Love LINE Episode 1 Recap

I actually quite enjoyed watching mini-dramas despite the product placement overload. I love the simplicity of it and I just like that we get to see a story that gets straight to the point. This mini-drama centres around the a famous songwriter who experiences love at first sight (LINE) moments before popular a girl who causes his heart to flutter is due to head back to China. Popular instant messaging app LINE plays an integral part to their romance as the mini-drama is co-produced by LINE Naver and HB entertainment. The one thing that I have learnt with watching mini-dramas is to take everything lightly and that’s what I did here.

HB entertainment was the group behind the hit drama You From Another Star (AKA My Love from the Star OR You Who Came from the Stars) and you can definitely feel YFAS vibes here. Song Yi’s manager and stylist are here this time working for Lee Min Ho‘s character. Although the mini-drama doesn’t say so specifically but I’d like to think that they carried on my YFAS which is why I am using their names from YFAS here. 

Chinese subs:

English subs:

Famous songwriter Min Ho (Lee Min Ho) is trying to find inspiration for his new composition but his has none, His manager, Yeon Beom (Kim Kang Hyun), suggests that he go find some love since it will help. So he takes a walk along with his guitar and dog named Brown in hopes of find some.

Tourist Ling Ling (Bea Hayden Kuo) checks out of her hotel but has some time to spare before she is due to fly so she takes a walk around a touristy area of Seoul.

Min Ho’s stylist, Min Ah (Kim Bo Mi), arrives at Min Ho’s house but sees only his manager there. Min Ah asks about what Min Ho wore to which Manager replies that Min Ho wore very casual clothes. Min Ah frustratedly mutters that there better not be weird pictures of him posted on the internet later.

Ling Ling is trying to take a selfie and isn’t happy with the outcome. She spots Min Ho and his dog so she asks him for help. Communicating with Chinese and simple English, she asks him to take a picture for her. But he thinks that she wants a picture with him. He initially declines but when she asks again, he finally agree. Only after some pointing that he realises that not everything is about him. She asks for a picture with his dog. While she plays with Brown, he turns to look at her and bam, inspiration comes.

Brown runs off and Ling Ling chases after him, not realising that she dropped her Cony USB. She comes back with Brown and takes a moment to stare at Min Ho intently creating music. She tells him that she has to leave when she receives a LINE message from her friend asking if she is at the airport yet. Pointing to her phone, Min Ho asks if it is LINE. Turns out that he is also on LINE. So she takes his phone and adds herself to his LINE app before taking off to the airport.

Ling Ling gets a phone message on LINE from Min Ho informing her that she dropped her Cony USB. She informs him that it is very important to her so he rushes to the airport to return it to her.

Yeon Beom and Min Ah are having chicken and beer (ha!) discussing why Min Ho is going to the airport to return something to someone. Yeon Beom says that this is because it is love at first sight for Min Ho but Min Ah counters that she doesn’t believe in love at first sight. He replies that there is because at the very first time that the he saw…he thought that she was really suited to being a stylist which is why he hired her.

Min Ho is trying to gather his feelings. He tells Brown not to misunderstand; he didn’t return the USB to Ling Ling because he wanted to see her again but because he didn’t want to cause himself trouble. Ling Ling sends him a LINE “Thank You” sticker. Min Ho says to himself that he should respond out of fan service. So he checks his stickers when Brown barks which causes him to accidentally send a “I Love You” sticker.

Ling Ling is shocked while Min Ho is pressing frantically trying to erase that message to no avail.


My Opinion: 

Does anyone see signs of Min Ho’s Kim Tan in The Heirs or is that just my eyes? Whether it be the clothes or the attitude, they are all remnants of Kim Tan. I guess what the mini-drama is trying to create here the feeling of love at first sight for his character through these traits. Given that it is only a mini-drama, I’d say that it is working here (kinda).

I am really loving the YFAS feel here. I love how it just carries on my YFAS especially with Yeon Beom and Min Ah which doesn’t seem so weird to see them here. The mini-drama is all about product placement and I think it is something quite well incorporated here. It is given prominence but it doesn’t distract the characters from their respective roles. Love LINE is cheesy but it is easy to the eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Love LINE Episode 1 Recap

  1. Laura Mars May 15, 2014 at 2:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing. It was cute to watch.

  2. tanisha May 24, 2014 at 6:49 pm Reply

    like it a lot

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