My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 6

INK2Oh no, this ep was all about relationship turmoils for our OTP pushing them to breaking point. The jealousy kicked in but resulting in a negative effect rather than a positive. The jealousy is pulling the OTP apart rather than bringing them closer together. Naoki is handling his jealousy totally opposite to what one expects. Instead of putting up a game against his love rival, he is distancing himself from his wife leaving her in all sorts of confusion and frustration. Poor Kotoko who is trying her very best to remain positive of the situation despite receiving the cold shoulder from her hubby but she can only do so much because a relationship can only work with participation from both parties but not both parties are willing to participate.

INK2The relationship between Kotoko and Naoki is very cold and distance. Kotoko senses it and tries to overcome this by doing all she can do without overstepping Naoki’s territory but the more she tries, the more that it seems like Naoki is further distancing himself. He just pushes her away whenever she tries to bridge their distance and only gives her one-worded, cold responses. This week I caught snippets of the Taiwanese version, They Kiss Again, and the vibe I received is very different. While Joe Cheng‘s version of Naoki was cold towards Ariel Lin‘s version of Kotoko, he radiated a warmth and tenderness when he is around her. That’s something I really hope to see between Naoki and Kotoko. Whether Naoki was written to be such a way is not the problem here, the problem likes with Yuki Furukawa who plays Naoki. He is a good actor and is doing a great job portraying Naoki but he is trying too hard, so much so that he is sucking the warm characteristics away from Naoki and that is making it really frustrating to watch his relationship with Kotoko. Contrast this with him in the prequel and there is a huge difference between the way he acts around Kotoko. The coldness is part of his personality but when around Kotoko, there was a sense of softness to him which he seems to have lost here.

Arrrrghhhhh! Watching Naoki is so frustrating sometimes! I just want to shake him awake and tell him to chase after his wife lest someone else snatches her away, not that it will ever happen since he has already snatched away her heart but at the very least he should make her feel loved and appreciated but nope, he distances himself away from her and just watches as she finds herself in misery. She is hurt and pained by his distance towards her but he just continues to hurt her more and more and I’m pretty sure he can see the pain he is causing her. He is her everything but right now he is tearing her apart and he doesn’t seem to care. At least chase after your crying wife!


INK2I was hoping that the jealousy would give Naoki more of a reason to amp up his game but nope, he retreats, not that he was ever in a losing position, but at the very least he could have put up a game. Except he didn’t. The jealously was supposed to make him take notice of his feelings for Kotoko more but instead it just made him close off from her and I guess in a way resent her. I’m sure that he still loves her but his coldness towards her says so otherwise. Even Kotoko who loves him dearly is beginning to lose sight of his love towards her. Someone else knows how to appreciate her and love her and if you don’t put up a game, you will lose her. Come Mr. Irie, put up a game and show the world who Kotoko’s real man is!


Click here to watch Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO.

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