My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 26 (Final)

After six months, In A Good Way has reached the end of a the book and while it was not picture book happy it concluded leaving behind many fond memories. Every ep has been such a beautiful watch and I just can’t put into words just how down-to-earth and genuine IAGW is but I will go into more detail about it in a future post as this post will be about this finale ep. IAGW is not a drama but rather a story that is told right from the heart, allowing us to experience every step that our characters take. IAGW was not a drama that I had intended to watch and in fact, it never caught my attention even a little bit until I started hearing people rave about it. So I went in sixish weeks late thinking that it is your better than average school drama but boooyyyy was I impressed. It was all that I could as for from a school drama but so much more. It told of a three-dimensional story with very well sculptured characters. What’s more though is that it had a goal, a purpose and that is what it adhered to right from the beginning. It really allowed that element to come to life, giving it just the perfect amount of light to set forth this freedom story while keeping uni life in the loop. I can go on days and days raving about IAGW because it is just that good. I just love love love it so much! It is definitely one of the best TW-dramas, or dramas in general, out there. IAGW has completely rewritten school dramas and will forever remain as a prime example of how to do it right.

There’s really not a reason not to love IAGW. It is just something very beautiful to the eyes. It was something very entertaining and something that I looked forward to every week. The writing was just absolutely beautiful. It’s very hard to find a drama that consistently sticks by the sight that it initially had in mind. Throw in the setting of uni life plus four leads and anyone can easily dish up a drama for you but it’s hard to make it so that it is three dimensional with characters who really touch your heart. IAGW is one of those rarity who hits beyond that. When watching IAGW, it really feels like I am walking alongside the gang and watching them overcome numerous struggles and challenges. The gang has grown up so much and has created unforgettable memories that they can look back on with pride.

The ending was very open-ended but it in many ways tied up many loose ends while leaving room for an official closure. I was satisfied with the ending because I know it is setting up for the movie which will provide the happy ending, with filming to begin in August. This ending was just so heart-breakingly real and was not short of tears. It comprised of sacrifices and big steps forward. As much as I didn’t want the lovebirds to break up, I do think that some time apart is necessary for them. Liu Chuan has become Jia En’s everything, so much so that he has stripped her from life. She has become engrossed in him and shapes her life around him and that’t not how he wants her to life her life. He loves her because she is Jia En with her own mindset and strength to do anything that she sets her mind to. He wants to see her be herself and chase after her own dreams. He doesn’t want to hold her back on this which is why he chose to instigate the break-up despite how much it hurts him. He wants her to live her dreams and more than that, be the Jia En who he has come to love. Even though the two are a apart and living on different sides of the world, they will always have their hearts with each other.

I’m glad that Ren Wei didn’t tell Jia En that he liked her and instead remained as someone who can she can fall back on. Telling her wouldn’t do anything to help mend her broken heart but instead it will only just make her grow more confused and potentially lose him as a friend. However, by choosing to keep his feelings in his heart, not only can he remain as her best friend, but he will also be the first who she can unleash her heart to. He had a time when he could have confessed but he chose not to and that means he chose to put the romantic feelings that he has towards her to the side. The drama did not give an explicit insight to where his feelings lie right now. I’m sure he still harbours some romantic feelings towards her but this has been muted and he is not going to act on it knowing that Jia En and Liu Chuan’s hearts are still together as one. Things would have turned out differently if Ren Wei had confessed episodes back or at the airport before Jia En was due to leave but one thing for sure is that it would not have changed the feelings that Jia En and Liu Chuan hold for each other. They have a unbreakable bond and nothing can come between, not even this break-up. It will only make them stronger as a couple and I am certain that we will get to see more of this in the movie.

To Jia En, she has always thought Ren Wei as her best childhood friend and her brother. She knows she can depend on him and she knows that regardless of the state that she is in, he will always be there for her. This is why it makes her relationship with him so special. She has known him forever and they have nothing between them. They can read each other inside out better than a book. Liu Chuan can read Jia En really well but Ren Wei gets to see a side of her that Liu Chuan doesn’t. And I love that. He will point her in the right direction and give her a shoulder to lean on whether that be at 5 in the morning or 11 at night. I think she summed up their relationship really well when despite the numerous things that she could have said to Ren Wei, she chose to tell him “thank you” before she left for England. It’s one word (okay, two but if you put a hyphen between then, it becomes one), but it is very heavy and is not something that either of them carries lightly.

This final ep was all about Jia En and Liu Chuan but I was fine with that because most of the characters’ storyline have story eased to a conclusion during the last few eps. Bai Xue has been quite a low-key character since her confession to Liu Chuan in that she isn’t your typical second female lead. She is kind, with warm heart, the best girlfriend everrrr. And I love that of her so much; I love that she is always there whenever her friends call for her. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t have a romance line in the drama because she shines very bright in her own right. It’s so cute to see her have a little bit of a tingling feeling towards Ren Wei. Their relationship has been going around in a circle and even now they are still running around in a circle. I am looking forward to some further development in their relationship because whether it heads down the romantic path or not, their relationship will forever remain as one of the best in the drama.

I really liked Jia En’s ending letter to Liu Chuan. It was a very symbolic and a was a very nice way to sum up the journey that she has been on. Words are something very powerful and can convey a lot of things at the one time. She summed it up pretty well herself; she has grown up a lot since moving to Taipei and heading to uni but it was really this move to England that allowed her to realise that she still has a lot of growing up to do. Jia En has truly matured a lot since we met her as the girl who was dependent and reliant on Ren Wei. And meeting Liu Chuan has really helped to shape who she, allowing her to see the world under a different light. Even that now that they are separated by the countries, they will always there helping one another see the world in a different perspective.

Watching IAGW has been such a pleasurable and heart-warming experience. The writing has been amazing. Not only did it touch on real life matters but it also create a story. Creating a story is one of the best thing that a drama can do because it really allows you to feel as if you are there witnessing as these events unfold. The unpacking of the story was something that I loved; everything just fell into its position without giving off the feeling of being forced. The characters were very three-dimensional, each sporting their own personal story that was creatively woven into the story. I cannot express how much I loved and adored this drama. I’m ever so glad that I decided to hop along on this journey. I am more than ready for the next chapter which will be coming our way very soon! Thank you for having walked along this unbelievably incredible adventure with me! I’ll see you guys soon with some more IAGW goodies very soon!

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 26 (Final)

  1. Mizuki May 22, 2014 at 11:56 pm Reply

    We’ve reached the end (at least for the tv version) but my love for this drama and everything about it will last for a long time. It’s just that good! As you say, not enough words can express it. IAGW doesn’t only provide good entertainment value but it’s also thought-provoking. I agree with what you said that it had a goal from the start and stuck with it till the end.

    Despite not having the usual happy ending for our OTP (yet), I’m still satisfied with how they ended it. Ok, it took me a bit of time to accept but after re-watching it again and reading other’s insights, I’m now ok 🙂 I think it has also something to do with how JiaEn herself accepted the break-up. If she’s ok why wouldn’t I be, right? The letter she wrote really enlightened me that she herself would’ve given up everything if LC hold her back. It’s just not the right time as she’s still so young. LC already knows it at that time so he had to let her go. But I’m glad with the time jump and ending the scene with LC having that smile on his face. It bode well for the upcoming movie!

    I really enjoyed reading you blog entries for IAGW! It makes watching the drama more satisfying. It feels like eating good desserts after finishing an awesome meal (IAGW). Hope to read more with the upcoming movie version! 🙂

    • misscupcakees May 23, 2014 at 8:34 pm Reply

      Yuppp, a very very long time. It is one of the best dramas out there! I just love IAGW too much to write it down in words.

      I am satisfied too. I think the drama went about a very realistic Liu Chuan-Jia En way to end it the way it did. It just wouldn’t be in Liu Chuan’s demeanour to hold Jia En from chasing her dreams. He wants her to chase after her dreams and live a prosperous life. The letter was beautiful, showing us how mature Jia En has become. LiuEn are still so young with a long future ahead of them. Their love for each other will always be there regardless of how far apart they are but for now they just need to set their priorities straight.

      Awwww, thank you! It really makes me happy to hear such kind words! ❤ Hehehe, you betcha! I can't wait for the movie! Excited, excited!

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