Pleasantly Surprised Synopsis

“Two people will not be better than one, so that’s why I like being alone” has always been a belief that Du Kai Qi (Puff Guo) has absolute certainty in. Kai Qi is an independent, single woman who enjoys the lifestyle of being alone working as a sous chef at the fine-dining restaurant, Figaro Cuisine. It doesn’t matter how her mother persuades her otherwise she just won’t budge. She is unlike most girls who is cry and laugh for love but instead for most of the time, she is calm and cool-headed. Due to her belief, no man will be more important than her mother. When two people are together, she will have to worry about his feelings and accommodate to him so why bother?

With the exception on her family, the most important things to Kai Qi are culinary cooking and reading manga. For her who grew up in a relatively poor family, this is the best kind of enjoyment. This kind of happiness is much better than spending money to buy happiness.

Just when Kai Qi is close to achieving her career aspirations and earning more money to take care of her beloved family, rival sous chef Cheng Le Xuan (Lene Lai) puts up a fight. Executive chef Ji Yong Qian (Lee Shao Xiang) also starts to create troubles for her as he is unhappy about her rejections regarding his pursuit of her. Just when Kai Qi thought that her life could not get any more tougher, an unassuming man Fu Zi Jie “Louis” (Jasper Liu) moves in next door to her. Immediately, they began to bicker over trivial matters. But never did it cross his mind that Kai Qi is the girl who he previously met when he was younger!

When Zi Jie turns up at Figaro Cuisine as a new employee, everyone including Kai Qi mistakes him as an intern not knowing that he is actually a classically trained chef from France and that his father owns Figaro Cuisine. Although Zi Jie keeps a low profile about his upbringing and identity, he empowers exquisite craftsmanship and an eye for detail in his pursuit of the best French culinary.

French culinary incorporates delicate taste, romantic colours and intricacy, exuding a natural “enjoy the life” attitude. These are precisely the reasons why Kai Qi and Zi Jie loves French culinary so much. However, due to there differences in culinary appreciation, the two are constantly bickering. Kai Qi slowly discovers that whenever Zi Jie is around, her mood will be affected by much which is very unlike her previous self!

Kai Qi really admires “Chef Louis” but has never met him. During a search for cooking ingredients, she almost finds out who her idol is. Except, all the clues points towards Louis as Zi Jie. Can Zi Jie save Kai Qi from the wrath of the mysterious “Chef Louis” and change her strongly held belief? In the end is being together with someone better than being alone?

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2 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised Synopsis

  1. randomsoju June 16, 2014 at 1:12 am Reply

    I’m enjoying that the character is smart and pragmatic rather than the usual stupid with a heart of gold bright girl. I like that she is independent, takes care of herself and her mom, and thinks for herself, what she wants and needs. However, they are already turning her into the damsel in distress, that I’m not crazy about. The male is a bit on the beta side, with a dose of the I know what is best for you because I’m smarter and wiser. The beta is good, the know it all, not so much. I’m hoping it holds together and allows the female lead to find her way to the romance side of the drama without compromising her smart capable independent original character development, but that might be too much to hope for lol.

    • misscupcakees June 16, 2014 at 7:52 pm Reply

      That’s good to hear! It’s quite rare to see an independent, strong female lead. But again, this is an idol drama so the damsel in distress aspect is a given. Though, nonetheless, I am glad for such a different type of female lead. (:

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