2014 TVB Star Awards

TVBSAThe year has really been flying through hasn’t it? It’s that time of the year for the awards season again! The annual TVB Star Awards was held recently on the 23rd of November in Malaysia, celebrating the year that was for TVB whose dramas get simulcast in Malaysia. I haven’t seen much dramas this year and especially with the decline in quality and production of TVB dramas, there hasn’t been a drama this year that even remotely caught my attention! A lot of artistes have left TVB and many dramas now feature a recurring cast. This year hasn’t been a good year for TVB; not one drama averaged a 30 in ratings and we are seeing the same storylines being recycled again and again. I don’t really have a view on the awards winners since I haven’t seen the dramas. Line Walker received the most buzz this year so it is no surprise that it won big at this award ceremony. This puts it on good ground to also win big at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. Check out the full list of nominees and winners as well as the red carpet pics below.

*Winners in green.

My Favorite TVB Leading Actor

  • Dayo Wong (from My Bounty Lady)
  • Ruco Chan (from Outbound Love)
  • Bosco Wong (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • Kenneth Ma (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Roger Kwok (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Ron Ng (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Raymond Lam (from Line Walker)
  • Michael Miu (from Line Walker)
  • Lawerence Ng (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Joe Ma (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Wong Cho Lam (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Wayne Lai (from Overachievers)

My Favorite TVB Leading Actress

  • Aimee Chan (from Outbound Love)
  • Tavia Yeung (from Storm in a Cocoon)
  • Priscilla Wong (from Swipe Tap Love)
  • Carmen Lee (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Nancy Wu (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • Selena Li (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Kristal Tin (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Louisa So (from Rear Mirror)
  • Charmaine Sheh (from Line Walker)
  • Linda Chung (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Kate Tsui (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Joey Meng (from Come On, Cousin)

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor

  • Ben Wong (from Gilded Chopsticks)
  • Lawrence Cheng (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Raymond Cho (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Louis Cheng (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Benz Hui (from Line Walker)
  • Oscar Leung (from Line Walker)
  • Pierre Ngo Ka Nin (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Vincent Wong (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Him Law (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Ram Tseung (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Raymond Wong (from Overachievers)
  • Edwin Siu (from Overachievers)

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actress

  • Eliza Sam (from Coffee Cat Mama)
  • Lin Xia Wei (from Outbound Love)
  • Elaine Yiu (from Swipe Tap Love)
  • Gloria Yip (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Leanne Li (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Sharon Chan (from Line Walker)
  • Elena Kong (from Line Walker)
  • Natalie Tong (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Josie Ho (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Mandy Wong (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Ivana Wong (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Maggie Shiu (from Overachievers)

My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters

  • Sharon Chan (from Line Walker)
  • Vincent Wong (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Tony Hung (from Outbound Love)
  • Lawrence Cheng (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Roger Kwok (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Raymond Lam (from Line Walker)
  • Pierre Ngo Ka Nin (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Eliza Sam (from Coffee Cat Mama)
  • Carmen Lee (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Power Chan (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Louisa So (from Rear Mirror)
  • Linda Chung (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Dayo Wong (from My Bounty Lady)
  • Tavia Yeung (from Storm in a Cocoon)
  • Kenneth Ma (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Louis Cheng (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Oscar Leung (from Line Walker)
  • Josie Ho (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Bosco Wong (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • Kristal Tin (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Charmaine Sheh (from Line Walker)
  • Lawrence Ng (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Ruco Chan (from Outbound Love)
  • Loletta Lee (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Raymond Cho (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Michael Miu (from Line Walker)
  • Natalie Tong (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Michelle Yim (from Coffee Cat Mama)
  • Priscilla Wong (from Swipe Tap Love)
  • Selena Li (from Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Waise Lee (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Raymond Wong (from All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Joe Ma (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Steven Ma (from Storm in a Cocoon)
  • Nancy Wu (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • Ron Ng (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Sammy Shum (from Line Walker)
  • Kate Tsui (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Him Law (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Mandy Wong (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Benjamin Yeun (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Wong Cho Lam (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Joey Meng (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Ivana Wong (from Come On, Cousin)
  • Wayne Lai (from Overachievers)
  • Edwin Siu (from Overachievers)
  • Maggie Shiu (from Overachievers)
  • Benz Hui (from Line Walker)

My Favorite Promising Actor

  • Tony Hung (from Outbound Love, Swipe Tap Love and Rear Mirror)
  • Matt Yeung (from Outbound Love, Line Walker and Black Heart White Soul)
  • Louis Cheng (from Gilded Chopsticks, Black Heart White Soul and Come On, Cousin)
  • Hugo Wong (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • Sammy Shum (from My Bounty Lady, Line Walker and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)

My Favorite Promising Actress

  • Tracy Chu (from Tomorrow is Another Day)
  • Lin Xia Wei (from Outbound Love and Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
  • Vivien Yeo (from Outbound Love, Ruse of Engagement and Line Walker)
  • Skye Chan (from Line Walker)
  • Samantha Ko (from Outbound Love, Line Walker and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)

My Favorite TVB On Screen Couple

  • Dayo Wong and Kate Tsui (from My Bounty Lady)
  • Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam (from Coffee Cat Mama)
  • Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan (from Outbound Love)
  • Raymond Wong and Priscilla Wong (from Swipe Tap Love)
  • Lawrence Cheng and Carmen Lee (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin (from Black Heart White Soul)
  • Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh (from Line Walker)
  • Sammy Shum and Sharon Chan (from Line Walker)
  • Joe Ma and Linda Chung (from Tiger Cubs II)
  • Roger Kwok and Joey Meng (from Come On, Cousin)

My Favorite TVB Series

  • My Bounty lady
  • Outbound Love
  • Gilded Chopsticks
  • Storm in a Cocoon
  • Never Dance Alone
  • Black Heart White Soul
  • Line Walker
  • All That Is Bitter Is Sweet
  • Tomorrow is Another Day
  • Tiger Cubs II
  • Come On, Cousin
  • Overachievers

My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song

  • Really Dislike You (很想討厭你) by Lin Xia Wei (from Outbound Love)
  • Star Cluster (星斗群) by Shirley Kwan and Mag Lam (from Never Dance Alone)
  • Test (考驗) by Fred Cheng (from The Ultimate Addiction)
  • More Difficult, More Love (越難越愛) by Jinny Ng (from Line Walker)
  • Tomorrow is Another Day (再戰明天) by Alfred Hui (from Tomorrow is Another Day)

My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Programme

  • Lawrence Ng (from Guardians of Life)
  • Maria Cordero and Luk Hoo (from Good Cheap Eats 2)
  • Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung (from Pilgrimage to Football Meccas)
  • Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam (from Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk)
  • Liza Wang and Amigo Choi (from Queen’s Feast)

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme

  • A Time of Love
  • Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk
  • Nowhere Girls
  • Street Sorcerers (Sr. 2)
  • Queen’s Feast

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme

  • Guardians of Life
  • Living Easy
  • Odd Jobs
  • Wellness On The Go 2
  • Big Big World


Nancy Wu dorns a beautiful orange dress with equally bold lips. I love that she keeps her jewellery to the minimum and together with her hair pulled back, it allows her to “tone down” the intensity of her dress. She has Him Law as her arm candy and he is handsomely dressed in a navy suit.


Ruco Chan opts for a sleek white suit while Charmaine Sheh wears a peplum-styled floral embellished dress. I really adore the top half of her dress but not so much the skirt of it. There is already quite a lot going on with the floral embellishment so I think it was smart of her to not go for a necklace.

Linda Chung‘s attire is very dull and gloomy for me. She wears a loose-fitting navy dress but even with the gold accent, it is still very dull and gloomy. I like Roger Kwok‘s look very much. It is very fitting on him and I love the camouflage-style shirt and tie.

Kenneth Ma is radiating, probably because he has two dazzling ladies as his arm candy! Unlike last year’s floral suit, he plays it safe by wearing a black suit. I’m just not sure what to think of the random patches of sequins or something on his suit. Selena Li is soooo beautiful in her fitting by flowy dress! She reminds me so much of Elsa! I really love how the structure of the dress works to accentuate her curves but still retains that pureness and innocence from the white colour of her dress. Tavia Yeung‘s dress is very simple but she styled it well with her sleek combed-back hair and shining necklace.

It’s Paris reunited with Bai Co! Kate Tsui wears a mermaid-styled lace dress that hugs her body and accentuate her figure. I don’t think vertical stripes works for Bosco Wong but his wardrobe choice here is much better than some of the other outfits he has been spotted with!

As if Sharon Chan wasn’t already tall enough, she wears a high-low dress and a pair of heels which gives her even more height. I love how contrasting the top of the dress is compared to the skirt of the dress. Sammy Shum‘s outfit seems a bit too casual for such an occasion but he gets away with it with how handsome he is!

I adore the colour of Samantha Kos dress but it’s too pale on her making her appear washed out. The dress would work better on her if it was a darker shade of pink. Her partner Benz Hui is appropriately dressed for his age.

Jinny Ng‘s dress colour is very similar to Samantha and like Samantha, this colour makes her appear washed out. I’m not a fan of the cutting of the dress, it just seems a bit “here-and-there”.
TVBSANice wardrobe choice Fred Cheng! It’s simple but sometimes simple is best!

[Credits: Pictures from https://www.facebook.com/tvbcom]

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