Someone Like You Releases Gorgeous Promo Material

Someone Like YouIt seems like SETTV is really taking out the big guns to revive its Sunday-night dramas which have not been performing so well in recent times. The promos for the upcoming drama Someone Like You which will take over Say Again Yes I Do (AKA I Do2) on the 11th of January next year is just soooooo beautiful to look at! The stills are some of the best that I have seen in a long while. It’s soft to the eyes and the colours work perfectly well together. I can’t get enough of it which is just as well because more keeps coming out. And I say keep them coming because who can say no to pretty visuals?

Someone Like YouAside from the pretty visuals, SLY also recently dropped a 30-second trailer showing the start of a budding romance between a man and his doppelganger fiancée, starting off with a bath scene. Hehe, this totally reminds me of In A Good Way and Fall in Love with Me where there was also a bath scene except with the guy flaunting their hot bodies. It is this encounter that will ignite the romance of the OTP.

SLY is about Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang) who falls blind and loses his fiancée Liang Luo Han (Lorene Ren) following a car accident. He then meets her doppelganger Wang Yu Xi (Lorene Ren) and romance ensures. Of course their romance is not going to be a smooth-sailing one with Xu Ya Ti (Nita Lei) complicating their romance. To top it off, Yu Xi is actually Luo Han’s twin younger sister. LOL. At least this explains why the two girls look exactly the same unlike in Bride of the Century where the explanation does not make any sense.

SLY looks like it is going to be a melo sort of drama but not melo like K-dramas, probably more so on the side of Autumn’s ConcertoMost of the songs will be sung by Bii and our very own Lorene will be singing the ending theme song. She has a really nice voice much like her sister Selina Ren. I guess some things just run in the genes.

Stills Teasers:


Liang Luo Han: The paths that we first chose will create unimaginable outcomes, just like life’s butterfly effect.

Fang Zhan Cheng: I will definitely give you happiness. … Sorry, Luo Han.

Friend: Luo Han’s death has nothing to do with you. I beg of you, please treat your eyes.

Wang Yu Xi: (singing) You are the furthest star in my universe.

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5 thoughts on “Someone Like You Releases Gorgeous Promo Material

  1. lifewithdramas December 31, 2014 at 4:24 pm Reply

    Wait….. Kirsten is Selina’s sister!!!!!!! Umm, i need time to process this

    • misscupcakees December 31, 2014 at 4:31 pm Reply

      You didn’t know? &apparently her official English name is Lorene Ren.

  2. Estelle January 5, 2015 at 11:49 am Reply

    Ohhh the 32 second trailer totally peaked my interest, but I’m terrified this is a drawn out melo 😦 The posters look so good though!!!

    • misscupcakees January 5, 2015 at 11:56 am Reply

      LOL, it’s a melo with all sorts of cliches!

  3. Susan January 13, 2015 at 6:04 am Reply

    I watched the first episode yesterday. The opening and ending are as beautiful as the stills. I like the way they were filmed. As for the story it may have it clichés but I think the chemistry between the actors/actresses are good (from what I have seen) and Rong Rong (not used to call her Lorene) did a good job portraying two characters. You can really see the difference. I think she has put a lot of work on memorising her lines too because Xu Yi’s are so long (that girl talks so much) 😛 and she still manages to say them that fast too. Yes, I think her voice sounds a lot like her sister Selina too.

    Kingone has always been a good actor so it is nice seeing him as first lead.

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