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Hi guys! This will be my final post before I hibernate myself and study the heck out of me! I appreciate you guys for understanding and I can’t wait to be back watching dramas again!

Having thoroughly enjoyed both the Taiwanese and Korean versions of Fated to Love You, I decided to write a comparison post comparing the two versions, since I think it will be fun to compare the different aspects and to highlight the similarities and differences between the two versions. I had an unbearably difficult time in deciding how to type of this post which included me backspacing everything that I wrote numerous times. Even right now I am still quite iffy how I should set about on this post! If you have any ideas on how to write these posts (took me ages to write this one!), you should definitely comment and let me know for any future posts! I’m not sure how this comparison post will turn out since I’ve never written one like this but here it is anyways. I hope you guys enjoy this post! If you saw both versions, please leave a comment below letting me know which version you liked better! 

Even though the two versions share a similar storyline, they are in no way the same drama. They both have their own their own flair and are both uniquely appealing in their own form. The Korean version might be billed as a remake of the Taiwanese version but even so, it is no way the same as the Taiwanese versions. They are sisters but like any other siblings out there, they flaunt their own distinct personalities which define who they are. Being a remake, it had to really work its way to stand out from its Taiwanese sister and it did so in such a way that remained true to its roots while exerting its own glamour and that’s something I really enjoyed from the Korean version.

I thoroughly enjoyed both versions immensely but I can’t say that I prefer one version over the other because they are both different dramas (well, I guess I can), but really, on top of anything else, both the Taiwanese and Korean versions stand on their own ground as different dramas. However, in saying so, if I had to choose, I would say that I enjoyed the Taiwanese version more. I just felt that the Taiwanese gave more of a realistic and emotional portrayal of the love story, building on Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s fate with subtle inferences while the Korean version was more direct and I guess in a sense it enforced the fact that Gun and Mi Young are meant to be together. Anyways, enough ramble here. Check out the comparisons below. (:

The Age of the OTP

  • The fact that the two OTPs were of a different age bracket did have quite an impact to the storyline. The age of the OTP really sets the platform for how the storyline would develop.
  • Cun Xi and Xin Yi were in their mid-20s while Gun and Mi Young were slightly older in their early to mid-30’s. The fact that Cun Xi and Xin Yi were younger gave them more of an excuse for their “tantrums”.

Mi Young and Gun

  • I really loved how the Korean version modified the storyline of FTLY in such a way to suit Gun and Mi Young’s age. In fact, I was really impressed with how smoothly the storyline worked against Gun and Mi Young’s older age. Overall, the Korean version was more “mature” than the Taiwanese version which goes well against the difference in age.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T) and Fated to Love You (K)

Ji Cun Xi and Lee Gun 

  • Character wise, Lee Gun was quite different to his counterpart Cun Xi. Especially with his hilarious laugh, lol.

Cun Xi

  • Cun Xi is more of a “slow and steady” person and more “serious” with the way he deals with things. I guess with the storyline written with Anna playing an important role to his life, that lead to more of a realistic portrayal of his relationship with Mi Young. There is no question that the feelings he had for Anna was real but when Xin Yi came into his life, he started to become confused about his feelings. He was sure that Anna was the one and just wasn’t ready to discover that this isn’t the truth so he tried to convince himself that Anna is the one for him, but I guess in the end his heart says it all. He unconsciously did things for Xin Yi that he would have never imagined and he started to take more concern towards her. I just love the ways he used to win her heart!


  • Lee Gun is “fast and furious”. He knows what he wants and when he has something that he wants, he will be sure to be on his toes to make it happen. He wants his Mi Young and he sure made that happen! It’s just that sometimes he can be a bit impulsive with his decisions which can be a good or bad things. The way that treats Mi Young is so sweet. He fell for Mi Young right from the start and even though he was forced into marriage with her, he nonetheless took the time and effort to ensure that she isn’t mistreated. What I really liked with Gun was that he recognised that he was falling for her and very quickly took on board that she is the one for him and because of that he started to neglect Se Ra (which is my biggest gripe about the drama). I like how Gun was quite different to Cun Xi and to my surprised, he character works quite well with the drama.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Chen Xin Yi and Kim Mi Young

  • Despite Xin Yi and Mi Young being labelled as the “sticky note” girl, they both have very different personas.
  • The Korean version did portray the “sticky note” aspect of Mi Young as I would have hoped. The “sticky note” served more for namesake than it did in creating a personality for Mi Young which was such a shame because that “sticky note” persona was a vital personality to Xin Yi that should have been carried across to Mi Young. I thought that the “sticky note” persona is something essential to the character because the whole is that she becomes something more than that persona. The Taiwanese version subtly showed of Xin Yi’s change while the Korean version explicitly stated Mi Young’s change.

Xin Yi

  • I found that Xin Yi was more of a frail character who needed lots of coaxing and push from the people around her. She is strong, but she needs people around her to help her see that side to her. She is still a “sticky note” girl at heart and despite the change that she might have been through, she is still true to who she is. I really love that of her but what I really loved about Xin Yi is that regardless of whatever she does, her “sticky girl” personality is always there.

Mi Young

  • Mi Young is a strong, very strong woman. She will stand up for herself when she has to. She doesn’t  This was especially evident when she insisted that she would raise the baby up all by herself. Mi Young might be strong but she still needs people in her life who can support her. I love that Mi Young is a person of strength from the very start of the drama. But she falls weak under Gun’s charms and I guess that’s why she is fated to be with him!
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T) 

Dylan Dai and Daniel Pitt

  • Dylan was probably the character that was the most similar in portray in both versions.
  • Despite Dylan and Daniel being almost identical in character, Dylan just didn’t have the charisma that Daniel had. Maybe it is because Daniel was played by Choi Jin Hyuk (pretty sure that this is the case, hehehe).


  • Dylan looked out for Xin Yi because he initially saw her as a little sister but then he developed feelings for her afterwards. But nonetheless, he continually looked out for her and helped her every step of the way to see herself better than who she saw herself as. He helped her to rebuild her confidence and he helped her to be strong once again even though she fell weak. I loved that he did what he could to make her happy, because he just wants her to be happy more than anything.


  • Daanieeelllllll! I’d like a neighbourhood oppa as well! I just love his kind and caring nature, especially towards Mi Young. He just wants her to be happy and happiness is what he gives her. He will go out of his way to help her and he will always be there for her to lean on. I love how he will cheer her on from the sidelines and how protects her in ways that cannot be counted. He paved a path for Mi Young to becoming a braver and more confident person and he helped her to discover a passion for art. When she was at her lowest, he picked her up and allowed her to see herself in a way that she never thought was possible. Gahhh, Danielllll, I need you!
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (K)

Anna Shi and Kang Se Ra

  • Of all the characters, I think Anna and Se Ra are really worth comparing as they have the most differences between them.


  • There is no denying that Anna was a very dislikeable character. Her actions were cruel and even her love towards Cun Xi was cruel. She was self-centred and thought of herself before those around her. She wanted Cun Xi and she wanted her career and she was willing to do whatever it takes to get that. I guess she just doesn’t really understand what it means to be happy.

Se Ra

  • With the Korean version, they really tried to make Se Ra the nice second female lead and while I really appreciated this doing, I found that it did not work in favour for the drama as a whole. Instead, what happened was that she was sidelined, having minimal screentime and not really playing an integral role to the story. She fought for Gun but the fact that Gun had found his heart with Mi Young early on, Se Ra was essentially made redundant. Yes, she tried to fight for Gun but he pushed her away knowing that Mi Young is his one and only and I really disliked that element.
  • I didn’t really have much of a problem with any of the actors in either version but I did have a big problem with Bianca Bai‘s acting. She was just so one-dimensional with her acting! I can’t deny that Anna was quite a well written character, but Bianca was horrendous with her acting her that really diluted the character of Anna and made her even more dislikeable compared to how she was written to be. My biggest problem was with Bianca’s portrayal of emotions. I don’t know, but I found that Bianca was really weak in this aspect. When she was supposed to be sad, it didn’t feel that way. Tears ran, but emotions didn’t.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (K)

Cun Xi and Xin Yi/Gun and Mi Young’s Relationship

  • Both of the OTPs were adorable together in their own way. They definitely are fated together and yes, fate brought them together after many twists and turns.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi

  • Cun Xi and Xin Yi have such an adorable, flirtacious and cute relationship that was really interesting to watch from start to beginning. I felt like their flare never died down even once and furthermore, it was always kept alight with the many new challenges that they had to face whether that be with misunderstandings or other people coming between them. Admittedly, near the end of the drama their relationship did feel a bit boring and draggy but that was okay because the flame between them was still blazing as hot as ever. I liked the way that the drama handled the whole “Mr.Z” identity for the relationship because this was one thing that really helped to keep their relationship afloat, showing that despite everything that they have been through, they still have feelings for one another.

Gun & Mi Young

  • Gun and Mi Young’s relationship was fun to watch but during the final four eps of the drama, their relationship just felt a bit dry, like there was nothing to keep pushing it forth. They had already found each other and those four eps were just spent on getting family approval, which imo was a waste of time. I felt like something more could have been done to the development of their relationship. One thing that I really did enjoy from their relationship is the whole “Lee Yong Ja” saga. That was really interesting to watch, especially seeing how well Gun knows and cares for Mi Young. He never meant to hurt her but little did he know that his noble decisions would have caused her such great pain. I loved that even the accident, he never stopped caring about her and tried to do whatever he could to bring her happiness. He loves her dearly just as much as she loves him.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Cun Xi and Anna/Gun and Se Ra’s Relationship

Cun Xi and Anna

  • I think that Cun Xi and Anna had quite a healthy relationship between them. Despite Cun Xi being forced to marry Xin Yi, he still had his mind lingering on Anna. The drama made explicit references to the fact that Cun Xi saw Anna as his one true love and despite the fact that his heart was changing since meeting Xin Yi, he continually reminded him of the fact that Anna had a very important position in his life. Comparing this with the Korean version, I found that this was a much realistic portrayal as it showed that Anna really did mean something important to Cun Xi.
  • I was and still am so frustrated with how the drama chose to portray Gun and Se Ra’s relationship! Initially, Gun and Se Ra’s was all very bubbly and loving but almost immediately after his marriage to Mi Young he completely blocked Se Ra out of his world. He warmed up to Mi Young very quickly with his thoughts and skinship a clear indication that Se Ra no longer had a place in his heart. In fact, Gun’s mind was all over Mi Young that he had forgotten that Se Ra was the one that he loved. I really didn’t like the way this relationship was played out because their relationship was supposed to be one that was loving but that love was quickly distinguished on Gun’s side since he met Mi Young. I can see that the drama really wanted to focus on that whole “fated” aspect but even so, Se Ra was the woman that he spent six years waiting for, and that really ought to mean something to him. However, the drama represented it in such a way that made in incomparable to his three months with Mi Young.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Dylan and Xin Yi/Daniel and Mi Young’s Relationship

  • Maybe it was because it set forth from the start that the OTP was meant for each other that I never felt any second lead syndrome in either version. Emphasis was placed on the face that Cun Xi and Xin Yi/Gun and Mi Young were meant to be fated together that despite Dylan and Daniel having all the symptoms of a second male lead, I never once felt any SLS.
  • Dylan was the instigator of Xin Yi’s new and more confident persona. He brought her to Shanghai and helped her lift her up through her time in the dumps. He guided her to be a person who is comfortable and brave in her own shoes while helping her to mend her broken heart. I loved that he kept pushing Xin Yi even though there were times when she wanted to give up.

Daniel and Mi Young

  • Daniel and Mi Young’s relationship was so adorably cuteee! I adore their sweet friendship and how I just love how Daniel continually looks out for her despite knowing that she has her heart elsewhere. He has her best interests at heart because even though he likes her, he would rather let her go chase after her own happiness than keep her close by his side with the knowledge that she isn’t happy. I liked that Mi Young was willing to depend on him, knowing that he is always willing to help her.
  • Dylan pushed Xin Yi to get up while Daniel helped Mi Young to get up which worked for both dramas because Xin Yi’s a person who needs someone to push her in order to stick through it strong while Mi Young needs someone by her side who can support her.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (K)

Dylan and Anna/Daniel and Se Ra’s Relationship

  • You really have to give the writers credit for developing such a unique relationship between Dylan and Anna. The writers could have easily just paired them up and call it a day but they really pulled the drama in a different direction by giving them a sibling relationship. While Dylan and Anna’s relationship was not that nicely developed, I did really like the way with how it was incorporated alongside the romance elements.

Dylan and Anna

  • I really appreciated the way that Dylan and Anna’s relationship developed. Hints were dropped of their blood bond and I really appreciated that it was placed throughout the drama. I also appreciated the chances that they got to meet and the fact that Dylan, who has spent forever looking for his little sister, kept at that. After he discovered that she is his little sister, he continued to look out for her and really be that brother that he never was.

Daniel and Se Ra

  • Daniel and Se Ra’s relationship was poorly developed! I kept wanting the drama hasten their relationship but they didn’t have any interactions until very very late into the drama and because of that, the development towards their relationship was very limited. Furthermore, I felt that while Daniel constantly on the search for his little sister, it felt like this was only included in for the sake of including it in. The thing was that Daniel never saw Se Ra as anyone else other than as Gun’s ex while with the Taiwanese version, Dylan saw Se Ra as an individual and saw through her inner qualities that she keeps hidden even from herself.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Ji Zheng Ren and Lee Yong

  • I guess the biggest difference here was age-wise. Zheng Ren was the elder step-brother to Cun Xi while Yong was the younger step-brother to Gun.

Zheng Ren and Cun Xi

  • Zheng Ren was quite scheming and had intentions to take over as successor to the company and at times he tried to ruin Cun Xi. Despite wanting to receive acceptance from the Ji family, Zheng Ren was portrayed as a person with an ulterior motive.
  • Yong was just so adorable! I loved the healthy relationship which he fostered with Gun and I especially love how he respects and appreciates his hyung. Even though initially Gun was really distant towards Yong, Yong still appreciated the fact that Gun was his elder brother. The more that they got to know each other, the closer they became as brothers, even getting to the point where Gun could freeze his younger dragon brother! I also really liked the fact that Yong was presented as someone who is young, innocent and naive with no intentions of taking over the company. He just listened to the words of his mother but really, what he wanted was to be part of the family.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (K)

Anson and Secretary Tak

  • I really liked this character in both versions. They were the logical reason when Cun Xi/Gun were out of their mind. They were always there when Cun Xi/Gun needed it most but more than that they were the best friend when our male lead needed it most.


  • Anson was more than just a secretary to Cun Xi; he was also a friend and someone who Cun Xi could turn to for reliance. I loved the dynamic relationship between the the two and how equal in power the two seemed despite Anson holding a subordinate position compared to Cun Xi. It was just a very nice balance to see that Cun Xi has people in his life with who he could talk to about his problems. Anson’s advice are great and together with Cun Xi, they really do make a comedic pair of friends. I loved that they were friends and the close relationship that Anson had with Cun Xi and his family.
  • Secretary Tak and Gun had a similar relationship in the Korean version. However, the relationship between was more professional than it was personal. Secretary Tak was a friend but he wasn’t someone who Gun was able to really dish out his feelings to. Also, maybe it was because of the time constraint of the drama, but the character of Secretary Tak was not as fleshed out as I hoped. I only saw through his personality because I know that he is channelling Anson but if I had not seen the original version, I would not have been able to see through his personality as clearly as I did. The drama also dropped hints regarding his crush towards Mi Young’s elder sister but that was never developed.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

The Dogs

  • While the dog does not have a major impact to the drama, I did find that it played quite an important role in the Taiwanese version which was why I was quite upset that it was not included in the Korean version. However, in the make-up for that, the Korean version did integrate in dogs playing a vital role to the OTP’s first encounter. They also gave Daniel an adorable, fluffy white dog which I guess was supposed to stand in for the dog that was supposed to be there but was not.
  • The dog in the Taiwanese version, Ji Bao Bei (Baby Ji), really allowed Cun Xi and Xin Yi to connect and grow as a couple. Not only that, but Baby Ji was also a link to Anna, allowing Anna to show that she has considered Cun Xi’s plans for marriage but she is not ready to commit to it yet.


  • The Korean version tried to make up for the lack of a Baby Ji character but having dogs play an integral role to the OTP’s first meeting. However, I felt that without the role of Baby Ji, there was just a component lacking to the OTP’s development. It might just be me though, lol.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Company Matters

  • When I initially heard that FTLY was going to go down the amnesia path I was just like face-palming myself and feeling disappointment for the drama to even have considered this route. However, it turned out to be better, so much better, than your usual amnesia storyline. Amnesia here wasn’t used as a turning point as such but rather, it was used as a stimulus to stimulate the drama forth.
  • There was quite a difference in focus towards company matters in the two versions. In the Taiwanese version, there was more focus towards the heart of the company while in the Korean version the focus was more towards Gun being the successor of the company.
  • In the Taiwanese version, there was emphasis on “Inheritance”, the meaning behind the company and the story behind the product. I really liked how the drama incorporated company matters alongside with the drama. I guess the Korean version just didn’t have enough time to delve into this aspect.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)



  • Nicknames were used in both versions and although you can’t really compare them, I think they are worth discussing.
  • Both couples gave their unexpected creation a nickname. Cun Xi and Xin Yi called their little surprise “Ji Nian Pin”, which translates to “Souvenir”. The nickname smartly incorporates Cun Xi’s surname “Ji”. In addition, I really like the meaning that it conveys for the couple. This surprise creation really is a souvenir for the OTP. Even after what happened to it, it will forever remain as the special element which kicked-off Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s romance. Mi Young and Gun named their little surprise as “Keddongie” which translates to “Dog Poopie”, which imo is really cute!
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T) and Fated to Love You (K)


  • I absolutely loved the granny in the Taiwanese version. She’s so hyper and energetic! I like the close relationship that she has with Cun Xi. While she might want him to get married and continue the succession line, she doesn’t particularly force him to do so. She respects his decision and supports him
  • The granny in the Korean version was not as humorous as the granny in the Korean version but I loved her nonetheless. Like the granny in the Taiwanese version, she respects Gun’s decision despite having that a pressing pressure to push Gun to get married and have kids. I love that she is supportive of his decision and more than that, I love how she doesn’t push Mi Young to get together with Gun. She respects Mi Young’s decision and I just love the way she doesn’t push Mi Young to do anything that she doesn’t want to do.
  • Daniel and Granny were supposed to have a close friendship but after meeting each other for one time, there was no more regarding their friendship.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

Xin Yi/Mi Young’s family

Xin Yi and Mum

  • Xin Yi’s family is hilarious! I love them so so so much! It’s so funny how they would talk about one thing and then suddenly sidetrack to another before realising so. This family is hilarious and I can’t get enough of them! That aside, I love how they are so supportive of Mi Young, wanting nothing more than just for her to be happy.
  • I also adored Mi Young’s family but they weren’t as close as Xin Yi was to her family. The focus here was more so on Mi Young and her mother which was fine by me but I would have loved to see more interactions between Mi Young and her sisters.

Mum and Mi Young

  • I loved the relationship that the two mothers have with Xin Yi and Mi Young respectively. They just want their daughters to be happy. It’s so endearing to see how much their mothers love them, especially in the Taiwanese version where Xin Yi’s birth was depicted as being unwanted.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)


  • I don’t really think you can compare these two since the OST styles of Taiwanese dramas and Korean dramas are very different. However, that doesn’t mean I am not going to do so, lol.
  • In my biased opinion, I enjoyed the Taiwanese OST much more. I found that it was much more suited to the drama, giving off just the right amount of humour and seriousness when needed. Furthermore, the OST worked to enhance the drama’s capacity, really helping enlightening each scene. I loved how the instrumentals enhanced the scenes instead of just being there as the OST. With a lot of OSTs, I find that the songs can feel out-of-place when I listen to them after having watched the drama but this is not the case here. I still enjoy listening to the OST very much to this day.
  • This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the Korean OST because I did. I loved it very much but I found that it didn’t complement its drama as well as the Taiwanese version did. There were some songs which I found didn’t suit certain scenes. However, overall I really enjoyed the OST. I also really liked how the drama incorporated songs from the Jang’s previous projects as well as other songs.
  • And the winner goes to Fated to Love You (T)

And the winner is… Fated to Love You (T). I enjoyed the Taiwanese version more than I did the Korean version but that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the Korean version. I did, and in fact I enjoyed it very much. The two are two different dramas and caters to different people and I’m just one of those who found the Taiwanese version much more enjoyable. Though, both are really good dramas worth noting and watching.

Click here to watch Fated to Love You (Taiwanese) and here to watch Fated to Love You (Korean).

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17 thoughts on “Fated to Love You vs. Fated to Love You

  1. heisui September 22, 2014 at 8:33 am Reply

    Hm the only thing I could think of you could add for a comparison post is to do a score for each drama. For instance, for each ‘category’ you could give each drama a rating out of 10. Then add up the ratings at the end to see what the score is?

    I was also surprised that Gun got over Sera so quickly in the kdrama version. O_O

    • misscupcakees September 22, 2014 at 8:19 pm Reply

      Oh coolies, that sounds like a great idea. I will keep that in my mind for any other posts that I make like this. Thanks for that (:

      I know right! I’m so frustrated with how that was portrayed!

  2. rowanmdm September 23, 2014 at 7:48 am Reply

    Right on with all of your points. The only thing I would consider adding to your comparison is main plot points/obstacles. I found the very different reasons behind our OTP’s long separation to be interesting. In the T version the separation was due to Anna’s lying and manipulation, Cun Xi’s inability to communicate and Xin Yi taking everything at face value and not actually getting any clarification. In the K version it was due entirely to Gun making that choice to push her away. This completely changed the dynamic of the OTP relationship and gave them different obstacles to overcome. I think a comparison of those type of thing would be interesting as well, especially since some shows have better written plot points while others have stronger characters and/or chemistry.

    • misscupcakees September 23, 2014 at 8:19 am Reply

      Hehe, thanks for the suggestion! I will be sure to keep that in mind for any future posts! ❤

      Yes, you're quite right about that. Tbh, it was mostly because of this dynamic that I just felt so frustrated with Gun and Se Ra's relationship. After the six years they have been together, he just so willingly pushed her away in favour of the three months he had with Mi Young. I just really dislike how their relationship was depicted because it really sidelined Se Ra as a character and just stripped her personality.

  3. SOSsy September 23, 2014 at 6:33 pm Reply

    I think you’ve done a great comparison piece and I enjoyed reading it.
    I agree that overall, the T version was better though it did get draggy towards the end. Similarly, I felt the last two episodes of the K version were slow, and anti-climatic.

    Ultimately, I did enjoy both versions and was glad the K remake was not an exact replica. Except that I would like to shoot Hyukkie’s hairstylist for the drama!

    • misscupcakees September 23, 2014 at 7:35 pm Reply

      Awww, thank you! ❤

      Yeahh, although the Taiwanese version got draggy towards the end, the events played out nicely while the Korean version was just slow with nothing much happening.

      lol, yes, me too! It was flippy at the start, then it was a middle parting, then it was beautiful haircut and then they styled his hair weird again.

  4. Jen October 1, 2014 at 6:55 am Reply

    I liked the Taiwanese version better! Couldn’t really get into the Korean version cuz Lee Gun seems like a comic book character! Haha. Like the scene when he first appeared during Clara’s advertisement shoot was awkward and I received second-hand embarrassment from it! xD I prefer Ji Cun Xi cuz he really seemed like the President of the company (how he manages his work/groomed Chen Xin Yi before her presentation) but has a more real/gentle side to him. Heh. All down to personal preference I think! Oh! I also really like the lawyer in the Taiwanese version. He’s funny and stuff! 😛

    • Yui November 6, 2014 at 8:36 pm Reply

      indeed! totally agree with your comment 🙂

      but perhaps, the X factor of Ethan Ruan.. LOLs.. excuse my fangirling heart 😛
      Choi Jin Hyuk.. yay for him! no doubt 😀

  5. Mr.Penguin January 25, 2015 at 1:48 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for posting this!! :DD
    Really agree about everything, except that for me, I love Anna more than Sera (well… this opinion just based on watching 3 eps, but still… something’s ‘off’ for me from Sera).
    I love the fact that Choi Jin Hyuk appearance more suitable to Dylan/Daniel character, since he looks more neat (especially since his short-cut hair. lol) and fit the personalities better. To be honest, I hate, REALLY HATE, Lee Gun’s so-much-exaggerated-and-fake laugh, it just annoying and disturbing for me. for the female leading role, I love both actresses who play as Chen Xin Yi and Kim Mi Young, and their characters respectively.
    And last, just like you, I just love Taiwanese version WAY MORE than Korean one. 😀

  6. cAhLil March 8, 2015 at 3:22 am Reply

    Great post! really enjoyed reading it. Thanks! I’m only half way through FTLY K version but I can already tell that the T version is still better. I think that the K version altered the storyline way too much, I get that it’s an attempt to somehow make it their own but it just didn’t work for me. I must admit though, my hopes for the K remake was probably pretty high, I just couldn’t help it given that FTLY T version is one of my top 2 favorite Taiwanese drama series of all time (Meteor Garden being the first). There were lot of unforgettable scenes from the T version that was omitted from the K version, like when Xin Yi lost Baby Ji, that whole hostage taking set up by Cun Xi to get Xin Yi to forgive him and so many others. But if there’s one thing I appreciate in K version was Jang Na-ra’s portrayal of Mi-young. Her approach to the sweet and innocent character was remarkable, from the facial expressions to the mannerisms, it was very detailed. Having said all these, I’m still gonna continue watching the K version. It may not be on a par with the original but it’s still pretty fun to watch and Choi Jin-Hyuk is really hot! ^_^

  7. one April 3, 2015 at 6:21 am Reply

    Waw, I’m agree with you.
    In my opinion, the only thing the Korean version do better than the Taiwan version is Choi Jin Hyuk, hehehehe.
    But, anyway, I love to see Jang Na Ra.

  8. becky April 13, 2015 at 7:25 pm Reply

    hello I am from Taiwan and glad that you did a great effort to write this article!!!
    So surprised that after so many years, there were still people love this story!
    This is one of my favorite dramas so far (the favorite should no doubt be It Started With A Kiss series~~~)
    OMG I really miss the days falling for Taiwan idol dramas~~~ there are fewer and fewer worth watching
    Anyway thank you for doing this!
    Ps. have you ever watched In Time With You ? It’s said that korean company had brought the right and would soon start shooting~the original

  9. Cate August 27, 2015 at 11:11 pm Reply

    Omg thanks for this. I am coming into this late since I just watched the k version by accident because I saw it on netflix. I just love love love it!!! I laughed an cried throughout the whole thing. It is because of the two lead characters. Their chemistry is amazing. I was mesmerized by jang hyuk. What an amazing hunk. I re-watch scenes to gawk at him. At first I thought he was over the top but then it worked. Hair and all. Kudos to jang nara also. You can see the character in her expressions. I loved this show so much I am in the process of watching the T version. While it is good, so far it does not compare at all. I am on the 9th episode so I guess I have to give it a chance. The couple is just not as charismatic as the K version. Just imho. Comments welcome!

    • misscupcakees September 4, 2015 at 8:23 pm Reply

      I’m vice-versa! I enjoyed the TW more than I did the K version but at the end of the day it is a matter of opinion (:

  10. Cate August 27, 2015 at 11:27 pm Reply

    Also, what is OST?

    • misscupcakees September 4, 2015 at 8:24 pm Reply

      OST = original sound track

  11. Hindsight March 2, 2016 at 2:42 pm Reply

    Unfortunately, I going to have to disagree with most of your ratings. I felt the south Korean version was the better of the two in many aspects while the Taiwan version was unrealistic, but entertaining.

    Most notable was Lee Gun being the better character than Cun Xi . Despite his comedic antics he is the far more mature character. His display of affection, grasps of responsibility, and assertions toward what he wants was more grounded than his Taiwan counterpart.

    Lee Gun’s antics/ laughter grows on the viewer. At first it’s enduring, but eventually you will miss it. His antics are his way of handling pressure. Company seat, emotional stress, and inheritable diseases are always on the back of his head.

    Mi Young character was a pushover in a realistic manner. She can be pushed around, but she will talk back or at least put up some form of resistance if push to her limits. However, she will fold if pressured further.

    The Korean version’ had light heart antics within a mature atmosphere while the original had it’s moments of maturity, but loses it over time to comedy. I never could take the Tawian version as serious as the Korean version. The Korean osts also sets the tone more serious especially at certain heart wrenching scenes. I’m male that watched his fair share of tragedy media.

    The family aspect is superior in the Korean version too. Lee Gun’s relationship with his mother law is equally as strong as his wife’s relationship with her mother. At the end of the drama the mother gives in to her daughter wishes to remarry Lee Gun who symptoms might show up in the future because she loved her former son in law to such a degree.

    Even when the Korean side characters had less screen time relative to the Taiwanese version they had more impact, conveying the overall character to the viewer with less time.

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