Lego Lee is a Busy Bee with Upcoming Movie, Starring in Claire Guo’s Latest MV and Coming in 8th as Most Marriageable Guy

Image and video hosting by TinyPicMmmmm, Lego Lee! It’s a little over two months since In A Good Way wrapped up but I am still missing it’s beauty. It’s a treasure that I will definitely treasure for a very long time and it excites me that there will be an upcoming movie to put a finally wrap on the ending-non-ending that IAGW left us. Even though IAGW has wrapped up, Lego has been keeping himself quite busy in these two months, especially now that he is feeling much better after having suffered a back injury during the last few weeks of IAGW. I am so glad that my man is better now and making a life after IAGW. Before Lego got really popular in IAGW as Liu Chuan, he filmed the movie Medicine Man in 2012 which was intended for a 2013 release but got pushed back to this year. The movie is quite stark, taking things to its bare roots. MM is about the main character played by Lego has rare spiritual power to communicate with plants. He doesn’t want money or fame, he just merely wants to heal heal people. However, one day he comes across a beautiful and rich girl played by Tracy Chou, suffering from an unusual skin condition who completely alters his life. Check out the trailer below.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In order news, Lego is Claire Guo‘s leading man in her latest MV “Instant Lover” for her newest album Until We Meet. I’ve also been quite fond of Claire and find that her music are really nice to listen to. This MV seems to be darker than what she is used to but I actually like what it is trying to do! I’m not any good at deciphering the stories behind an MV but it is pretty much about Claire jumping out of (large) tin cans which is opened by Lego year after year. As she jumps out, she puts seductive dance show for Lego. The song also serves as the ending theme song for the Taiwan broadcast of Prime Minister and I. Check out the MV below.

I’ve got one more piece of Lego news that I want to share before I end this post. I came across an article on SET News which was a list of the top guys which Taiwan girls want to marry which Lego coming in as number 8. You can check out the list below.

  1. Jay Chou (sorry, but he is taken and on the verge of marrying)
  2. Show Luo
  3. Yoga Lin
  4. Leehom Wang
  5. Mark Chao
  6. Ming Dao
  7. Jam Hsaio
  8. Lego Lee
  9. Takeshi Kaneshiro
  10. 贏納豆 (I have no idea who he is, lol)

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