My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 5

INK2I was travelling this past week so this post is coming up later than intended, but at least it is here, right?

This ep was all about bringing Kotoko and Naoki closer together by first bringing them apart. They are still so young and still have uni life ahead of them. Never would anyone have thought they would end up as a couple (except for Mama), not even Kotoko herself and definitely not Naoki but they are together despite the people around them thinking that they are incompatible together. But even between themselves, there is the sense that they might be incompatible together. This is obviously the case for Kotoko who is working extremely hard to try and match her hubby’s standards while not so for Naoki who seems like he couldn’t care less for it.

INK2 INK2Let the jealousy roll in! Some jealousy is needed to change the game and bring our OTP closer together and jealousy is coming! It’s evident that Kotoko is not afraid to show her love towards Naoki but the same cannot be said for him. But jealousy is forcing him to love Kotoko differently. He does love her but he needs a push from the outside in order for him to show more public affection towards his wife. He is a guy to show public affection but Kotoko is his wife. Does it hurt to show a bit more care towards her? Or maybe more skinship? He has now got a love rival with Keita Kamogari (Arata Horii) spicing up his relationship with Kotoko.

INK2Naoki is back to his usual cold self once again with the warmth that he radiated last ep disappearing into the cold air. Nooooooo, where did all the warmth go Mr. Irie? Just the way he acts around Kotoko gets me really frustrated sometimes. He is a hubby to Kotoko but he doesn’t seem to act like he is. He treats more more as an acquaintance than as a wife. He always has this “I don’t really care” feeling around her. He does care about her but doesn’t explicitly show it and I guess that is what frustrates me the most about him. You better treat your woman better lest she find another man, not that she will. Ahaha.

INK2Kotoko takes her first step into nursing and although she might not be naturally suited towards this profession, she is trying her very best to at it. It’s hilarious watching watching her try to successfully inject a needle but failing miserably each time. LOL. She really doesn’t have the talent for this career but at least she isn’t giving up and that’s something I really admire of her. This is exactly why her love towards Naoki is so selfless. She is willing to do anything for him and doesn’t ask for anything in exchange except for his love. I really love her determination to achieve a goal that everything views as impossible for her.

INK2There is no way that there is anyone out there who does not adore Kotoko. She is adorableeeeee! She isn’t the smartest person out there and neither is she quick on her feet with learning but she really does try for Naoki. She wants to be a fit wife for him and she wants to be a nurse to be able to stand by him and support him to chase after his dreams. I’ve mentioned before that I thought it was a very selfish decision of her to choose to become a nurse. Her reason for becoming a nurse is for Naoki and deciding to become a nurse purely for that reason is a selfish one. However, at the same time her decision is also a very selfless one, at least towards Naoki it is. Naoki is her everything and she will do anything for him. She didn’t think of herself when making that decision but of Naoki. She would have never batted an eye towards this profession if not for him. He changed her world and while I might not agree with her decision to become a nurse, it is a very selfless act of hers, one that she might regret but will not when it brings her closer to her hubby.

I really want to see some deep and meaningful time between Naoki and Kotoko who are in need of some. But more than that, I want to see some more warm interaction between the couple. Jealousy will definitely bring the couple closer together and I can’t wait to see that happen. The sooner the better I say!


Click here to watch Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO.

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