My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean) Episodes 13-20 (Final)

Fated to Love YouAfter what has been quite a long stretch, Fated to Love You finally ended its run. FTLY was a drama that I had high expectations for even before the drama started filming. I immediately perked up to the idea of it since I whole-heartedly enjoyed the original and I haven’t seen a Korean drama of this genre. I had quite high expectations for it since it is a remake of a drama which I really love. It might have been billed as a remake but it is so much more than just a remake. It forged realistic characters and really brought the storylines alive in way that was filled with charisma. While it does not stand out as a stellar or original drama, what I ultimately enjoyed the most about was its ability to establish itself as being more than just a mere remake.

FTLY had a lot to handle being a remake. Not only did it have to keep the storyline in sync with the original, but it also had to create a unique identity that marks it more than just being a remake. The drama has definitely achieved both of these. The drama stayed with the central plot of what FTLY is all about while adding in tweaks of its own to stand out as an individual drama. I loved that it was able to do so while still really retaining that sense of being a remake and that’s what really FTLY is about.

Fated to Love You

Fated to Love YouNaaawwws, after a whirlwind of a ride, it is fate that brings the OTP together. It’s been a long ride for Mi Young and Gun but alas, they find their fate with each other. They have been through an emotional rolling coaster, including years of separation when their hearts have been lingering for each other. Their hearts called for each other and they found each other. They were only really together for three or so months but that three short months completely changed their lives in a very unexpected way. Not only did they have to make split second decisions, but they also had to adjust their lives to this unexpected surprise and little did they know their heart was in for a ride. They weren’t together for very long but that short period was enough for them to realise that they are fated for each other. They unknowingly started to care for each other and they unknowingly started to take notice for each other even though they had no intentions of doing so.

Fated to Love YouWhat really sold their relationship was their chemistry. There is no denying that Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara had amazing chemistry together with each other. Their comfortableness around each other definitely shows with their character portrayals. I love that because they way the couple melts around each other just feels really natural. It’s so beautiful to see how Mi Young immediately lights up when Gun is around and how Gun tries to cover up his feelings. They are happy with each other and the warmth between them definitely showcases this.

Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You Mi Young and Daniel’s relationship was really nicely portrayed and I really enjoyed watching them together. He is her guardian angel, protecting her from dangers and being the one who she can turn to for anything. He will be the silent listener if she needs to spill her heart out and he will be there to guide her when she looses her way. I love how he always looks out for her and helps her to see through her heart with a clear mind. He likes her but more than anything, he wants her to be happy. He is willing to let her go if it means that she will be happy because only this way will he be able to be happy himself. This was never a love triangle to begin with and neither did it ended up with one and I love that unconditional love that Daniel gave to Mi Young.

While the first half of the drama was filled with lots of juices, these final eight and especially the final four eps felt quite dry. Something just went quite downhill and it felt like the drama was struggling to fill in those four hours of show. That’s not something I expected because the Taiwanese version was comparably longer in duration and although it did get a bit dry towards the end, it did feel as lacking as this one. I don’t know what happened because it was travelling very well for the first half. The thing here was that Gun and Mi Young had already found their hearts with each at ep 16 and so the last four eps were spent with them just gaining the approval from their relatives and preparing to wrap up the drama. Gun and Mi Young in particular had so much more room for improvement, especially after their time spent apart, which the never never ended up touching upon. It’s such a disappointment because they drive the drama but yet they also decelerated the drama.

One of my biggest gripes about the drama would have to be Gun and Se Ra’s relationship. I don’t like the way it was handled and I definitely think it could have been handled in much better way. Gun was set on the fact that Se Ra is the one but once Mi Young came into his life, that image just disappeared out of his head. Gun has been waiting for Se Ra for six years and was so willing to complement to her ideas and yet this love he had for her was incomparable to the mere three months of being with Mi Young. Sure, the drama really wants to draw on that whole “fated” aspect but it did so completely neglecting the external factors that shape out their relationship, dismissing of Se Ra.

Fated to Love YouThe drama did not make any great use of Se Ra. Her (in)existence played no role to the drama and frankly, the drama probably could have done without her. I so wanted to like Se Ra but it’s not something that you can do when she barely has two minutes of screentime per ep. The drama really wanted to give Se Ra that “nice-girl” image but by doing so, they degraded her character to a blank canvas. Se Ra had so much potential but the drama did not go on to develop her.

I enjoyed my journey with Fated to Love You. It offered lots of warmth and fuzz that really made me smile. As a remake it definitely stacks up and as a individual drama, it definitely houses a unique personality. The drama did a good job at remaking a much loved original that many have come to love.

fated to Love You

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