My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 3

INK2I had myself in a mini fright when this episode of Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO which was supposed to air last week didn’t air. Luckily things resumed back to normal this week with some sweet action and a reality check in place for our lovebirds filled with a few time-jumps in between all the changes that are occurring in their lives. Everything is slowly falling into place with Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship becoming something of envy to the public eye. We also get to see the lovebirds forge ahead with their life goals while having one another by each other’s side and live their day-to-day lives not as individuals but together as one. They are still young and just starting out in the real world, chasing after their dreams and finding one another has helped them to further cement their dreams in place. INK is the story of their romance but more than that, it is a story of them chasing after dreams. Love is the key factor here which enables them to chase after their dreams and I love how it is evidently present in all that they are doing.

INK2 INK2At long last, we get to see Naoki and Kotoko acting like a couple, a sweet and loving couple at that! It’s been long overdue but it is here and that’s what matters. While their romance is not the lovey-dovey kind, what they are is the sweet and caring kind. Kotoko is very fond of her relationship with Naoki and is loving loving towards her very smart husband. All her life, she never had any goals in mind until she met him. He became her world, her everything. He walked into her world and gave her a purpose in life and he also helped her to find her goal. Her goal is to help him and his success in life and this gave her the passion to pursue the career path of a nurse. While her choice of career is driven by love, he helped her to open up this opportunity, something which she never saw coming before her relationship with him. It’s a goal but it is a selfish one. She wants to become a nurse because she wants to help him to save patients. She had no goals prior to her relationship with him but now, her life centres around him because he became her goal. Her decision to become a nurse might come as something she regrets or it might lead to greater opportunities for her, but there is no denying that it is a very selfish one. Naoki is her everything but she needs to have her own goals too, for herself and not for Naoki. But she made this decision and will have to live with whatever consequences that come with it.

Naoki is really becoming a warmer and warmer person day by day. I thought he was one of those guys who would just remain cold forever, but Kotoko has really opened him up without her even knowing it. He shows awareness around her and he really understands her and her personality. He is still very much himself around her and she is still the bubbly and naive Kotoko that we have come to know of her. I love that about them, and I also love the subtle changes that they are making towards each other’s lives.

INK2This ep saw our OTP face a possible pregnancy. Mama was hysterical over it and was so overjoyed that she started preparing baby merchandise only a few days in after learning about the news. Mama is just crazy over this OTP and more than excited for them to produce cute little grandchildren for her. In fact, she is so excited for this that immediately after the OTP got married, she prepared a nursery! Mama might be ready but Naoki definitely isn’t. Kotoko just goes with the flow. The OTP are still young and not even finished with university yet. They still have their whole lives ahead of them and they are still learning about life and jumping through hurdles as a couple. Having a child now in their lives will only burden them. They will obviously love their child and put their focus on their child but they will have to put a halt on their goals, especially for Naoki who is still studying to become a doctor. Frankly, he isn’t ready to be a father yet. When he learned of the news, his first reaction wasn’t of excitement but of worry, worried that his planned goals would have to be placed on halt and worried about how to tackle life since this was not on his plans this early on. Having this possible pregnancy allowed the couple to reassess life and it in many ways brought them closer together.

INK2I am adoring the character of Christine Robins (Noemie Nakai). She is so adorable finding her way with Jap and I really love her bluntness! She was very straight-to-the-point despite being new to the country and new to Tonan University. One would think that she fell for Naoki at first eye but it was Kinnosuke who she fell for. She was very blunt in telling Kotoko that she has bad taste in men, lol. Chris will make out to be a very interesting character. I’m excited how she will cause Kinnosuke to change his heart, especially since he is still very hung over Kotoko.

This ep really set up our OTP as that, as OTPs. Season 1 was all about shipping them and now our ship has sailed. It’s definitely won’t be a smooth-sailing ride for them but they will have learn to battle the winds and whatever other obstacles come their way if they want to make it back to shore intact.

INK2Click here to watch Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO.

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 3

  1. analogueblues December 19, 2014 at 1:12 pm Reply

    I am looooooving this adaption. I like to think of myself as a die hard ISWAK and TKA fan, because those are two of my all time favorite dramas, but InK2 just gets to the point. It doesn’t need to drag out or waste time on conflicts that can be wrapped up in 1 episode, which was an annoyance of mine in the Taiwanese version. Not sure how many episodes there are, but i’m starting to think InK2 is going to see this all the way to the very end. I’m also loving the dynamics of Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship. Like you said, you can totally see that Kotoko has changed Naoki. He’s still a prickly pear, but in his eyes you can tell he really loves Kotoko. This is the acting I was waiting for from Yuki Furukawa, which to be honest I didn’t quite see in the first season. Anywho, i’m super excited and loving every minute of this drama 😀 If ever there was a time I look forward to Monday’s, it’s now!

    • misscupcakees December 22, 2014 at 7:21 am Reply

      I love that it feels like a direct continuation on INK1 rather than it is a sequel. It’s direct and to the point, and that is what I love most about this drama.

      Ahahaha, yuppp, same here!

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