Fated to Love You in the Limelight with Fondness

As you guys may or may not know, I am super duper hyped up about the upcoming Korean remake of Fated to Love You which was a ratings hit in hometown Taiwan. There’s really no reason not to be since rom-coms are up my ally and there is a great cast behind this to back the story. There’s been quite a few pieces of FTLY news these past few days and I just couldn’t resist but help to continue sharing it!

Male lead Jang Hyuk was recently caught onset on a sweet date with Wang Ji Hon who plays his ballerina girlfriend who intended to spend his future with only until he knocks up Jang Nara‘s Kim Mi Young. Jang Hyuk ever so sweetly rests his head on Ji Hon’s lap in the park and they even took some selfies together! It’s so sweet and lovely to see such a warm relationship between the second female lead and male lead because it’s not often that you come along such relationships. They look adorable together and I am excited to see their development in characters. Wang Ji Hon actually trained as a ballerina IRL and so her skills in the drama is going to be as real as it can get. I can’t wait to see her strut some of her dance moves!

Jang Hyuk might be the male lead but I am already having SLS over Choi Jin Hyuk! He will be playing Daniel, a multi-talented man of sorts. He is famous designer who also happens to stumble on the role of priest, which in this case means him sitting behind a confession box and listening to Mi Young’s confessions. This was a favourite of scene of mines in the original version and I really anticipate how this will span out in this version. In addition to these two professions, Daniel also appears to have a keen interest in Djing. Hehe, that sounds interesting and adds a nice personality to Daniel; it channels Dylan but at the same time speaks of Daniel. I think this is really nice because a remake can only go as far to copy the original and it is little tweaks here and there that really allows the remake to strike a name of itself.

Although I have seen the original version, I am still very excited to see how this will all turn out. I hope that my excitement from these BTS are a clear indication of the drama itself. I am so so so excited! Are you guys as excited as well?

As A New Leaf has been trimmed down two eps, this means that FTLY will be airing a week earlier (yes!). It is set to air on 2nd of July, so mark your calendars!

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