Fated to Love You Drops Cutesy Teaser and New Stills

I don’t think I have been this excited about an upcoming drama for quite long while. The very first teaser for Fated to Love You and the official website with never-before-seen stills dropped today and that has just pumped up my excitation levels. The teaser is more like a CF than a teaser because this is a far cry from the drama’s storyline. The teaser features leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara sharing a cute bubbly picnic date which is just oh-too-cute for the eyes. He plays the guitar for her and rallies her for a romantic hug on the bridge which is filled with loads of electric energy passing between each other. It’s very cheesy but I really like it for it’s upbeat atmosphere.

The teaser is very airy bubbly and provides some quicks stats about the leads. Jang Hyuk plays 33 year old 3rd generation chaebol Lee Gun who has a one-night-stand with ordinary white collar girl Kim Mi Young to which a baby ensures. And then the drama flows on with them finding love within each other through this mis/fortunate turn of events. That in it of itself is cheesy but it floats my boat! I absolutely adored the original TW version so let’s hope it will be the same here. FTLY follows A New Leaf and will be airing on the 2nd of July and you can be sure that I will definitely check it out!

Character stats (Credits: gumi from Soompi):

Kim Mi Young (29)
DaeYoung law firm contract worker
Strength: great in running errands
Weakness: timid, wishy washy, ordinary, low self-esteem
Lee Geon (33)
Down-to-earth 3rd generation chaebol
Strenght: a lot of money, strong sense of responsibility
Weakness: goatish laugh, 99% probability of dying in his 30s

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