Music Downloads: Super Junior-M’s Swing

Super Junior was one of the first k-pop groups that lead me to the of k-pop. I’ve always been quite fond of them but I never really took much notice of them. It wasn’t until after my discover of their subgroup, Super Junior-M after Han Geng‘s departure that I really started to pay attention to them and their music. SJ-M brought me two biases in my life – Zhou Mi and the multi-talented Henry Lau – and I am so glad of it because dayum, these two lads are smokin’ hot. I am just swooning over Henry who is fluent in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Thai and Spanish) and can play multiple instruments at a very high standard! This morning I was watching videos of Henry speak in multiple languages and I’m not sure if it is possible but I found him so damn cute and sexy in more ways than ever! *Swooooooon*

Chinese Version:

Korean Version:

On the 21st of March, SJ-M released their comeback mini album titled Swing and while they have stuck on a similar genre to previous works, the title song Swing (嘶吼) is a swing from from the six songs in the album. While the other five songs are much ballady, bubble-gum pop Swing (嘶吼) has more upbeat and energetic tone to it. Frankly, Swing (嘶吼) is my least favourite song in the album. It just feels like it tried too hard trying and it ended up falling rather than working for SJ-M. The MV is a step away from the dance-in-a-box concept that SJ-M and SJ for that matter continually gives us. They are still dancing in box but this time it incorporates some story-telling elements. The choreography is fast and furious with a lot of locomotion and camera panning involved which is a reflection of the freedom nature that the song is about. The flow of this MV was pretty decent but I disliked the dubstep and Siwon‘s moustache. He can definitely pull it off but I just prefer him clean shaven.

Zhou Mi shows his composing skills by writing the lyrics for the title song, Swing (嘶吼), and Fly High (飞翔). I really like the different ways in which the elements in Fly High accommodate to one another. I love how the backing vocals really gives prominence to the lyrics. It’s very bubble-gum pop and the overall song is something that my ears like. My favourite song would have to After A Minute (一分后) because I love the soothing nature that is seems to have. 

Putting Swing (嘶吼) aside, I really enjoyed the album. While it might be very similar to their previous album Break Down, this is something that I like. I love the risks that they are taking but I don’t want to see them completely deviate from the type of music they are used to since they are already heavily ingrained in the music industry. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see them try something new though. By all means go ahead and do so but I don’t want them to lose the essence that I have come to love so much from them. 

Click here to download. (: Enjoy!

Swing Tracklist:

  1. Swing (嘶吼)
  2. Fly High (飞翔)
  3. My Love For You (无所谓)
  4. Strong (强势入侵)
  5. Addiction (入迷)
  6. After A Minute (一分后)

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2 thoughts on “Music Downloads: Super Junior-M’s Swing

  1. Min May 5, 2014 at 2:37 am Reply

    I’ve loved SJ and SJ-M for a while – though I was a tad depressed when Hannie left T__T

    I’m glad you liked the album 😛 as for myself I loved it and my favourite is actually Swing.. hahaha, I know not a lot of people like it, but for me dubstep isn’t grating or annoying and I just love anything that showcases their dancing because that’s actually one of my favourite things about them.

    I do agree though I wish they’d step away from the enclosed spaces that they’ve been using for awhile… and I want them to interact with random people, just don’t want them to ALL be interested in the SAME girl. that’s my pet peeve in some music videos… they should all have their own girls! that would be more interesting.

    Siwon’s Mr. Moustachio- yeah I’m not digging it. I dislike moustaches in general and it just doesn’t look right on Wonnie.

    • misscupcakees May 6, 2014 at 10:35 pm Reply

      Han Geng is venturing out into the acting industry now.

      Ohhh, really!? I enjoyed the MV but it was again one of their dancing in a box thing. I want to see something that is not dancing in a box from them!

      Oh yess, 8+ guys (or 8 guys in the case of SJ-M) all fighting for that one girl! It’s going to be a bro fight!

      Me neither. He can pull it off but he is better off without it.

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