My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 4

INK2As a sequel, Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO has one of the best feeling of being a sequel. It has the same tone and captures the same essence that was Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO and this is not something that can find in a lot of sequels. Most sequels then to have new casts, diverge from the storyline that was the prequel, add in unnecessary plotlines or be a combination of all. INK2 is different in that it does what a sequel is supposed to do – continue the story of the prequel, and that is something that I am loving so so so much about this second instalment.

Their relationship is a shotgun marriage except without the baby in the stomach. It came so fast and unexpectedly for the both of them but love brought them together. While they might have been brought together by love, they still have a long way to go in learning about one another. They leapt into the world of marriage before they even really got to know each other so now it’s a backtracking journey for them which will hopefully make them stronger as a couple.

INK2 INK2Naoki and Kotoko finally went on their first real date together and it was such a cute one. All she wants is a fairytale date. She was so excited for it and had such grand plans for it. She spent all night detailing her perfect plan except it went all but according to her plan. Instead of her Prince Charming rocking up 30 minutes early to the date, she was the one who turned up early and got busted too. She wanted Naoki to romantically hold her hand at the movies except she fell asleep right through it. LOL. She was eager for a romantic boat ride with her hubby but more pressing matters called for her and her hubby. Nothing she planned went her way but in the end this unplanned, spontaneous date was more perfect than she ever wished for. Maybe spontaneity works best for this couple. She did get her kiss that she wanted, and a very romantic one at that.

The more time they spend together, the more they are growing to understand each other. Maybe because it is the way that the drama is written but it’s quite frustrating to see Kotoko put so much into their relationship while Naoki is just willy-nearly about it. He expresses his love towards her in a very different way that she expresses her love to him but can’t he show more, especially now that they are married? Kotoko is just happy that she caught the heart of a man who she thought would never be hers and trying very hard to be at his standard and to be a competent wife for him. Kotoko is just so in love with Naoki that she will compromise for him but that is not something that I can say about Naoki, at least not right now.

INK2I like seeing the warm side to Naoki, particularly when he radiates his warmth around Kotoko. We’ve always seen him as the cool guy who doesn’t know how to love but since meeting Kotoko, he has become a changed man. He is becoming gradually warmer and warmer by the day but he still has that cold persona about him, even when he is around Kotoko. He doesn’t express his in love in the lovey-dovey way that K-drama leads do but rather, he shows it with his heart which only Kotoko can understand and appreciate. I think he needs to feel some jealousy and have someone provoke him to be more explicit in in his love towards Kotoko. He needs a rival for his wife’s heart before we can see more warmth from him!

INK2Kinnosuke and Chris are really just a couple so that Kinnosuke can divert his love towards Kotoko elsewhere. I thought Naoki and Kotoko moved fast with their relationship but Kinnosuke and Chris are approaching theirs even faster! Chris is like another version of Kotoko; she has her eyes set on Kinnosuke at first sight and not afraid to fight for it. Kinnosuke and Chris are fun to watch and I quite like watching them together.

This ep was a fun one and we are slowly seeing changes for the OTP, changes for the better. We’re only a quarter of the way there so there’s still a long way to go for Naoki and Kotoko! Next ep will evoke some jealousy from Naoki so that will be interesting to see. Go on, go get jealous! Kotoko might not be the smartest girl out there but she can definitely capture hearts.


Click here to watch Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO.

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