My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 24

When there’s a good, there is bound to be a bad that comes along with it. There were loads of non-stop skinship and warm snuggles between the lovebirds (as well as a tender kiss) this ep but it came at the expense of Liu Chuan. Poor guy! It hurts me to see him down in spirits. I am sure he will be able to pick himself up soon because he has Jia En by his side who will forever be supportive of him. This week’s ep means that we have only two eps left before this comes to a closure. I am sad just thinking about this reality but I am very optimistic that In A Good Way will end in a good way because thus far, the drama has been progressing in a very good way. The remaining two eps will be able to putting a closure on the bombshell dropped by Liu Chuan’s grandfather’s treasure as well as paving the future that our characters are going to head off in. I can’t believe it that here we here to witness some of characters begin their uni journey and now we almost have to bid farewell to them as they prepare to graduate. I’m not ready to part yet but I be sure to make these final two eps last!

I really love Jia En and Liu Chuan as a couple. They complement each other really well and I just cannot get enough of them. There were loads of skinship here and I honestly can spend the entire drama watching them being all sweet-sweet towards each other. They are just full of sweetness around each other! This ep they delivered with a second kiss and it was so good and satisfied by eyes. It was something so tender and soft which speaks of their love for one another. Actions speak more than words and I sure hope that we get more of these from them! Hehehehe! These two are just perfect for each other. What I love about them is their ability to read each other and to accommodate to each other. Jia En and Liu Chuan understand each other in a very smooth way. Jia En desperately wants to enter Liu Chuan’s world but she doesn’t push him to do so because she knows that he will take her in when he is ready. They don’t have to say anything or do anything but they understand each other so well. Perfection.

What’s more is that I love how they skinship without it feeling like they are doing for fan service. Those skinship occurs because it is Jia En and Liu Chuan showing their fondness towards each other and not because they are doing it to serve our eyes. I just love that despite the popularity of the drama, IAGW never tries to steer away from its realism roots. That is something that I just really appreciate because it is such a rarity to find a drama that is as real and beautifully crafted as IAGW. IAGW is a drama story that is told from the heart. Each and everything that happens happens for a purpose, whether this be skinship between the lovebirds, the mundane movie date between the gang or Liu Chuan closing himself up to the world. It is all something that you wouldn’t expect to find in a drama but it is this that really gives the drama that down-to-earth feeling.

My heart breaks to see Liu Chuan down in spirits. He is the Liu Chuan who can solve any problem that comes lands in his hands but now all that he can do is sit and watch while being unable to do anything to help Lee Lai. He is also very optimistic and sees the better side of things but this time around no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t see it that way. It just hurts me to see him like down in spirits. However, like his mother mentioned, freedom comes with a price and is not something that can easily be obtained without putting the effort in. Who would have thought that his grandfather’s treasure would have come with such a big penalty but it is something that must be dealt with in order for that freedom to come.

I was once very worried for Ren Wei for being unable to make a move on his feelings but he has since come so far and has grown up overnight. Although I would have liked to see him confess to Jia En, I am very happy with his very mature decision to protect Jia En from afar and stop brooding that he can’t get her. He just wants Jia En to be happy and is looking out for her from the side. He even takes the time to consider things thoroughly before taking action! This is the same Ren Wei who changed Jia En’s uni preferences back in ep one! His crush on Jia En really has changed him overnight for the better!

Bai Xue proves once again why she is such a kiss-ass second female lead. Not only does she gives great support and love advice but she will go out of her way to cover for her friends. I just looooovvvvveeeee her! She is amazing in so many ways that cannot be written down as words. She might not have a love line here but she is totally fine without a man. She is incredible alone, tackling whatever comes at her with great force. Her man will come sooner or later but right now she is happy with where her life is and I am happy for her. I really enjoyed what her relationship with Ren Wei has become. They are such comfortable friends with each other being able to share their hearts with each other and tease each other. This definitely leaves room for something between them in the future but only time will tell!

There’s been a lot of growth with each of the characters but seeing Xiao Wei this ep took me by surprise. She has grown up a lot and is now the one giving Jia En advice. No longer is she that shy, frail girl but instead she has grown up into a strong and insightful woman. I love her wise advice that she gave to Jia En. It really does show how much she has grown up not only with her personal self but with her self-esteem. She is much more confident with her steps and now she radiates with a very shiny glow ever since she got together with Ri Qi. I really love the attention that Ri Qi pay towards Xiao Wei and how he is there for her to see the better light of things. They are such a cute couple!

It’s the final few pages of a well written story and does a really good job in laying down the path to tie up any loose ends. This beauty of an artwork as been fantastic through and through and I am very excited to see how these final two pages will turn out. But at the same time I am saddened by the fact that this will be coming to a closure soon. But you’ve got to move on and smile remembering all the happy times that you had with this masterpiece!

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