Music Downloads: Adrian Fu’s Good Morning, Hard City

Time is just blitzing through and before our eyes is half the year over and out. Oh, how the time flies! I remember it was only just last month when I found out about Adrian Fu‘s Good Morning, Hard City debut album release and told myself to type up a post about it but it just slipped my mind until today. So here it is today.

I can betcha that you guys out there probably had no idea who this Adrian Fu is prior to the feel-good, nostalgic opening theme song “Good Morning Hard City” for In A Good Way  because that was definitely the case for me. After some researching, it turns out that I have in fact heard of him prior to IAGW! He actually sang and composed quite a few songs for The Fierce Wife: The Final Episode which means that this album has been in the works for well over two years.

Adrian Fu hails from Hong Kong and is a suited-up Senior Marketing Manager of an American IT company by day and a musician by night and he has no plans of giving up day job any time soon citing that his interest also likes in the IT sector. In 2004, he composed the hit song “We Are All Very Lonely (我们都寂寞)” for Hong Kong singer Eason Chan and has then become one of Eason’s favourite composers to work with. Adrian has since launched off with his music career and I like it. His music style is quite geeky I guess with the piano playing a big role. Not only is the piano prevalent in his songs but also in his MVs. And I love that we get to see this personality of him because this is what makes his music screams out his name. He also gets along really well with fellow labelmate Freya Lim and they actually collaborated together for a song released on both of their albums.

Last month on the 16th of May, he finally released his first studio album which coincidentally coincided with the final ep of IAGW. What a coincidence! You can really hear the piano and acoustic sounds with each of the songs which I really like. He takes songs back to basic in the overflow of dance and synthetic music that has been roaming our current music industry. And I like that. By far my favourite song would have to be “Good Morning, Hard City” because of the connotations attached, hehe. But even removing those attachments, it is still my favourite. I love the beat and just how the song goes together. Plus, Adrian has a really nice voice that really makes the song stand out from the crowd. I can’t wait to hear more of his works because there’s no reason not to!

Click here to download. (: Enjoy!

Good Morning, Hard City Tracklist:

  1. Good Morning, Hard City
  2. One Take
  3. Cut-throat Love (恃愛行凶)
  4. Love You More Than Anyone
  5. What Me To Love (妳要我愛什麼)
  6. Lonely Angel (孤独天使)
  7. Beyond The End (終點之外)
  8. Just Because
  9. Don’t Be Afraid (不要怕)
  10. I’m A Mess
  11. I Need Your Love
  12. Free Spirit (套不住) (feat. Freya Lim (林凡))

Also, check out some of his MVs for this album! Especially check out the MV for GMHC, because that brings back IAGW memories.

Good Morning, Hard City:

Cut-throat Love (恃愛行凶) (feat. Eason Chan):

Lonely Angel (孤独天使) (Lyrics MV):

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