Boysitter Episode 1 Recap

BoysitterIt’s been a long time since I last recapped a drama but hopefully I’m not too rusty with it! I’ve heard about Boysitter for quite a while now but didn’t really look much into it until after this ep. Boysitter is such an awful name but the drama is definitely not awful. In fact, I am getting into it more than I had thought. In one sentence, Boysitter is able a woman caught in a love triangle between two men. We’ve seen this storyline done over and over again but what makes this drama interesting is that the drama is tackling this one sentence synopsis on the sides and not straight in front as one would expect. I am loving this take, especially with how direct it is and it wastes no time in establishing the OTP. It is quick to bring us to the point before fleshing out the details and that move away from convention is what is making this drama so interesting to watch.

Episode 1 Recap:

BoysitterHao Jian Ren (River Huang) is on an economic seating next to a lady (Karen Hu) who is very paranoid and requests to the flight attendant (Jenna Wang) that she needs more than the usual consideration and care. The flight attendant asks Jian Ren to take care of the passenger beside him and his flirtaciously asks what he gets in return for doing so. She hands him a cup of cold milk in return.

He tries to coax the passenger by telling her that with her aura, she is more suited to business class and that with such a special passenger like her, what he likes the most is… He stops mid-sentence when he spots a lady, Yuan Fei “Jenny” (Annie Chen) in business class and resumes his description by describing her as having long, slender legs, S curves and even when she is wearing sunglasses she cannot hide her radiance.

BoysitterJian Ren whispers something to the flight attendant who allows him to enter business class. Yuan Fei has fallen asleep but when Jian Ren goes to remove the blanket from her face to get a closer look at her, he is ushered back to his seat in economy class because the plane is experiencing turbulence.

BoysitterOnce out at the airport, Jian Ren waits for Yuan Fei to come out. He spots her but then loses her through the crowd of people. Ding Xiao En (Nita Lei), Jian Ren’s assistant who has a clear crush on him, comes to pick him up with the excuse that she coincidentally happened to be nearby. She asks if this is okay. He answers that it is fine, except he has a prior engagement with the flight attendant. Dayum, he moves fast! The flight attendant asks if she has been duped because before he mentioned that he was looking for his little sister and now he has a sweet assistant to pick him up.

In a flashback, it is seen that in the aeroplane, Jian Ren whispered to the flight attendant that he saw someone like his little sister who has been missing for six years in business class, lol. He requests that she help her and promises to treat her for a meal later. He asks Xiao En to take his luggage home and then explains to the flight attendant that Xiao En is just like his little sister. Xiao En is disheartened to heart this.

BoysitterXiao En unpacks Jian Ren’s luggage and we see that she has helped him to pack his luggage and stuck on cute sticky notes reminding him to take care of himself. While Jian Ren is out on his dinner date with the flight attendant, Xiao En messages him with pictures of his unpacked luggage and stocked up home. He calls her to thank her and offers to treat her out. The flight attendant voices jealousy but her remarks that this isn’t good for their relationship progression. She tells him that she isn’t going to get serious with him, someone who flirts with a flight attendant.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYuan Fei strips down and sexily hops into a hot spring to find her BFF Fang Mei Lin (Yang Qing) waiting for her. Yuan Fei comments that in these six years, Mei Lin is the first to see her naked to which Mei Lin replies those who have seen her naked are her husband, gynaecologist and her mother-in-law who is eager for her to produce some grandchildren. The two BFFs catch-up but Mei Lin brings up the topic of Jian Ren and comments how he has been a playboy these six years but every year on Valentine’s Day, he always takes her husband away from her, going to L’Attente and drinking himself drunk.

BoysitterJian Ren and the flight attendant are standing outside L’Attente and he suggests they get more intimate. She reiterates that she will not get serious with him. She mentions that L’Attente has lots of urban myths and explains that the owner will not speak until his woman returns to his side. He waited for six hundred years which is why when a couple enters his bar, he can tell whether they are destined for each other or for splitsville. The secret code for success of a relationship is that if the couple orders a chocolate cake and the owners gifts them with a “Magic Love Potion”. Jian Ren recalls the times when he went there with Yuan Fei and how they failed to get the “Magic Love Potion” time after time. The flight attendant further explains that this is because the owner refuses to bless any relationship before he gets his own love life back on track. It’s not all a myth though because in a flashback, Yuan Fei and Jian Ren are finally served the “Magic Love Potion” on a Valentines’ Day and that was the only time the owner served out the “Magic Love Potion”, because the truth is that real couple will be torn apart from this “Magic Love Potion”. Jian Ren walks away uninterested.

Yuan Fei is at L’Attente and in front of her is a cup of “Magic Love Potion”.

BoysitterXiao En arrives to Jian Ren’s office with the necessity for him ready to face the day, including a shaver and a new shirt. The other employees gather around his office and wonders if he has a romantic relationship with Xiao En. Xiao En comments that she likes Jian Ren; he is diligent, handsome and smart but one thing that he is not is dedicated and that is not something that is acceptable in her family culture.

The assistant manager, Qian Shu De “Xiao Shu” (Hsu Hsiao Shun) congratulates on his efforts for having gained the exclusives to French writer Victor Hugo. Despite his efforts, he reiterates to Shu De that he does not want to be promoted to Assistant Manager because he wants to live a balanced life. Instead, Shu De offers to treat him out for lunch on Valentines’ Day but he can’t on that day because it’s his day off. Shu De mentions that Zhang Wen Hua (Gao Shan Feng) was right that following Jian Ren on this day will be a show worth watching.

Jian Ren seeks out Wen Hua who is trying to run away. Wen Hua just wants a a day off on this Valentines’ Day.

BoysitterBut, Wen Hua ends up spending the romantic day out at L’Attente with Jian Ren and Shu De. A pretty lady walks in a tries to hit up on Jian Ren but Shu De moves to her first only to have it backfire him. Wen Hua gets called by his mother to return home to have some sexy time with his wife, except it doesn’t go very far when his mother comes knocking on the door.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYuan Fei walks into the bar. Shu De tries to hit her up but Jian Ren whacks him out of it. The two flirtatiously chat up in a way like they are just strangers. She mentions that he reminds her of her dead husband, an unforgettable guy who wasted her youth. We flashback to how she nagged to get married. In his version of the story, there was a woman who likes forcing marriage but understood that love does not equal to love. We flashback to him finally agreeing with her using sexy time as the final ultimatum. Except, he stood her up on Valentines’ Day, the day when they were supposed to register for marriage.

BoysitterYuan Fei gets up to leave but he blocks her and asks what she thinks would happen if the man and woman meets again and the big boy says he has grown up. She whispers that the woman will say that she has changed.

The two kiss all the way to Jian Ren’s home while Wen Hua and Mei Lin kick the bed and produce moaning noises to trick Mama into thinking that they are having sexy time.

BoysitterJian Ren and Yuan Fei have sexy time for real.

Yuan Fei and Mei Lin are on their morning run and Yuan Fei reveals that while she did end up in bed with Jian Ren, they didn’t have sexy time. She stop their time short, giving a punch in the eye, when she spotted a purple bra in his house. She admits to Mei Lin that she does want Jian Ren but she will let him know that she isn’t the Yuan Fei from six years ago.

BoysitterShu De and Jian Ren are hilariously wearing sunglasses to a meeting. The new marketing department manager walks in and it is none other than Yuan Fei. She critiques Jian Ren, the sales department manager, for only satisfying the sales requirement and not succeeding it, remarking how he only works for days a week and how he has not improved in these past six years.

Wen Hua explains to his colleagues that Jian Ren and Yuan Fei worked in this company six years ago and had a very public relationship.

Jian Ren is not happy but Yuan Fei is clearly here to stay.

BoysitterXiao En brings Yuan Fei her favourite rose tea with honey and reminisces about their previous experiences. Wen Hua comes in and bombards Yuan Fei with a bunch of questions but Jian Ren drags her out before she could even answer them. Mei Lin happens to see the former couple and wonders what is going on since they just had sexy time last night, to which Xiao En overhears.

Jian Ren drags Yuan Fei up to the balcony and demands that she return the bra that she stole last night. She walks away, telling that she is disappointed in him for searching for another woman’s bra. Of course Xiao En overhears their conversation.

BoysitterXiao En offers Jian Ren a cup of coffee to which he recalled the time when he romantically shared a coffee with Yuan Fei on the balcony.

Mei Lin serves her hubby up a high-fat obento. She wonders if the former couple can reunite now that they work in the same company.

BoysitterYuan Fei is stalking outside Jian Ren’s house waiting for him to leave. He leaves a key on the door top and she uses this to enter into his house. She makes a trip to the bathroom and gets jealous when she spots some girly products but reminds herself why she is here today. She returns the bra but quickly takes it back and hides when she hears Jian Ren returning home.

BoysitterJian Ren takes a shower and when she confirms this, she goes to return the bra. Except, she turns around to see him.


My Opinion:

We’ve got ourselves a very strong-willed heroine here. Yuan Fei has determination and with that determination she will not give up until she gets what she has been pursuing for. I love her power in this and how she appears strong on the outside even though clearly her heart and mind tells her that she wants Jian Ren. This leaves questions as to why she disappeared for six years without anyone knowing where she went and what she did and why she is back now. She could have returned any time during those past six years but why now of all times?

From the looks of things, Jian Ren seems to be the one who has put in more love towards his relationship with Yuan Fei but why is it that after he agreed on marriage, he just vanished in her life without a trace and without an explanation? There must be a reason behind why he decided to leave her and time will reveal what that reason is. The two still have their hearts for each other but so much changes in six years and they must reignite their flame for each other again.

I wonder when Yuan Fei’s child will appear in the picture. I really hope that she does not keep it a secret that Jian Ren is the father (at least I hope he is the father). I would rather he know and have the drama proceed on from there.

This drama is really taking the conventions of drama and spinning it around. It’s fast and furious with its storytelling, going at full speed ahead before it will give us the backstory. And I am loving this pace. It is rather fun to watch the story unfold at such a pace and both Annie and River are doing a fine job with this pace. Jian Ren might be a playboy but I have a liking towards him. His story with Yuan Fei makes me want to continue watching and I am interested to see how a child with come about in their romance story.


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2 thoughts on “Boysitter Episode 1 Recap

  1. rowanmdm December 12, 2014 at 8:21 am Reply

    I think the reason why we like Jian Ren even though he is a playboy is that from what we’ve seen he isn’t a skeezy playboy; he may lie to meet/catch a girl, but he doesn’t lie about his intentions or make promises he wont keep. I, too, am very curious about why he didn’t show up that day.

    • misscupcakees December 12, 2014 at 10:17 am Reply

      Yeahh, true. I’m sure the answers will come about soon! He has fears of commitment but there has to be a reason more than that. Why didn’t he come searching for her these past six years? And I wonder how their child (presumably) will come into play.

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