Director Winnie’s You Light Up My Star Starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang Amps Up for Premiere

Director Winnie is a critically acclaimed Taiwanese director and his works always stir up lots of talk. He is back with a new drama, You Light Up My Star, starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang. This is Joe’s comeback drama after serving his mandatory military service and this marks Janine’s return to home soil after having developed her career in mainland China for the past few years.This isn’t the first time that Janine and Joe have worked, having previously starred opposite each other as leads in 2008’s Honey and Clover. This drama is looking to be a hit because not only does have a star-studded cast and award-winning director but it is also penned by the the screenwriters behind the hit dramas They Kiss Again and A Good Wife etc. YFAS has got it all on and off screens. It premieres in two days time (Sunday) on FTV and will air for 20 eps. I’d love to check it out but life is so busy right now I’ll have to save this for some marathon-watching later on in the year.

Rounding up the cast are Summer Meng (who played Bolin Chen‘s younger sister in In Time With You), Hong Kong actress Yuen Qiu, Qiu Hao QiJimmy Lin (Lin Yu Chun) and Sunny Wang. If this cast alone is not enough, there will also be cameo appearances from Fukuyama Masaharu, Ivy Chen, Candice Liu and Taiwanese singer Emerson (AKA 蔡昌憲). YFAS is set in the entertainment industry with Joe and Janine playing actors. Joe and Janine’s characters play a pair of on-screen couple (lol, drama within a drama) who have collaborated with each other for seven years filming a series of “Sweet” dramas and movies. The drama is actually set on the darker side of the entertainment industry telling the story of the leads’ journey from struggling actors to A-listers and Joe’s character even has depression.

The OST is in featuring songs from a wide range of artists. Magic Power sings the opening song theme “Rainbow Blackhole” while Fukuyama Masaharu sings the closing song theme “Dawn”. There are also insert songs from Jia Jia, Yen-j, Della Ding, Summer and one from the OTP.

This drama is really going on a splurge. There’s a star-studded cast as well as some huge stage spending with some filming taking place in Hokkaido, Japan. There’s even a recreation of the 50th Golden Bell Awards ceremony! Everything sounds so good for this drama and I can’t wait to check it out when I have the time.

Check out the teasers below!

Cast preview:


Anticipation preview:

Magic Power’s “Rainbow Blackhole”:

Fukuyama Masaharu “Dawn”:


Check out some of the official stills below (:

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2 thoughts on “Director Winnie’s You Light Up My Star Starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang Amps Up for Premiere

  1. carolies541 May 30, 2014 at 8:52 pm Reply

    The thing I’m most interested in is whereby the plot outline says that Joe’s character will be falling for the other girl instead of Janine, that’s a twist! I don’t think I’ll catch this live though, will see how it goes and the reviews of other people.

    • misscupcakees May 30, 2014 at 9:20 pm Reply

      Hehehe, I’m looking forward to everything about it, especially the pairing between Joe and Janine. I won’t be catching in live either but I do intend to watch it.

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