Final Batch of In A Good Way Goodies

Watching In A Good Way has been such a ball, really rocking my world of dramas. IAGW is a drama that really wrenches you emotionally, not dramatically emotionally but rather realistically emotionally. It is a drama that is just really realistic and because of that, it makes you feel as though you are walking the journey along with the characters. This is why Liu Chuan and Jia En’s break-up was so heart-wrenching to watch. Clearly, breaking up was not something in their plans but the relationship they had with each other took a huge toll on their dreams. Having a break from each other will do them good and strengthen their relationship. It was not something that I didn’t expect to see because right from the very start the drama has been out to create a very sincere and realistic story.

Watching the drama was amazing but the BTS was something that I especially enjoyed. I just love it seeing the close-knit relationship between the cast. I really am going to miss them heaps! I’ve recapped the final BTS below so you can check it out. (:

Also check out the MVs belows which brings you back to relive the IAGW journey. So so so beautiful. 

Adrian Fu’s “Good Morning, Hard City”: 

Freya Lim’s “Obviously Love You” (Unofficial MV): 

Adrian Fu’s “What Do You Want Me To Love? (Unofficial MV): 

Genie Zhou’s “The Reason For Happiness”:

Wu Bai and Blue China’s “On My Mind” (Unofficial MV):


Episode 26 BTS (Final) Recap:

During one of the final shootings, Lego Lee tries his hand at the BTS, capturing the sound and having a look at whether there were any goofs on the shooting. The two secondary couples are reluctant to part with this show but they joke about the day being a mini final-shoot. Apple/Lin Shu Yu and Jenny Huang/Huang Zhen Ni joke around able taking in the smell of the mini final shoot. Steven Sun mentions that they after taking a photo with each of the guys, the four of them (the two secondary couples) took a photo together. Then Apple told him that he has a smell of getting out of the shower. Steven says that he and Jack Yao/Yao Chun Yao smell a strong mini final-shoot scent while the girls smell a strong guys’ scent. The girls joke that the guys must be jealous. The group walk away and say goodbye to the camera while Jenny throw in some “don’t leave me” Korean phrases.

Lego Lee brings us back to the very important meeting place which struck 3631 and Sky’s first meeting. He mentions that him back then was very young but now the more he films, the older he grows. One of the crew members mentions that Lorene Ren was very skinny a few eps back to which Lego replies that as she ate better and with a busy film life, she germinated. Ha!

Lou Xue Xian (Liu Chuan’s father) compliments Lego for being a good actor. He mentions that Lego is an actor who can really work his emotions and really uses his heart in his filming. Even when Lego is rehearsing his part, he is still able to really work his emotions. He would love to cooperate with Lego again and will help Lego in any way that he can.

Lego and Lorene are filming the emotional Titantic viewing scenes, with lots of tears brewing. One of the BTS members questions if the “heaviness” of the scene is due neary-teary end of the filming. Lorene mentions that the script stated for the BTS members sit in as the audience with the lovebirds for this scene. Her hair stylist told her that he/she would come and sit in as the audience which brought Lorene to tears. Even though they are nearing the end of the filming, but everyday there is still hurdles to jump over. Lorene says that the atmosphere is very peculiar; they should be happy that filming is almost over but instead the atmosphere is very heavy.

The cast are at the airport filming for Jia En’s departure. Jenny states the fact that after the filming, they might not be able to see each other again. Apple says that they are very happy to have a drama which allows them, all of similar ages, to be close like them in the drama. Jack questions her on where she places Calvin Lee/Earth AKA Di Qiu since he is 36 years old while the rest of the cast are in their twenties. Steven clarifies that regardless of their age, they are all very close.

Lorene films her film shoot and thanks Jay Shih. He tells her that he can’t congratulate her because he doesn’t want to. Awwww, their relationship in RL is very similar to their relationship on-screen. Lorene the goes on to try as she thanks those who has given her the opportunity to star as Lin Jia En. She also thanks her fans for their encouragement. Her fans call her a “little sunshine” but it is really the fans who give her warmth. Apple, Lorene and Jenny all get emotional. Jenny cries upon thanking the director.

Even though Jia En had already finished her shooting, she accompanied Lego on his final shoot acting as his assistant. She kindly holds the umbrella for him to keep him looking sleek and handsome. Lego thanks the crew for their effort and as well as the opportunities that he has been given to really bring Liu Chuan to life. He then thanks Lorene for being a good co-star and she starts tearing up. Finally, he thanks the fans for the love and support. Awwwwwwwwww. I miss you guys!

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