My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 2

INK2After what seems like forever, I finally got my eyes on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO, the sequel to Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO. INK2 premiered last week and I was so excited and ready to watch it but then when I went ahead to watch it, I discovered that the first ep of this season and the special were literally the same except for the last three minutes. This is why I don’t have a post for episode 1 but you can check out my review on the special, which technically is episode 1, lol. Last night I went to watch ep 2 of INK2 only discover that the subs were out of sync! It wasn’t a problem though since I had other dramas to watch. Today I tried again and finally I could watch INK2! Finally, at long last! I know there are many drama-ers out there who are like me, highly anticipating this season, and for now it I am pretty confident in saying that it is hitting all of the right notes.

I really enjoyed the first season and I do have high hopes for this season. However, since this is a sequel, I am trying to keep my expectations low since most sequels do not live up to their predecessor/s. But, considering what this ep has offered, I am hoping that it proves my thoughts wrong. It felt like INK was never away from screen. This sequel doesn’t feel like a sequel but rather, continuous eps of the first season. I love how everything is the same as it was in the prequel. The setting is the same except for the now bigger house that the Irie family moved into a bigger and grander house, the characters are all the same with the same personalities which we have come to know of them in the first season and most importantly, Irie Naoki (Furuwaka Yuki) and Aihara Kotoko (Miki Honoka)’s relationship is the same as ever (except status-wise, they are hubby and wife, officially so) but with more love coming from both parties. It’s so good to see more of this couple again after the long waiting period for this season to finally come out. 


INK2This ep was all about Naoki and Kotoko living their day-to-day lives as newlyweds. Naoki has to temporarily take over his father’s company while Kotoko is adjusting herself to her new title of “wife”. The two of them have a lot to learn being a legally bound couple and it’s only just the start. There is no way that Kotoko will ever match up to Naoki’s standards but she try so to her best of her abilities. It doesn’t matter though because her being herself is the reason that Naoki likes her and being herself what is she does best at. I love how she tries to be a good wife to Naoki and her dreams to do so even though they might not necessarily be reality, such as when she dreamt of waking up early and cooking up her hubby the perfect breakfast. She is yet to master that but she is trying and that is what matters most. I wish we got to see Naoki’s face when he saw shells in the omelette that Kotoko made him!

INK2While Kotoko is the one doing most of the trying here, Naoki’s way of doing so is much more obscure. That’s might be part of his personality but I don’t thing it would hurt if he is more transparent with his feelings towards Kotoko. He has his reasons for working and not coming home but he could have at least told Kotoko instead of leaving her wondering aimlessly. They are hubby and wife and so he needs to be more considerate of her feelings. In saying so, he is opening up his feelings much more and showing more warmth rather than his usual cold persona. He does love Kotoko, but isn’t as readily as Kotoko to express it, but like Kotoko, he is learning how to do so. Just when Kotoko was having doubts to their relationship, he officially announced to the public that he is a married man and Kotoko is his woman, and he had that officially documented by registering their marriage, which Kotoko must be over-the-moon about.

After a disappointing first ep, i.e. no first ep, this ep gave a great start to the eps that are to come. It officially puts Kotoko and Naoki off and riding into their newlywed life and that will be sure to set off lots of hurdles for them to cross. The first hurdle for them is a pregnancy (scare) that Mama Irie will be ecstatic to hear (she’s already got the nursery set up) but will be putting the newlyweds on their toes. 


Click here to watch Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO.

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