime-time drama but somehow I got lead to watching it. Maybe it was because of the addicting theme song “1/2” sung by Aaron Yan and G.NA that I am absolutely loving was what lured me into watching the drama? But in all honestly, I wasn’t even watching as such. I was literally half-watching, half-skipping through the first two eps and trust me, you don’t miss out on anything by doing so. FILWM, lead by Aaron and Dream Girls member Tia Li, is your typical idol drama filled with the same clichés and leads not to mention if follows the same overused plot. If I were to describe this drama in one sentence I’d say that it is a drama filled with clichés with a lack of chemistry from the two leads. Really, because what I see on screen are some very forced, smashed together scenes as well as chemistry which feel very forced. Well, I guess if you have Aaron there as some delicious eye candy then it’s watchable, right? Who can resist Aaron’s charismatic charms?

If there’s anything up for discussion, then it’s got to be the set-up. As an avid drama-viewer, the set-up plays a vital role in pulling me to watch the drama because it is what brings the drama together. Not only does it establishes a drama, but it is also the basis for where the drama will head. It is the foundation and the very first thing that makes the drama a story. Here, FILWM follows a carbon-copy of tried and tested storylines, one that is all too familiar in the idol drama world. Rich corporate guy + poor girl. Need I say more? No, because the answer is pretty clear about where it will head. It’s a clichéd plot but when it is done well, it shines on its own. Disappointingly, this does not seem to be the case. It lacks soul and is just hopping along the drama casually in a straight line while not doing anything that speaks individuality. Using a clichéd storyline, it will only work if it shows individuality – something that FILWM is currently lacking.

Another important factor in the upholding of a drama is the chemistry between the leads and the cast. Chemistry can either make or break the drama. Aaron and Tia Li have very little chemistry together and that is a big downfall to the drama. They just don’t connect together; they don’t work as a team but rather they work as individuals trying to manoeuvre around each other. The biggest problem that they have is that they do not complement each other. When Aaron tries to head in one direction, Tia heads in the other and vice versa. It’s like a game of push-and-pull rather than them working together to reach a common goal. It’s disappointing because FILWM could have started off so much better should they have had the chemistry. It’s still in its early stages so hopefully they will be able to pick it up with their chemistry or else this will be one dull drama to watch.

Aaron plays two characters – Lu Tian Xing and Xiao Lu. Lu Tian Xing is the god of Asia’s advertising industry who suddenly announces at a press conference that he is going to be taking a three month break from the industry until he can regain his enthusiasm for advertising again. Tian Xing is a cold-hearted and forceful guy but beneath that lies his interior self – Xiao Lu – who is actually quite tentative and sweet. I guess the whole point of Tian Xing and Xiao Lu is for Tian Xing to show two sides to himself and to let the audience read more into who he is as a person. Except, I think this two sides a bit exaggerative at times and doesn’t reflect who he truly is as a person. The two personalities clash with each other and are complete polar opposites. One minute he treats Tao Le Si (played by Tia Li) like crap and the next he does everything in his power to help her. Just which one is the real Tian Xing and what is his true persona? I don’t think the drama has delved on this question at all when it should have been one of the first things that it should have worked towards. Neither are they putting ground on establishing this because what they are focused on in pushing the OTP together. The ultimate goal is about getting Tian Xing and Le Si together but that’s not interesting if there isn’t going to be a journey involved.

Oh gosh, Tia’s acting skills is still the same as it always has been – bad. She just isn’t bringing Le Si to life. Le Si is like a two dimensional character who you see in picture story books. Tia just seems very stiff as Le Si, reading her lines off paper and not inserting in any emotions. Even when she tries to put in emotion, it does not come with feelings. I just want to see some life with Le Si and see some character in her. Tia’s not ready for a lead role yet but now that she has it, I hope that she will be able to lift up her game and at least portray Le Si to be a person rather than a string puppet.

The secondary leads aren’t doing the drama any justice. They serve as side piece merely to let the leads shine and get themselves caught in a love square. They aren’t written on the basis as characters but instead they were written on the basis to be a complement to the story of the OTP. They could have had so much power to better as second leads but they are neglected to the side to be heartbroken. That’s not what I want to see. I want to see them living their own life for their own self and not for the sake of someone else. It’s still early times but given how they are written to be, their future is pretty much set in place, and it’s not a particularly favourable position for their growth.

It’s true that my first impression of the drama has been pretty negative but don’t let my opinion deter you from watching it. If you want to watch it, definitely go for it! It’s definitely a watchable drama with really shallow emotions. Most are really fluffy and light and it’s got Aaron as eye candy! Twice the eye candy since he plays two characters. Hehe!

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11 thoughts on “My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me: First Impressions

  1. heisui April 25, 2014 at 1:48 pm Reply

    Sounds like it is mainly Aaron that’s carrying this drama through. Too bad there is no chemistry between the OTP, because that’s what really matters most especially when the story is nothing new..

    • misscupcakees April 25, 2014 at 2:08 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, the bulk of the burden is on his shoulder and it’s not something that he can carry alone. I knowww! *Sighs* At least there is Aaron for some delicious eye candy!

  2. Unnichan April 25, 2014 at 4:34 pm Reply

    This drama was doomed from the start but like many, I’m sure, I ended up watching the first episode randomly and found myself in shock over how awful it really was. I rarely say these type things about dramas cause I believe there’s something to like about most things but this? No. And Aaron certainly isn’t enough eyecandy to smack on to make it through this stinker. [Though I never suggest watching a drama for attractive people. That’s what magazines are for.]

    I personally hate it for Tia Li because the acting isn’t the entire or half the problem. The story is just plain horrible. Cliches are fine, for there’s nothing much without them nowadays, all things come down to the approach and vision, while here there’s a complete lack of rational thinking infused with heart. Also for her, it just seems like she’s just fulfilling her “idol” duties. It’s sad that if this drama sinks, she’ll get the bulk of the blame when it’s by far a collective effort. Beginning with the fact the script should’ve never made past an email and she should’ve never been cast in the first place.
    However, I’m glad that Aaron is supportive of his costar and hopefully the show will end better than it began.
    Thanks for the post!

    • misscupcakees April 25, 2014 at 4:54 pm Reply

      Yeahh, it was, it was doomed right from conception. SETTV wanted to pair Puff and Aaron together again after their successful collaboration last year but Puff got other commitments and Tia was pulled in instead. I never considered watching this drama but somehow I did and I’m pretty sure this is going to be something I will regret but well, you know… 😛

      Aaron is eye candy but like you said, he alone is not enough to carry the drama through. A drama comes through on a collaborative effort and frankly, nothing is pulling the game here. Tia cannot act for her life and the script is just a plain dud. Tia and Aaron don’t even have chemistry together! She is just going into this and literally reading off the script without inserting in any emotions!

      I am absolutely fine with clichéd storylines but they have to do something to step outside the cliched part and mark its individuality – something that FILWM is not doing. It is just plagiarising from previous idol dramas and just slapping that onscreen. And that is a boring watch.

      I love Aaron and I am hoping that somewhere down the line the drama will be able to pick up its game and show individuality. Hopefully! *fingers crossed*

      Awww, thanks for stopping by and commenting! ❤

  3. carolies541 April 25, 2014 at 6:58 pm Reply

    I think Tia Lee is not that bad but definitely boring and I can’t feel the chemistry between her and Aaron Yan. I watched about half of ep1 and find myself reaching for the fast forward button in many scenes.

    Just You’s plot is nothing fresh but at least the interactions of the leads are fun and there’s sizzling chemistry between Aaron and Puff. I’ll pass this one, the opening theme song sounds lovely though… Even Aaron Yan is not enough for me to continue watching this drama, I gave up after ep1, if others tell me that it improved tremendously, then I’ll probably consider re-picking this up.

    • misscupcakees April 25, 2014 at 7:03 pm Reply

      I dunno, I find Tia bland and yes, boring. She just doesn’t carry her characters. Her chemistry with Aaron is zero to none and it feels like she is just following the script line for line without inserting in any emotions.

      Chemistry goes a long way but sadly there is none here. I loooove the opening theme song! G.NA has very good Chinese pronunciation!

      I’m only sticking with this because I want to finish it and well Aaron is some good eye candy. Ahahahaa, yeahh, I’ll be sure to let you know if it picks up.

  4. timeinthegray April 26, 2014 at 6:30 am Reply

    OMG ahaha, how fitting that you misspelled Lesi’s name as Lese (which sounds like 垃圾, or trash). Tia’s acting is bad but bearable, and so far the drama is decent imo; it’s typical fluffy SETTV fare, if anything. I’m not disappointed at all—the bar was set pretty low to begin with.

    If Tia could just get rid of that empty look in her eyes, this drama would improve tenfold. (Jk, but still.)

    • misscupcakees April 26, 2014 at 8:19 am Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out! That was a bit embarrassing… Awks… :/ Ahahahha!

      Yeahhh, it’s bad but I guess I can bear it. She just needs to move her face and elicit some emotions.

      I’m just disappointed with the fact that the drama lacks individuality. The drama has taken this and that from previous idol dramas but does not put its own flare to it. Yes, the bar was set pretty low to begin with but it’s disappointing because the drama could have started off way better.

  5. M. May 5, 2014 at 5:51 am Reply

    I’m honestly getting tired of people only complaining about Tia’s bad acting and giving Aaron a pass because he’s “eye candy”. No. Please don’t. It should be the opposite. Tia’s pretty much a newbie so she still has a lot of room for improvement. How long has aaron been acting, again? 10 years? And is he a good actor by any means? God, no. I can’t see much difference between his acting now and his acting back in his KO One days. Besides the fact that he keeps playing the same kind of character over and over and over again. So let’s try to stop paying so much attention to his pretty face and tone down on the misogyny, shall we?

    • Angskeet May 26, 2014 at 5:54 pm Reply

      Both Aaron and Tia have bad acting, except that Aaron is slightly tolerable. Whoever casted Tia as the leading lady is a blockhead. She’s not exactly ready to play a lead role.

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