In A Good Way Episode 25 Written Preview

After seeing the video preview my heart felt very broken but I think it has healed since reading the written preview. The consequence of the treasure is something that Liu Chuan must face whether he likes it or not. This is a hurdle that he must jump over in order to have any chance of repairing his relationship with his father. I honestly do not think that his father is all that bad of a person despite all of the corrupt things that he might have done. It’s something that I’ve mentioned numerous times but it is also something very true – Daddy Liu is above all Liu Chuan’s father. He just wants his son to live a good life and has numerous plans to see this happen. I’m hoping that the distance between the father and son can be repaired because it would be such a shame to have the drama end with them having a strain on their relationship.

It’s interesting how the drama is making references to Titanic. I’ve never seen the movie but one must be living under a rock not to know what it is about. Titanic a romance story but it is also the same time about chasing after freedom which is something that each of the characters can relate to. It is something that our characters have been chasing after but it has not been an easy process. The process was filled with pain as well as a lot of holes but one can only run to the best of their abilities and that is what they did. This ship is almost back to shore and I am confident that it will not sink. 

Written Preview:

“You jump, I jump!” shouted Jack on board the Titanic. Tracy is standing on the embankment and asks Ah Qing that if she were to jump down, would he also jump down with her? Ah Qing’s answer is…

Titanic also made Ren Wei shed a lot of tears. In the movie’s character, Ren Wei sees a shadow of himself. Stuck in a love dilemma, Ren Wei gets pulled by Bai Xue to go bungee jumping. “You jump, I jump!” Ren Wei and Bai Xue leap into space and together they see courage, hope and love in the air.

As 1998 is approaching, Jia En hopes to see Titanic together with Liu Chuan. On the phone, the two have the most affectionate agreement with each other other. Behind the windows, the see the figure that is waiting for one another…

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