Jay Shih Stars in New Micro-Movie Alongside Guo Shu Yao

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It’s been over two months since the very successful drama In A Good Way ended its 26 week run and the stars have been working non-stop during these two months having had numerous offers upon them. With male lead Lego Lee taking the headlines with CF endorsements and an upcoming movie, second male lead Jay Shih is not too far behind with the recent online broadcasting of his new micro-movie Happiness Amulet 幸福御守 (the word 御守 is actually the Japanese word for amulet) where he stars alongside Guo Shu Yao. Happiness Amulet serves as a tourism promotional film for Kinmen which is a small chain of islands administered by Taiwan by claimed China showcasing the different things that you can do while in Kinmen. Happiness Amulet was actually filmed a year ago but only now does it see daylight.

Shu Yao plays a newly graduate who heads to Kinmen with her friends for a vacation. During the trip, she finds an amulet which she mistakenly assumes is hers. It’s actually Jay (Jay, they purposely name his character his name didn’t they?)’s who is a magazine photographer. The amulet means the world to him and it is this amulet that ignites the love between Shu Yao and Jay.

It’s so nice to see Jay play a refreshing as his character in IAGW is still stuck in my mind. Through the 26 eps of IAGW, I have really come to appreciate Jay as an actor. I think that he has a really nice rustic charm which works to being life into the characters he plays. Even though this micro-movie is only 10 minutes long but you can definitely see that rustic charm in play. While he and Shu Yao doesn’t share much screentime together, I do really enjoy the interactions that they have. Shu Yao might be young but she is definitely proving to be an amazing actress and since her first few acting appearances, she has improved leaps and bounds which can also be seen in this micro-movie.

Anyways, check out the micro-movie here.

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