My Opinion on You From Another Star

I just sucked into watching this sucker of a baby (hehe) because of positive receptions all round that it received and I enjoyed it quite a lot actually. It was a nice watch and was a really enjoyable watching experience but it was definitely overrated. I haven’t laid my eyes on supernatural, mystical k-drama for quite a long time. In fact, I think the last one I saw was Secret Garden which has been quite a while now. Actually, I think it was I Hear Your Voice (AKA I Can Hear Your Voice) but that was barely scratching the supernatural theme. While You From Another Star (AKA My Love from the Star OR You Who Came from the Stars) covered a plot that didn’t seem to work all too well on paper, it proved the opposite on-screen. It’s a drama that’s light, fluffy and proved beyond boundaries the extent of love. It’s a beautiful watch and got your heart stirring each ep. Seemingly, it knew when and how to tug at your heart’s strings and making your emotions run wild. There were flaws but overall everything in this drama worked liked magic (kekeke).

This drama was able to capture hearts because it captured imagination and that lead to fuzziness in the heart. There is always that good, giddily feeling when you imagine something and then being able to draw it to perfection on paper. That’s what happened here (kinda, most of the time) and it got more perfect as we headed into the second half. I felt that the second half of the drama did much better in terms of quality compared to the first half. This had everything to do with the fact that the foundation had already been established and that the OTP took huge leaps towards their feelings. The very fact that these two factors were set in stone saw the drama really take off from ep 10 onwards. It paved the way for it to elicit the things that we really wanted to see and that in turn kept me emotionally engaged to the drama. Though, strictly speaking, I wasn’t emotionally engaged with the drama as I am with something like In A Good Way but YFAS continually tugged at my heart strings. It showed me what I wanted to see and at times, it even pushed it further by showing me something that I least expected.

What really drove the drama home for me was the OTP, Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) and Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), who were the heart and soul of the drama. Not only were they nicely fleshed out but it done so one layer at time, allowing us to see in-depth who they really are. In addition, Ji Hyun and Soo Hyun had incredible chemistry together and that’s what really brought the drama together! I loved how they worked together and to bring out different sides to each other’s characters. The more time that Song Yi and Min Joon spent together, the more that they got to know about each other and the more that they were willing to reveal themselves. Their love for one anther blossomed and it grew impossible for them to deny their feelings for one another. They both found a position in each other’s heart and nothing was going to stop their love for one another, not even the fact that they are both two completely different species coming from different planets. It was so warm to see them get together and just be happy. It especially took Min Joon a lot of stamina to step out of denial and face the fact that he needs to confront his feelings. It’s not something easy for him to do since he is the one continually holding himself back. But seeing Song Yi getting because of him made him realise that the least that he could do for her is let her be happy. And when they got together, there were lots of happiness flying around. But then by the end of it, they made me shed buckets and buckets of tears. It was just painful to see them both break down. 😦

Do Min Joon was a well written character who seemed like the all too perfect alien on first impression but the longer we got to lay eyes on him, the more that we get to see his insecurities and imperfections. Regardless of how hard he tries to deny his love for Song Yi, it always ends up showing through. And I like that, because it is so cute seeing what he is willing to do for her. Even though his heart says so one way but his brain desires another, he will still go out of his way to protect her and that protective instinct grew bolder when he confessed his feelings to her. And he made no sign of hiding it whatsoever with the way he tells her “no, don’t do it”. Cuuuteeee! He was willing to do so even if that meant putting his identity and health on the line. As long as she is safe and sound, nothing matters to him. Min Joon is a guy who has lived on earth for 400 years and for these four centuries, he has abided by his own rules to remain low-key while living on Earth but since meeting Song Yi, all that goes out the window and he risks everything to protect her. That just goes to show how much she means to him and how much she has tipped his world around.

Hyun Soo was amazing as Min Joon. While there were some flaws, I think that overall he managed to capture who Min Joon is as a person, or well in his case, an alien. You could really feel his intense love for Song Yi and his heart break every time he tried to push her away. He loves her but he doesn’t want to burden on her for getting her and then having to break her heart by leaving. Hyun Soo was just brilliant in showing the progressive build-up of emotions throughout the drama. Not only that, but he also created a solid personality for Min Joon. Hyun Soo really delivered with his emotions whether it jealousy, anger, frustration or happiness. Though, I do think some of his most powerful scenes were his crying scenes. It broke my heart to see him just break down and fall to pieces! I wanted to cuddle him and tell him that all is going to be okay but all that I could was watch him cry.

Cheon Song Yi was by far my most favourite character out of the drama. Out of all the characters, she was the best written and she was portrayed equally as well. I loved that she is a strong female lead who was not afraid to let her real self show. She might be an actress (ha, an actress playing an actress) but that does not mean that she is going to put on a fake image for herself. Even though her job is an actress but at home and especially in front of Min Joon, she strips down to her pure self and is not afraid to show her vulnerabilities. In fact, she makes it a point to show them and I love that about her. I love that she is bold with her diva ego while standing strong even when cracks starts to show up in her life. She is a very strong, independent woman but since meeting Min Joon, she has learnt so much about the world as well as about those around her. Even though her world has been flipped upside down, she has learnt to deal and accept.

I felt that the drama placed a lot of effort into developing the leads that it just lacked the energy to create the second leads. Lee Hwi Kyung (Park Jae Hin) and Yoo Se Mi (Yoo In Na) were bland, one-dimensional characters. They were consistently on the same level that they started off as and there wasn’t much development with them. They weren’t fully developed which stands true especially for Se Mi who only made appearances to agitate Song Yi. She could have played a much more vital role, except she didn’t. At least Hwi Kyung had a smoother development in comparison. I dunno, I just thought that these second leads weren’t used to their full potential which is such a shame.

Aside from the OTP, my favourite relationship was between Min Joon and his lawyer friend Jang Young Mok (Kim Chang Wan). I adored their relationship because it was so beautiful. Lawyer Jang treats him like a son and gives him the affection from the family that he has been lacking. Min Joon is able to discuss anything with him knowing that Lawyer Jang will never betray him. He knows that Lawyer Jang will always have his back and will support him regardless of what his decision is. I love the trust that Lawyer Jang has with Min Joon and the affection that he gives Min Joon.

I loved the cinematography here! In terms of Asian dramas, k-dramas really know how to film beautifully. I think that this is an important aspect to a drama because you have to watch it for 20ish hours so of course you’ll want something that is visually appealing to the eye. The drama did it right on this aspect. Each shot was so beautiful that it was breathtaking. I loved how all the colours flowed together and I especially loved that it really helped to enhance the mystical/fantasy setting of the drama. Each scene was very picturesque and I just couldn’t help myself but to pause the drama to stare at it that little while more. I really enjoyed the mystical abilities scenes, especially that of the flying books. I think that was my favourite cinematographic scenes of the drama. I don’t really know how to describe it other than it was really really really pretty, not only it the way it was shot but also in the way that it was executed. It was subtle and so gentle that it gave off a forbidden kind of atmosphere. It made you feel like you were treading on restricted territory and that made it really intriguing because when there’s something that you are told not to do, you would do exactly the opposite. The cinematography was all sorts of wonderfulness and is definitely something that my eyes loved.

The score of this drama is so prettyyyyyy! During that whole time that I was watching YFAS, those were the only songs I played. I enjoyed them all very much but my favourites would have to be the instrumentals. They all suited the drama perfectly well and was just well, beautiful.

YFAS is not a drama without its faults and especially when you are playing with the supernatural genres, there are bound to be a number of unanswered questions. Though, the biggest question at the back of my mind is what is the connection between Joseon era Yi Hwa and modern day Song Yi!? I loved that the drama built on this but the drama did not give a closure on this and that’s something that I am disappointed in because the story arc played a vital role in the drama.

YFAS was an engaging and emotional enriching drama. I really enjoyed it and the OTP’s chemistry was so sizzlingly amazing! This drama was such a fun and joyous watch. I have this thing for prologues and epilogues because the epilogues here were something that I absolutely loved. I just loved that it made me smiling giddily at the end of a cliffhanger. This drama scored a lot of hype during and after its run and I am sure that it will be one that people will remember for a long time coming.

If you haven’t done so already, you should check out this fan-made “ep 22” which gives us the solid happy ending.

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