My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 25

In A Good Way is taking out the big guns as we reach the final two steps of this journey in pursuit for freedom. This ep was a reminder of just how life can take a 180 degrees turn in a split second. Despite everything that you have planned out and all of the hard work that you have put in to walk that path, it might not even work out but you have to learn to deal with it. This ep was just full of gobsmacking moments that I am still trying to let sink in. My brain is having a hard time processing those facts plus the other fact that has been floating around for the past few weeks that all will be drawing to a closure in a week’s time. Yup, one more week left before we have to bid our farewells to what has been a stellar of a story. This ep focused on bringing the loose ends closer together but it won’t be until the next ep that all will be nicely tied together. The treasure brought out shambles in Liu Chuan’s life and right now he is in hot water and with so much at stake that not only affects him but his future with Jia En. The last hurdle is coming up and I am sure that he will be able to jump it to reach the finish line.

IAGW is taking a really good direction with in this final stretch in dishing out Daddy Liu’s corruption storyline. The fallout is hitting hard on Liu Chuan but this is a stage in life that he has to overcome. It really hurt me to see him cry and I thought Lego Lee did a wonderful job in really capturing the hurt and uncertainty that he is currently facing. For once in his life, he is quivering and standing uneasily. Daddy Liu might be involved with corruption but I can’t stress how much he truly loves Liu Chuan. He is by no means a bad father and he does what he can in order to let Liu Chuan life the good life. While this father and son by not have the warmest relationship between them but it is one that is filled with love from both parties. Their relationship is something that I have come to appreciate a lot.

In recent eps, IAGW has deviated away from campus life and instead have shifted its focus to the outside familiar yet distant world. I love that it allows the characters to really open up to past happenings and experiences. The outside world is a complex piece of art that you cannot decipher unless you put yourself into the painter’s shoes. It is one’s personal stories that help to create the painting and we have definitely seen that in each of characters. It something very beautiful crafted with attention to detail; not only is it something very real, but it is also something that we can all relate to in some way, shape or form.

Bai Xue is seriously the best girlfriend that one can have and she stands as one of the best written second female leads in history. Not only does she listens intently to her friends’ problems but she will also sit down and give them genuine advice to help them overcome the hurdles in their lives. Her friendship with Ren Wei has really become something that I just really appreciate. They have come a far way since their early days. They are now able to talk to each other about anything knowing that they won’t judge and they can be relaxed and comfortable around each other. They even helped one another to face their fears. There was a tiny flame between Bai Xue and Ren Wei that was very very tiny but it can mean so much. I don’t need to see Bai Xue end up with someone and neither does she have to because she is very happy standing in the position that she is in right now and Ren Wei stands on a similar ground. But I would be very happy for them if that tiny flame can be ignited in a bigger flame. Having initially walked through the stage of romantic feelings coming between them before the friendship stage has really helped them to bring out the inner qualities within each other. It has in numerous ways allowed them to better understand each other and to see a different side in each other that no one else sees. Their relationship has been something solidly constructed and regardless of whether they end up together or not, this relationship will come out as something that they can look back on and appreciate.

One thing that I just really enjoy from the drama is how each of the characters are there playing their roles without deviating from the bigger picture. This is some great writing that really allows IAGW to become a story as opposed to a drama. The supporting characters are always there but they are there without having to physically be there. They are just there doing their own things and that’s all that we really need to know for them to have their own storyline without impacting on the development of the storylines that overshadow them. It’s something quite hard to explain in words but it is something that the drama does really well to present. Each of the characters play a vital role to this beautiful story and it would not have turned out as well as it is even if one of the characters were missing.

I can’t believe that we have come down to the final few steps of what has been such a bustling and adventurous ride. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet but all good things come to an end and I am glad that I was able to have come across of this stellar piece of work. Just one more page left and I am more than despite my contradictory, I am ready to see it.

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