Upcoming Feel-good Movie A Minute More Premieres in Three Days

The feel-good, heart-warming movie, A Minute More 只要一分鐘, directed by famed Taiwanese director Chen Wei Ling whose works includes the emotionally beautiful hit drama Autumn’s Concerto and the eye capturing Material Queen which interesting both starred Vanness Wu as the leads and starring rumoured dating couple Janine Chang and Peter Ho is set to premiere in a few days on the 9th of May. Janine’s very busy this year with her highly anticipated drama You Light Up My Star starring across Joe Cheng to air on 1st of June. Anyway, back to AMM. I’ve been keeping my tabs on it since it finished filming last August and time sure does fly because it’s been 8ish months already! The movie is an adaptation of the bestselling Japanese novel by Harada Maha called 一分間だけ (Only A Minute) which explores the theme of pets and aims to reduce Taiwan’s stray pet population. The movie centres around an adorable dog which harbours similarities to the puppy love story in Marley and Me. An adorable dog plus awesome chemistry between the leads? Then I guess this is a going to be a sweet movie.

AMM is about Cai Wen Zhen (Janine) who is an editor of a fashion magazine. Her boyfriend, Chen Hao Jie (Peter) works from and takes meticulous care of her allowing her to excel in her career but leaving her clueless about real life. By chance, she adopts a Golden Retriever, Li La, which drastically challenges her powerful and furious life. She begins to wake up early, cook and take care of a newborn. In order to give the growing Li La the better living environment, Wen Zhen and Hao Jie moves home and buys a new car. Miss Lin (Lai Pei Xia), the director of the magazine causes a massive shakeup within the magazine giving Wen Zhen the opportunity to be promoted to her dream position as Chief Editor. She begins to invest more effort into her work but as her career soars, she devotes more time to her work. Caught between the work she loves and the Li La who she considers as her family, how will she be able to choose?

In a recent press conference, Janine expressed that after the filming of AMM last year, her beloved dog Nemo suffered from blood cancer and as such, she reduced her workload to accompany Nemo through its final stages. Funny thing though is that during a press conference in August of last year, both Janine and Peter admitted to being allergic to dogs. The weather was very hot and so Janine went to wipe her sweat off with a tissue. Some tissue got stuck on her chin and Peter very tentatively removed it to her which got remarks that they are a liked a married couple to which Janine joking responded “Yes. We are a married couple!” Awwwwww! Check out their chemistry and cuteness with the trailers below.

Mini trailer 1:

Mini trailer 2:


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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Feel-good Movie A Minute More Premieres in Three Days

  1. Luthien May 6, 2014 at 9:42 pm Reply

    It’s so sad just watching the trailers. ;_;

    • misscupcakees May 6, 2014 at 10:32 pm Reply

      But it’s supposed to be a feel-good movie…

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