In A Good Way Episode 26 Written Preview

It’s less than three hours before the final ep hits our screens! Today I was constantly refreshing In A Good Way‘s blog for the written preview and just when I thought it wasn’t going to appear, it did. The written preview pairs up with the video previews nicely. It centres of freedom, the very thing that IAGW set out to tell a story on as it closes up this chapter of the book. Freedom means something different to each of the characters and they all have a very personal story regarding this. For many, freedom means stepping out from parents’ care but for Liu Chuan and Jia En, freedom stems outside of that. The freedom that they have individually envisioned is quite different but it is because of this difference that allows them to really complement each other and bring out the best from one another. I love that Liu Chuan and Jia En have remained true to themselves even as their relationship blossomed from friendship to gf/bf. I love that they don’t change for one another but rather, they allow their differences to help them grow as a couple. IAGW has been a stellar of a drama and I am just so happy and grateful for its excellence in presenting such a real and sincere story. 

Recently the MVs Adrian Fu’s Good Morning, Hard City and Genie Chou’s “The Reason for Happiness” were released, featuring memorable scenes from IAGW. Check them out because it really brings you down memory lane.

Adrian Fu’s Good Morning, Hard City

Genie Chou’s The Reason for Happiness

Written Preview:

In court, the prosecutors question sternly. Because of love, Song Heng comes forward to protect Liu Chuan. Between the choices of truth and family, it gives Liu Chuan a dilemma…

“You father is not your enemy”. Song Heng has always been Liu Chuan’s biggest demon but at this time, the only person who can help Song Heng is Liu Chuan. Since the lack of trust in the father-son relationship to the most painful moment, is a ray of hope about to appear?

Jia En and Liu Chuan finally go to see Titanic. As the Titanic sets out on its journey, the two will also look forth towards freedom together.


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