Someone Like You Drops Long Trailer at Press Conference

Someone Like YouSomeone Like You released its 16 minute long trailer earlier yesterday at its press conference ahead of tomorrow’s premiere. While I am still a bit iffy with the plot, I quite like what I am seeing from the trailer! It’s a nice mix of cool tones with warm tones so that’s a positive sign. The cinematography is really nice just as the stills showed and the arrangement and drawing out of certain scenes are also really nice. The team behind SLY are putting in a lot of production effort to bring this drama piece to life and so far it is translating on screen.

The brief summary of the plot is already bizarre as it is but it will only get more bizarre. After losing his fiancee Liang Luo Han (Lorene Ren) and eyesight to a car accident, Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang) finds himself running fate with and falling for Luo Han’s doppelganger-secret-twin-sister-slash-personal-nurse Wang Yu Xi (Lorene). Xu Ya Ti (Nita Lei), donor recipient of Luo Han’s heart, will find herself falling for Zhan Cheng, complicating the already complicated relationship between Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi. Additionally, Zhan Cheng’s stepsister Xie Lei Lei (Katie Chen) has a crush on him and will step foot into a tangled love web. Oh, and this is not to mention that Yu Xi is already in a long-term, stable relationship with Li Bai Yan (Sean Lee). LOL. I don’t know what to think of the plot but it will unravel itself however it likes.

SLY will be a challenge for both Lorene and Kingone. Lorene has to play two different characters while Kingone will have to play blind. Lorene hasn’t quite captured her two different characters yet but Kingone on the other hand is really pinning it with his acting. From the trailer alone, I think he is doing a great job in selling the complex character of Zhan Cheng. His acting is really solid and you can really see that his many years in the acting circle has him polished up as a well-seasoned actor. I don’t think his chemistry with Lorene is quite there yet but SLY will be live-filmed so hopefully their chemistry will grow with time.

Someone Like You

Kingone got injured earlier on-set which is why he sports a band-aid near his eye.

Someone Like You Someone Like You Someone Like You Someone Like You

Long Preview:

Press Conference Videos:


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