2014 End of Year Drama Review

2014 End of Year Drama ReviewPhew! Made it on time!

End of year drama reviews are a great way to look back on the year of dramas that was but it is such a pain to write, consisting my me racking my brain remembering the drama and finding the write words to express myself. Writing is no easy task but I write and continue to write because I enjoy doing so. It’s a tedious and meticulous task but it’s a worthwhile one that I have come to appreciate from other bloggers alike. It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year as we head for the festive season as well as look forward to a new drama year. I can’t believe Christmas is just nearing the corner! There were some great dramas this year and that in it of itself is a great Christmas present!

This year was a very busy and time-consuming one for me, with most of my time spent on studying and dramaing being pushed to the backseat. As such, I have been more selective in the dramas that I saw this year. Most of the dramas that I saw this year came from marathoning earlier this month when I finally had a break from studying and it feels really good to be able to just sit and drama and drama and drama without having any worries! Although I only managed to see a few dramas, I did hear a lot of talk about this year’s dramas so I wasn’t entirely kept out of the loop. There were some good, some bad and some which were just plain horrible. But I enjoyed most of the dramas that I picked to watch and that makes me happy because there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to engross yourself in a drama that it is a hit from start to finish.

Chinese Dramas

Boss & MeBoss & Me

If I could only use one word to describe this drama, it would be: cute. This was one of those dramas that I started watching after hearing lots of positive feedback about and I’m so glad I did so because it was so fun to marathon through! It was a spectacular watch, witnessing the boss of a large corporate company fall for a lowly office employee and seeing them bond over lunch dates. Boss & Me is a drama adaptation of the novel Come and Eat, Shan Shan by Gu Man (顾漫) and while I didn’t read the novel, I feel like it is a very good adaptation. I love that the novel components are retained here, something that not very many drama adaptations can do.

The execution of the drama was excellent. Whether it was the cinematography, the music or the editing, they were all very beautiful. The people behind the drama really went above and beyond to make the drama as realistic as possible. They especially forked out money for certain brand names in order to create the wealthy look. Other than it being winter all year round, the visual representation was pretty accurate.

Hans Zhang and Zhao Li Ying were the stars of the drama, as they should be. They were oozing with chemistry and that cuteness that surrounds this drama. I loved watching their moments together; especially their dates and when they mutually discuss things together. They fell for each other without realising it and despite being brought up in two very different socioeconomic families, love brought them together and love came out victorious. In order to be together, they had to face numerous obstacles and they slowly tackled them one by one. It was pretty fun to watch them come to terms with their feelings for one another which didn’t take very long once they were aware of it.

Alongside the OTP, they were coupled with two tedious second leads who I really couldn’t care much about but they did help to push Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s relationship forward so that was good. Though, I really adored the supporting cast who were all more than supportive of the OTP’s relationship. They were fun to watch and did not add on any unnecessary obstacles for the OTP to have to face. While the OTP is the star of the drama, they do need a solid supporting cast behind them who can help them to shine bright and this was very evident here.

All in all: Lots of cuteness and lots of squealing involved!

Hong Kong Dramas

Coffee Cat MamaCoffee Cat Mama

What in the world is this title? I actually have no idea except it correlates to coffee which is what the drama is about. The drama was mediocre at best and probably had way too many characters to suffice a 20 ep drama. There was an unequal ratio characters to screentime and as a result there wasn’t sufficient time for the character developments. There were also too many relationships going on which all needed development but didn’t all receive. That’s a shame because the drama could have fared a lot better should it had focused on certain relationships rather than gloss over them all. This would have viewing a whole lot smoother because as viewers, we would have had characters and relationships that we could have connected with, except we didn’t and that was really what let the drama down the most.

I don’t think Eliza Sam is leading lady material yet and while she wasn’t a miscast, her acting was not up to standard. She was acting alongside a number of well-established actors so her ability to lack or lack of thereof was really evident. Bosco Wong gave an average performance but I would have expected more from him. Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong both exceeded with their performance with their only letdown coming down to their limited screentime.

I felt that the overall ambiance of the drama was quite nice with a very light and airy touch to it. It might just have been a mediocre drama but at least it was fun to watch and it’s nice to see coffee being used as a theme.

All in all: The smell of coffee is not a great enough of a lure here but at least Nancy and Vincent finally got to enjoy their happy ending.

The Return of the Silver TongueThe Return of the Silver Tongue

Do I have to write about this? I don’t really remember anything about it. I watched this during the end of last year/start of this year and really I was only half-watching it. In fact, I didn’t even get to finishing it. It was a filler drama for me and I just remember it as a drama that Kristal Tin starred in after winning her Best Actress award for Brother’s Keeper. I really don’t remember anything much about this drama so I can’t actually write a review about it. I’ll just leave it at this before I bore you all about how I don’t remember anything about the drama.

All in all: Did the silver tongue even return?

Queen DivasQueen Divas

I think I was three eps off from finishing it but for some reason I didn’t get around to doing so. Queen Divas was a Chinese New Year drama and so it was filled with lots of happy chirps and a very warm overall atmosphere. But that atmosphere did nothing to make me enjoy the drama. I found the drama bland despite everything that was going on. It was over-dramatic with the two famous-actresses-former-best-friends-now-relatives fighting for their position as daugher-in-laws to the Lin family. I guess it was all for a bit of a laugh but I didn’t laugh and got bored of it quite quickly. It got quite tedious watching the two ladies tug at each other back and forth only to have their mother-in-law intervene but then it would start all over again. QD was boring and hardly leaves an impression. I’m even struggling to write this one paragraph!

All in all: So who came out the queen?

Swipe Tap LoveSwipe Tap Love

I love it when I encounter the unexpected hit and this was just that. Swipe Tap Love caught me by surprise and definitely one of my drama cracks of the year. It was just so unexpected of TVB to produce a drama like this but I am so glad that they did so! STL might not have been a hit ratings wise but it was definitely a hit in my eyes. It was such a heartwarming and sincere drama that I loved very much. It was very down-to-earth and told of a very sincere love story of two people’s encounter and their search for the definition of love.

This was a wonderfully heartwarming story that proves that there is no need for those complicated intricacies such as the scheming families and the bitchy second leads to create a drama. What’s really interesting about this drama was that it lacked a plot. For most dramas, lacking a plot is catastrophic but for STL it actually did it good because it had wonderfully written characters which were allowed to stand out and lead the drama. I really enjoyed the simple and earthy character of Chor Gin and watching her journey of love. She is a very hearty girl but one with a personality and that really shone through in the drama. Priscilla Wong did a good job with her portrayal and you really have to give her credit for doing so. She worked well alongside Raymond Wong and together they have a really comfortable chemistry between them which really helped their characters to shine. I’ve never encountered a drama with such comfortable characters before but it definitely works for me!

STL was really all that one could want from a sincere and heartfelt drama. I wish it had more success so more people would know what a great drama it is and sadly, I don’t think we will be seeing a drama like this from TVB in the near future or the future at all. That’s such a shame because we will be the ones missing out on little treasures like STL!

All in all: I swiped, I tapped and I loved.

Japanese Dramas


While there were many people out there who loved BORDER, I am one of those who didn’t. I found myself not being able to engage with the drama at all. The 10 episodes of only 45 minutes long were such a pain to get through and I remember continually looking at the look wondering how long I have left until I finish the ep! This isn’t a genre that I am completely new too either am I am usually a fan of detective procedural dramas but somehow BORDER just wasn’t my cup of tea. I guess everyone has different tastes and this wasn’t one I enjoyed.

While the drama was not my cup of tea, I do think that Oguri Shun lead a great job in leading the drama by playing a homicide detective who has a special ability to see ghosts after being shot in the head and surviving through it, except he now has an extra bullet inside his head. This ghost-seeing ability isn’t exactly a good skill to have either as the ghosts appear up at random times and he has to learn to deal not only these ghosts but also his real life peers. Shun really fleshed out the character of Detective Ishikawa Ango giving him a depth that I don’t think any other actors would have been able to to do. He was constantly on the fight for justice and pursuit of the truth that he would go against his superior’s order just to do so.

BORDER was a very professional drama that got right to the point when it needed to do so, but I do feel that there were parts that were dragged out too much and they could have done a more succinct job in telling the procedural stories as well as the story surrounding Ango. I might not have enjoyed BORDER very much but that’s just me. It is a very interesting drama but it’s not for everyone, especially if you aren’t keen on seeing ghosts and/or medical procedures.

All in all: I crossed the border only to have regretted the decision.

Shitsuren ChocolatierShitsuren Chocolatier

I’d almost forgotten this off the list! Whoops! Shitsuren Chocolatier was a drama that sparked my interest due to its lovey-dovey premises and the fact that it was very popular even before it began airing. It had set itself up into a winning state but then as the drama progressed, it started to loose its footing and began travelling downhill and then falling into a pile of mess, much like a chocolate left outside in the sun and melting into a puddle of chocolate mess. Chocolate is the inspiring factor to the drama and we got to see lots of delicious eye-chocolate, too bad we couldn’t eat it!

Ultimately what didn’t work for the drama was the characters who were written out either with too much will or too little of it. There was a lot of pushing back and forth between the OTP and despite Japanese dramas being shorter in comparison to its Korean and Taiwanese counterparts, I felt like the OTP’s relationship dragged on for way too long. The drama as a whole felt like it was barely stepping forward at all and the character developments did not occur where it needed to. I think if the writer hastened the OTP’s relationship and placed a series of hurdles for them to jump over, I would have enjoyed the drama a whole lot more than I did.

All in all: It’s visually appealing like that chocolate on display but when you bite into it, you’ll realise that you have chosen the wrong flavour.

Korean Dramas

20 Years OldTwenty Years Old

It’s a drama of four episodes with each episode being only twenty-ish minutes long but it is nonetheless a drama. Apparently this was adapted from a fan-fiction! Twenty Years Old is the love story about an ordinary twenty year old girl and a member of a popular idol group, Lee Ki Kwang who basically plays himself. It was a fun drama to watch and it doesn’t hurt that it is short and sweet. It was pretty adorable watching two youngsters falling in love but having to keep their romance in the dark. Being a mini-drama meant that it went straight to the point and it did so very nicely by putting the two leads in the middle of the picture. They’re newbies to the acting realm but they captured the essence of youngsters falling in love and that’s the exact tone that you would expect from this mini-drama.

The overall tone was really nice and this was supported with lots of nice visuals. They’re not the best visuals out there but what I really liked about it was its soft texture, keeping in with the youths falling in love theme. It was a very pleasing to the eye and helped to tie the whole drama together.

All in all: If you’ve got 90 minutes to spare, why not give this a watch?

You From Another StarYou From Another Star (AKA My Love From the Star OR You Who Came from the Stars)

There was so much hype surrounding You From Another Star right from the beginning and the hype is still right here even though it has been over year since it aired. It’s actually pretty hard to believe it started airing in 2013 when all the hype is still right here making it feel like it just aired. Nowadays with more and more competition in addition to technological advancements, it is really hard to reel in the ratings but YFAS was an exception hitting the high 20s in ratings throughout its entire run. It even managed to spawn itself an American remake. Talk about success. The buzz for YFAS came with all the right reason but it wasn’t love all around. There were people who loved it and there were also people who found it overhyped. But one thing that we can all agree on is that it is one memorable drama and will continue to be so for a very long time.

The story was something quite expected; it was something that I would expect to see in a movie and not in a k-drama but it worked and worked really well. There were various elements here and there that worked for the drama. We got to see two very unlikely “people” fall in love with each other despite the schemes that were going on around them. They worked through it and made the impossible possible because in the world of love anything is possible.

Prior to YFAS, Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun were already quite well-known in the entertainment industry but since starring in YFAS, they have become household names. They were what really made the drama what it was. They had amazing chemistry together and that really helped to tell the story of an alien from another star falling in love with a famous actress on planet Earth. Their characters were really nicely fleshed out and they both did an incredible job with their portrayals, but for me it was really JJH who was the star of the drama. Her performance as a bratty and sassy actress was spot-on and I really liked watching how her personality really showed itself as she started a romance with her alien professor. Maybe one day we’d all have an alien-human romance too!

All in all: Did someone say an alien and top actress romance because I am right on board with this!

Fated to Love YouFated to Love You

Fated to Love You is one of the first to start the trend of Taiwanese remakes. It was a very good and solid remake of the Taiwanese drama of the same name but couldn’t quite capture the essence that was Fated to Love You (T). In saying so, it was more than I could have asked for from a remake. It stuck true to its roots, showing us the fairytale story of two unlikely people who were fated together and brought closer to one another following a one-night-stand that bought them a gifted treasure. I really like that FTLY (K) stuck with the original story but threw in some of its own unique spin. It’s a remake, but it’s more than just merely a remake and that’s something I really enjoyed from the drama.

FTLY reunited Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara together after their collaboration in Successful Story of a Bright Girl 12 years ago and while I have never seen them together before, their acting and chemistry did not fail to disappoint. They have a very nice charismatic energy together but maybe it was because of their age that they couldn’t quite capture the happy, go-about synery that Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan had.

The thing with remakes is that once you have seen the original, you expect so and so from the remake and it’s disappointing when it doesn’t match up to expectations. As a remake, FTLY hit the required expectations; there were two leads chemistry, a hooooottttt second male lead and more than anything, it stuck true to the story with even the little details and that’s something to be appreciative of. It also threw in the unnecessary amnesia plot which got me frustrated at first but when I saw it executed, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. But then spawned the how “noble idiocy” decision which was very frustrating to watch. In saying so, it’s definitely a good remake and a drama worth watching and I’m glad that I got to see the Jangs couple and watch them deliver a quality performance.

All in all: Fated to watch it but wasn’t fated to love it.

It's Okay, It's LoveIt’s Okay, It’s Love (AKA It’s Okay, That’s Love OR It’s Alright, It’s Love OR It’s Alright, That’s Love)

I think that all would agree with me that It’s Okay, It’s Love was hands down one of the best written k-drama of the year. I might not have seen many dramas this year but I can definitely pick a good drama out from the crop. I really enjoyed the writing of this drama which at times was a bit bipolar but that was alright for me because I quite liked the shift of moods. The writing here remained fairly consistent throughout the entire drama run. It knew where it wanted to head right from the very first ep and that was the direction it sailed in. Of course being a medical drama, there is bound to be some medical inconsistencies but it is minor enough to be overlooked.

The consistency in writing was fairly evident in our all of the characters but none so as evident in Gong Hyo Jin‘s Ji Hae Soo who is a very complex lady. She is a self-absorbed and hot tempered lady who isn’t afraid to cross the line but when she did cross the line, she only crosses it by a bit so while it was frustrating, it was hard to get mad at her. She was partnered up with Jo In Sung who played Jang Jae Yeol, her mentally ill writer and DJ boyfriend. He gave an excellent performance as Jae Yeol, showing the raw and vulnerable sides to him. Hyo Jin and In Sung were a great team with great chemistry and a great charm. I really loved watching them together and watching the way they interact with each other through mutual understanding.

IOIL is a romance drama set in the world of mental health and is the start of a drama trend that will be prevalent next year. I was quite skeptical about this drama prior to watching it but I heard many good reviews about it so I decided to give it a try and it didn’t fail to disappoint. There were lots of twists and turns with the outcome of the events that surprised me, particularly with how Jae Yeol’s mental illness came about. It was really nicely written and something that I really appreciated from the drama. I was one of the few who did not see it coming and I think it worked better for me that way because I felt that it really enhanced the drama viewing experience for me.

Illness in general is something very hard for people to cope with and mental illness is just as hard to come to terms with as physical illness. There were doubts and worry but it was love that prevails. No matter how difficult the circumstances, love works wonders which was carefully shown here. And it wasn’t just romantic love but familial and friendly love.

All in all: It’s not okay, it’s ah-may-zing and something that all will love.

Bride of the CenturyBride of the Century (AKA Hundred Year Bride)

On paper, Bride of the Century is a drama that is not supposed to work. There was just something there that clicked and with that it made a very enjoyable drama experience. BOTC has nearly every drama trope imaginable present but despite that, the drama somehow managed to string together everything and make it all work. And it worked in a very charismatic way. BOTC was very entertaining to watch as we got to see a chaebol heir fall for a country bumpkin who is a lookalike to his fiancee. It was a reluctant romance at first sight but the two fell for each other fast. These kind of dramas have been done before but paired with a family curse, some scheming mothers and a family ghost, what you will have is a unique story that is BOTC. One of my favourite components of the drama was how it dealt with the family ghost by keeping it present throughout the entire drama with the true colours of the family curse showing through as the OTP fell deeper and deeper in love. The family ghost plays a very important role to the drama and I really enjoyed how she was utilised to bring the OTP together.

Lee Hong Ki and Yang Ji Sung had so much chemistry together! I don’t think they have the chops of leading a drama yet but together they were an OTP worth shipping and lead this drama well. They have a very fascinating energy around lead other, bringing out the best from each other. I loved watching them together and I adored watching how they fell for each other without realising it and with denial. They might stem from two different socioeconomic classes but they have a greater bond than they realise. They’re meant for one another and curse or no curse, they will still find their way together.

The last time I saw Hong Ki act was in You’re Beautiful as Jeremy and my impression is that he is much better off as a singer than as an actor but seeing him here, he has improved so much. This time around though, he has the perfect leading lady by his side which really did wonders to help him shine and shine he did! This was the same case for Ji Sung too. The drama only worked as well as it did because Hong Ki and Ji Sung were able to lead each other one and their chemistry jumped off from that. This made their romance story so fun to watch and it was very very satisfying to see them deliver with love-filled OTP moments.

All in all: An unexpected marriage between two unlikely people that overcame the family curse.

Taiwanese Dramas

My Pig LadyMy Pig Lady (AKA Go, Single Lady)

(have not finished watching)

My Pig Lady was a drama that I had set on eyes on watching ever since I first heard about it last year and at last I finally got around to watching it. Ever since I saw Ady An in Autumn’s Concerto, I became pretty fond of her so of course when I heard of MPL being her comeback TW-drama, I knew I had to check it out. Mike He‘s recent dramas have either been duds or he just picks really bad ones. I wasn’t too keen on the premises of MPL but chose to check it out because of Ady and it seems fluffy enough. I didn’t have high expectations for the drama but it still managed to disappoint. Obstacles come very easily for the OTP and it is predictable for the viewers, which is the reason why I feel quite disengaged from it. The drama comes across as trying to be hilarious while bringing across two people from different socioeconomic status trying to find love all the while seeking to establish themselves in the upper class society. I’m a third of the way through but the drama has yet to hit that “establishing themselves” phase, at least for Mike’s character. MPL is a drama that is fluff and I guess the flaws can be overlooked if you see the fluff that surrounds it.

All in all: Go, go, go my pig lady!

In A Good WayIn A Good Way

In A Good Way was just awesome! This drama was such a hit, and no one even saw it coming. It’s not your usual idol drama fanfare that is just filled with fluff but instead, it was an idol drama with fluff and a heartfelt story to tell about the pursuit for freedom. It was everything that you could ask from a drama and so much more. It’s one of those dramas that I never want to end because at the end of each ep, it continually left me wanting more and more. Despite being quite lengthy at 26 eps, I felt it wasn’t enough! It didn’t even feel like I was watching a drama, but rather I was witnessing our characters lead their life and embark on their own individual journeys and they were some very incredible journeys. IAGW had a nostalgic feeling about, telling the story of a group of uni friends back in their uni days in the 90s and it did a good job at doing so. IAGW exceeded all my expectations and has become one of my all-time favourite dramas. I love it so much and even right now I am still yearning for more from this wonderful drama. I am still waiting for that supposedly upcoming movie!

This drama produced one of the best on-screen couples in Taiwan of recent memory. Lego Lee and Lorene Ren were flooding with chemistry, telling the fairytale love story of two very different people. Liu Chuan is the uni heartthrob while Jia En is a country bumpkin who has just stepped foot into the city life. She is completely new this lifestyle and even more so towards the idea of falling in love. And never did she think the uni heartthrob who all of the girls on campus which they could date would fall for her. One thing I loved the most about this couple was their journey of falling in love. What made their relationship so endearing was being able to witness their dating process and watch them jump through hurdles together. The numerous obstacles that they had to work through together allowed them to better understand each other and this in turn made them better suited for one another. Lego and Lorene really do have great chemistry together so it’s no wonder people (me included) continue to ship them despite them having ventured out to new projects.

Probably my most favourite part of the drama was the ambiance between the cast which was transferred on-screen to their characters. The entire cast have a really close and friendly relationship between them and it was so nice being able to see this kind of relationship. It made their on-screen relationships all the more real. Whether it was the strong female friendships, the bromances, the unrequited love or the new encounters, all of the various relationships were all present at a very high degree. I really enjoyed watching the mutual understandings and the support between the friends which were all just amazing because they were all filled with sincerity and love.

All in all:  A must-watch because the journeys that you will witness are incredible to say the least.

Fall in Love with MeFall in Love with Me

Someone remind me why I watched this drama again because I definitely did not fall in love with it. It was horrible, horrible and horrible! It only got worse and worse the more you watch it, going down with all sorts of crazy! I don’t think there is any word available in the English vocabulary to describe how bad it was. It still baffles me how this drama managed to snatch home Viewers’ Choice for Best Drama at this year’s SETTV Drama Awards. *shakes head* It was so bad and I was doing more fast-forwarding than I was doing watching! The first seven eps were actually alright and I would be fully content if it just ended with those seven eps but everything thereafter went straight to crazyville. Well, that happens when you have nothing set in mind but to reunite Aaron Yan with his former co-star Puff Guo, which clearly did not work out well and even if it did, the drama would still have been as horrible as it was. This drama went haywire because it did not know what it was doing and continued to build up from there.

FILWM was just crazy. The premises was never going to work from the first episode in. Heck, the idea for the drama was to have Tia Li‘s character fall in love with the two different versions of Aaron’s character and that did happen, but the drama had no idea how to proceed on after that so they just wrote in a bunch of cray-cray things to keep the OTP apart until the very final ep. Trust me when I say cray-cray things because there were some very absurd decisions made in this pursuit of love, coming at the consequence of one’s life.

Idol dramas deliver not on acting and neither on quality but rather on the OTP which failed to deliver here. Tia was just bland. Not only could she not act, but she also could not pull off any chemistry with Aaron. For 20 eps, I felt like I was watching a stone with her. It was like a one-sided romance here; you could really see Aaron putting in the effort but he wasn’t getting any response from Tia. Like hello gurrll, are you even awake?

Without Aaron, this drama would not have gained the popularity and viewership that it received. He was the best thing to happen in the drama but this does not say much in a drama that’s crazy and horrible. He did an amazing job portray two very different characters and it was actually pretty interesting to watch him do so but Aaron alone is sadly not enough to sustain a drama. The drama lacked all but Aaron.

All in allAaron Yan is worth your eyes but the horribleness of the drama will make you want to regret the many hours your spent watching it.

Love Cheque ChargeLove Cheque Charge

(have not finished watching)

I started this drama because I wanted to see Jay Shih and Smile Wen together as a couple after their nearly-there relationship in In A Good Way. My intentions were to only watch their scenes but then I soon grew to like the other characters too. When I first heard of Love Cheque Charge, I was quite skeptical of it because it’s about a matchmaker ghost bringing two people together, except the matchmaker isn’t really a ghost and neither is he really dead. That’s not the main allure of the drama; George Hu is and his leading lady is Phoebe Yuan who he shares a nice chemistry with. Phoebe’s acting skills have slowly improved steadily throughout the drama and it’s actually really pleasing to see how comfortable on-screen next to George. They are a pleasing to the eye and that’s a nice visual appeal. I’m glad that George has finally broken off his pairing with Annie Chen and also brush up his acting skills.

So far, I am loving the different pairings. I actually like the two supporting pairs more than I do the lead pair! But as a whole, the three pairs have a very nice connection with one another and that’s important for this drama to be able to proceed on since it is primarily based on these romantic relationships. I love that we get to see how each of the different couples are pursuing love and how the drama manages to work with all of these different relationships.

With a daily idol drama, it not only needs the on-screen charm to keep viewers lured in for 70 so eps but it also needs the right amount of chug to keep the drama moving for those 70 eps while not being draggy. I’m only a third of the way there but I do feel like there is the right amount of both factors in place. So far, it is going in the direction where I want it to but I know things will take a change once Mr. Ghost comes back in the picture. And I shall be finding out what the change is very soon.

All in all: It’s fluffy and airy but apparently the ending will leave you filling disheartened.

And…that was 2014 for ya!

I saw fewer dramas this year compared to previous years but somehow, it took me much longer to write up this review than I did the other ones because a) I kept pushing off writing this and b) I really struggled to find the right words to write down in addition to some writers’ block. I will definitely have more time next year so that means more dramas for me! Most of the dramas that I saw this year, I saw because I have heard or read good reviews about it so it was a pretty fun drama year for me. There were clearly some great, some not-so great and some dud offerings this year but that’s the joy of dramaing. Everyone has different preferences for dramas so it’s a good thing that there are so many offerings going around to satisfy everyone’s needs. Aside from dramas, I also managed to catch this year’s season of We Got Married Global Edition and got to see two very interesting couples interact with one another.

I really anticipate 2015 as it will be a huge stepping stone for me and drama-wise, there are certainly a number of dramas that I look forward to. I can’t believe we are only a few days away from 2015! Can you? Drop me a comment telling me how your drama year was!

I just want to end of a final note wishing you guys a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! May the new bring about lots of love for you and make for an even better drama year!

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      Good luck with your one! I can’t wait to read it!

      • kfangurl December 25, 2014 at 2:11 pm

        Wow~ 6-ish days is long! I totally know how that feels, coz that’s how long I sometimes spend on a monster review 😛 Congrats on pushing through and posting with time to spare!!

        I don’t plan to make mine very long this year, so hopefully it won’t take very long to write! Well, I say that now, but we’ll see. I’ve learned that I’m not super great at being concise! XD

      • misscupcakees December 25, 2014 at 2:20 pm

        I know! And it’s not even that long of a review! I just really struggled with finding the right words to express myself and tie up the review for each drama in a few short paragraphs. Admittedly, the review for each drama were much longer compared to my previous end of year reviews. Just in time for Christmas!

        Hopefully not! But I guess it depends on how many dramas you saw this year. looool, same problem I have too!

        Ohhh, and I forgot to wish you a merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying your day and this festive season!

      • kfangurl December 25, 2014 at 2:24 pm

        Heh. I actually managed to watch a lot more drama this year compared to last year, so I’ve got my work cut out for me! XD I think I watched >20 dramas this year, which is almost double what I managed last year. STILL. I’m gonna aim for brevity. MUST. LEARN. BREVITY. XD

        Aw, Merry Christmas to you too!! I’ve got time with friends and family mapped out, and there is food and music in my future, and that makes me quite a happy camper ^^ Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas too! Smooches! xx

  2. My2Girls December 25, 2014 at 5:01 pm Reply

    A great end of year read. I appreciate the variety you covered and honesty with which you wrote. Thanks for the hard work. 🙂

  3. heisui December 26, 2014 at 8:53 am Reply

    Wow I’m impressed by your EOY review, I’m so behind on mine!!! Hm Bride of the Century sounds kind of similar to King Flower/Substitute Princess? Is it similar to that drama plot or is it just a coincidence?

    • misscupcakees December 26, 2014 at 8:58 am Reply

      Nawww, thanks! (: You can do it! I can’t wait to read your one!

      Ahahaha, yeahhh, the plot is very similar except there is a family curse and a family ghost.

      • heisui December 26, 2014 at 5:46 pm

        Oh dear a family curse AND a ghost? It sounds like that’s just making it even more complicated O_O

      • misscupcakees December 27, 2014 at 9:29 am

        Ahahaha, but everything just works for the drama!

  4. lucillebrowne December 28, 2014 at 4:33 am Reply

    I loved reading your portion on the kdramas for this year. Bride of Century was an awesome drama this year, but, I don’t think a lot of people even know it existed. Thank you for discussing it. I loved almost all dramas I watched this year except, It’s okay that’s love and just marriage not dating drama. Those two were not for me.

    • misscupcakees December 28, 2014 at 7:55 am Reply

      Awww, thanks! (: It’s Okay, It’s Love wasn’t your cup of tea? I loved it though!

  5. carolies541 December 29, 2014 at 10:40 am Reply

    I agree about Love Cheque Charge, at first I tuned in to see how Smile Weng and Jay Shih will fare as a couple but I’m slowly loving George and Phoebe as a couple. Phoebe got into her character after about halfway through the drama and I’m really glad for it. Still, I think this team of writer’s previous work, Fabulous 30 is still a much better drama than Love Cheque Charge because how the angst was minimal and was satisfying even until the last episode, which is undeniably a great feat for a 76 episode drama.

    In A Good Way was great for the first half but I couldn’t care much about it for the second half. It’s just such a waste of potential, it could have score 9 for me but it scored around 7 in the end.

    I have a different opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier, even though Isihara Satomi’s character on the front is the bitchy one but she’s actually the most realistic and “intelligent” out of the bunch, I actually agree with her POV as the story progresses towards the end. The hero’s infatuation for her when the drama comes to a close is apparently just an “infatuation”, he never really understood her as a person. There’s no OTP in this drama imo because the hero and Isihara Satomi were never meant to be together from the very beginning.

    It’s okay it’s love is all sorts of good, I love the chemistry, I love the writing, I love the OST, I love the cinematography. It’s not the best drama for me this year but I really enjoyed it a lot.

    • misscupcakees December 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, yepp! I was in it only for Jay and Smile but the other characters started to grow on me, especially Phoebe who really got into character! I’m still far from finishing but it’s nice to know that it’s a satisfying drama even until the last episode.

      Really? I don’t know but I loved In A Good Way to the end! I thought it was a very well thought-out drama.

      Ohhhh? I don’t know, but I got really frustrated with Shitsuren Chocolatier!

      Yuupppp, It’s Okay, It’s Love is a really good drama! Everything from the writing to the OST was really good! I I especially adored the OST! Its OST is the one that I have listened to non-stop after I finished watching the drama.

      • carolies541 December 29, 2014 at 8:06 pm

        The one I’m referring to satisfying drama even until the last episode is Fabulous 30, definitely not Love Cheque Charge (as I’m spoiled by others about the last few episodes). Haha!

      • misscupcakees December 31, 2014 at 12:45 pm

        Ohhhh, ahahaha! Misread it! 😛 lol, I’ve heard spoilers about LCC too but not too much to ruin the drama for me. 😛

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