My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean) Episodes 9-12

Fated To Love You Usually when I watch dramas, I go into it without much pre-knowledge except for maybe a few lines of the synopsis. I’m not really one for spoilers because I like being hit with the element of surprise so I usually restrain myself from reading or watching anything too spoiler-y. Maybe it is because I have seen the original but for this current airing of Fated To Love You, I have constantly been stalking forums and the official website for every single update about it. These four eps were intense to say the least. A looooot happened in a four eps and in real time, this all happened in a few mere weeks. Weeks, not months but weeks and when you think about it, the different relationships were bubbled and burnt at an uncontrollably fast pace. It’s the closing of one chapter for the fated story, but this is just the start of a new beginning. It will be fate that draws the OTP together once again because they are just fated and meant to be together.

Fated To Love You The core of FTLY is the relationship between Mi Young and Gun. Their relationship is the driving force for the drama. Everything else that happens just either supports it or stems from their relationship. Being central to the drama, their relationship needs immense development in order for the other pieces to fall in place. Given that it is a remake, the general outline for their relationship had already been in place right from the start but there is an abundant of happenings that keep their relationship fresh. They give a very different take to Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s relationship, really placing a mark to differentiate themselves from the original. I just love seeing how they work this relationship. Through their time together, they got to learn more about each other and through through learning about each other, this allowed them to learn more about themselves and what their heart truly feels towards each other.

Fated To Love YouFated To Love You Mi Young and Gun have fallen hard and fast with each other. Despite how much Gun detested to their relationship at the beginning, little did he know that their three months together would triumph his six years with Se Ra. Time is only an arbitrary unit and does count for anything. What counts is how they feel towards each other. They are happy together and that’s what really matters because their hearts have found each other. It’s really fascinating to see that although the baby might have been the catalyst to their relationship, it is not the baby that ties them together. Physically the baby is what brings them together but mentally and emotionally, it is the feelings that brings them together. There was all this push for them together to get legally married for responsibility and to continue the Lee lineage but despite being forced into this, their feelings for each other flourished very quickly, at a rate so fast that made them question themselves.

Fated To Love You Fated To Love You When I initially heard that FTLY was going down the amnesia pathway, I was instantly disappointed because this is such a cliche in the dramaworld. However, I found myself very happy with the execution. It wasn’t used to stage the next phase of the drama but instead it was used as a stepping stone to really help Gun work out his heart by informing him that regardless of how much he tries to shadow this, his feelings will always come through. While I liked this aspect, I detest the whole genetic disease in this equation. This spawned into the whole “noble idiocy” decisions that Gun made. Except, in many ways it was a very selfish decision. He didn’t give either Se Ra or Mi Young a choice but instead just broke their hearts in ways that elicit a long term effect. I can understand and see from his perspective that he might think that this is the best decision but it hurt way more than it did to ease the pain.

Fated To Love You I think Se Ra and Gun’s relationship has been something that has been underrepresented. Everyone is just looking and Mi Young and Gun’s relationship including the drama itself. I totally understand and see that FTLY is about bringing Gun and Mi Young together but I just feel that because it has this focus in mind, Se Ra and Gun’s relationship got overshadowed in the process. Gun profoundly confessed that Se Ra is his one and only and for six years that has been the case. However, when Mi Young entered his life, he started to shelter the years for feelings that he has built up for Se Ra and instead, he fell fast and furious for Mi Young and never really tried to battle his feelings. He just accepted the fact that he was falling for Mi Young and that Se Ra was no longer a part of the equation. And that’s shattering because their relationship had so much potential to hold so much more and to play a much more significant role.

I really want to bring myself to like Se Ra but it’s something really hard to do when she has limited screen time. I don’t dislike her but neither do I like her. I’m just not sure how I feel about her. Not only that but the drama really seems to be stripping her of her personality in order to remove that mean girl image associated with her counterpart Anna. In doing so, the drama has stripped Se Ra of her personality and made her quite redundant as a character. I honestly would much prefer it is she was your downright mean and scheming second female lead so I’d be able to at least have a dislike towards her. I’m just hoping that she won’t be sidelined later because I really do want to see more of her and I want to see her being used more than just as a catalyst to Mi Young and Gun’s relationship.

One phase of the journey has closed and a new one is starting. I am excited, and all the more so because both Mi Young and Gun has gotten themselves a makeover! It’s not just external makeovers either but also internal ones. They have only been together for three months but that has changed them heaps and after everything that they have been through, it is time for them to cross paths again.

Fated To Love You

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7 thoughts on “My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean) Episodes 9-12

  1. analogueblues August 15, 2014 at 3:12 am Reply

    I completely agree with you that Se Ra and Gun’s relationship is the minority here..but I kinda like it that way. Although it’s completely unfair to Se Ra who in the beginning represented the independent female and chose to pursue a career than be bound to a man (whether that was out of fear for her mother or she really loved ballet..we have yet to find out), I like that we can clearly say Mi Young is who Gun truly loves. I think the Taiwanese version had the male lead lead struggle between two women for too long. Watching that was extremely frustrating, and I rather have the Gun pick Mi Young and straight out go for her. He did put an end to his relationship with Se Ra, but i’m not sure if during the 3 years Mi Young was away if he continued to have the same state of mind. We know that Se Ra still wasn’t going to let him go.

    Like you said, I would like for the drama either to make Se Ra become the evil second female lead (which would be a shame) or let Daniel figure out she’s his long lost sister sooner. Unfortunately, Se Ra was not as confident or independent as we presumed her to be. Gun’s unconditional love for her shadowed her insecurities and caused her not to find love within herself. What she needs to realize right now is that she needs healing and she will not find that from Gun. I think both Mi Young and Gun have gone through the process, which is why they are the central story. Daniel and Se Ra need to find each other so they can also do the same. It would be more cool if Se Ra can do that on her own, but i’ll take what I can get.

    • misscupcakees August 15, 2014 at 10:24 am Reply

      I can’t actually say that I like their relationship in such a way but I can say that I love how the drama chose to handle it. It’s just that I really dislike how sidelined it has been. I honestly would prefer Gun struggle with between the two women and his heart. He has been together with Se Ra for 6 years and he even proclaimed that Se Ra is his one and only but then without a second thought, he just completely removed Se Ra out of the love equation. The drama is treating their relationship like feather, letting it fly away so easily and I just struggle to believe that Gun was so quick to let go over a 6 year relationship in favour of his three months with Mi Young. Sure, this means that his heart had a calling towards Mi Young but surely his relationship with Se Ra meant more than that.

      I don’t know, I just want Se Ra to play more of a role rather than just stand there. I appreciate that the drama is trying to give her a good-girl image but like I have said, in doing so it has made her character redundant.

      • analogueblues August 15, 2014 at 12:56 pm

        haha, yeah I see what you mean. I don’t want to make excuses for Gun’s rash behavior, but during those 6 years he was the one doing the most waiting and trying to get Se Ra to stay with him..I think in a relationship like that at some point you will get tired off it. With Mi Young, his feelings are reciprocated and she depends on him even though she’s fresher in his heart, so I can see him becoming head over heels for her while keeping Se Ra at the sidelines. Even so, just like you said, that’s 6 years. Something must have been keeping them together! Thanks again for this though, a lot of times we can get lost in the central romance and forget about other relationships that build upon the entire story 🙂

      • misscupcakees August 15, 2014 at 1:41 pm

        Even so, we are talking about 6 years of feelings that Gun just literally chucked down the drama. During those six years he was the one waiting for Se Ra but doesn’t that just show how much he loves her? I can see that with Mi Young the relationship is different because the feeling is reciprocated but that only happened because it was Gun who threw out his feelings with Se Ra.

      • analogueblues August 16, 2014 at 2:50 am

        Hmm, I think that as easily as a person can fall in love, they can also fall out of love (I’m using the word easily very loosely). I mean don’t we see that with divorced couples that have been married for years? Just because people have been together for a long time, doesn’t necessarily mean they have a stronger bond than a couple who have been together for a shorter period of time. It’s the same for Gun and Se Ra, yes being with her for 6 years shows how much he loves her, but she also hurt him. I think the question we should really ask is whether Gun’s actions are justified by how his character was written. So from the beginning, the audience see’s how much Gun adores Se Ra and everything is fine and dandy till the situation with Mi Young arises. From then on, we are able to witness how Gun handles situations and there seems to be a consistent pattern in the way he resolves dilemmas. He assesses the situation, thinks hard about it, and then acts quickly on it. We see this when Se Ra first learns of his marriage to Mi Young, Gun runs after her and he’s bummed about it for a day. He gives Mi Young the cold shoulder but the next day he tells her it wasn’t that he was mad at her, he was just thinking things through and goes back to being crazy Gun.

        In another earlier instance, he thinks about how his relationship with Mi Young is changing, and he feels bad that he’s doing all of this behind Se Ra’s back so he books a ticket to go and tell her face to face. This is Gun’s character in this particular version of Fated to Love You. And so that’s why I can understand why he just dropped his relationship with Se Ra. Is it cruel? Yeah, maybe. But I personally like a character to be very clear with their feelings. It’s ok if they become muddled, but they need to eventually choose one or the other. Another thing is that Gun’s father seems to have left a huge scar concerning a mistress. As a father to be, he said before that he did not want to be like his father. And so he respects his marriage with Mi Young and as a consequence, we see him paying more attention to her. He also reminds Mi Young a couple of times to watch who she hangs out with as not to embarrass the family. So he knows keeping Se Ra around in his heart will cause problems at this moment in time. And lastly, there is a different type of love Gun has for both women. Se Ra can be considered his first love, Mi Young may as well be his soulmate. As much as he loved Se Ra, a burning and passionate love for Mi Young can quickly extinguish those feelings.

        I apologize for the long-winded response ._. But after this I rest my case lol. It’s totally fine to agree to disagree.

  2. aigooyobo August 15, 2014 at 5:11 am Reply

    Seeing your perspective on Se ra and Gun’s relationship is making me see it in a different light. Se ra in the eyes of Gun is an independent woman who had a bubbling personality, but when we do see her, the personality dies down. What I will disagree on is that I actually in a way do like Se ra. She is not stereotyped. She handled the situation she found herself in pretty well. She did dabble a little into the bitchy mode, but it wasn’t prolonged. This is to show that she is not someone who will intentionally harm anyone. Gun didn’t handle their situation properly. So her actions are justified, if not too calm. To ind out that the love of your life for six years is having a child with some other woman and is pregnant for him is devastating. I am surprised that she didn’t go farther than what she did.

  3. misscupcakees August 15, 2014 at 10:30 am Reply

    Yeahhh, in Gun’s perspective, he sees Se Ra as a strong and independent woman but when we see her, we see her as a fragile and frail woman who is trying to keep moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I completely love that she isn’t your stereotypical second female lead but it’s for me to love her when she is put in such a stationary position. I want to see more of her personality and I want to see her discover herself.

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