My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episode 7

INK2Kotoko and Naoki are heading it one step at a time, overcoming their obstacles as they come. They’re like any normal couple with disagreements and clashing ideas to face and like any other couple, these come as a challenge for their relationship. It weakened their relationship at first but then it strengthened their relationship, giving a strength that is so much stronger than what it previously was. The OTP have realised what they both mean to one another and are taking the necessary actions to show this because it is important for the other person to have an understanding of how one feels as it takes two to make a love story. Kotoko and Naoki’s have barely gotten the fire started in their relationship but now it’s finally igniting.


INK2The toughest obstacle for the OTP yet was this period of coldness. It pushed them both to the edge, really straining their relationship and even threatening to break them apart. But in the end, this obstacle only brought them closer together than they ever was, allowing their love for one another to shine brighter than the sun. The coldness allowed them both to better understand their feelings towards for one another. This was especially true for Naoki where it allowed his jealousy to get to him and that was what actually burst his bubble, allowing him to unleash his true feelings for Kotoko. He was cold towards Kotoko because he didn’t know how to come to terms with his new found jealousy and also because he wasn’t sure how to react with his feelings. So he chose to keep his distance, causing Kotoko lots of pain. However, as soon he realised what this jealousy meant, he immediately acted and publicly declared his love towards her. And with that they reconciled, much to Kotoko’s happiness. That was something that was bound to come but I felt that the reconciliation came too fast. There was a lot of emphasis on their cooling down period but then there was close to none on their reconciliation. It would have worked better for the drama and for us viewers if there was more emphasis on their reconciliation as this would have helped to give their relationship with more depth.

Naoki is a naturally reserved person. He might be smart with a very high IQ, handsome and the man that all girls want to be with but one thing has yet learn to do is show affection. So when he got jealous, he tried to cover up this feeling by covering it up, deceiving both himself and Kotoko. But in the end, the jealousy broke through and it made him realise what Kotoko truly means to him. While his actions might not always portray love towards Kotoko, he does love her and he is trying to come to terms with this new form of endearment. This is why the whole arc with Keita is so important for Naoki. It allows him to get a better understanding of his feelings as well as to better understand Kotoko. Naoki is a guy who has never experienced any emotions before he met Kotoko but she is slowly opening him up and at the same time he is falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Even though he is showing more emotion now, he still retains that iconic coldness around him, even when he shows warmth to Kotoko.

INK2Even though Naoki has warmed up a whole lot towards Kotoko, he is still very cold towards her. He has been the centre of attention in Kotoko’s eyes since she first laid eyes on him and was the one who took the initiative to pursue him so he, in many ways whether he subconsciously knows it or not, took her feelings for granted. He was the one playing hard to get and even after marriage he is still hard for Kotoko to grasp a firm hold of. I feel like the warmth is there visually for the couple but not emotionally. While Naoki’s relationship with Kotoko has taken a step forward her, the warmth that he radiates around her seems to have taken two steps backwards. Even in the first season before they were even together, he has a very natural glow of warmth around her. I’m also not feeling their chemistry here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely here but it feels subdued.

INK2Despite all of Keita’s efforts to pursue Kotoko, she wouldn’t even bat him an eyelash. She only has eyes for Naoki and that is where her eyes will only look at. Keita treats her much better than Naoki treats her. Couples are meant to mutually support one another but Kotoko has been the one putting the most effort into their relationship and she adjusts her life to supplement him. Keita understands and even when he doesn’t he tries to understand her. He is kind and compassionate towards her and this is something that I really want to see from Naoki. Affection aside, what he really needs to learn is to understand Kotoko. She is a soft girl and she gets hurt by your words and actions!

Netizens have been mentioning online that the drama at some points feels choppy in terms on scene transitions and this is true. The eps from this season are also shorter (at under 40 mins, minus the recap of the previous ep, the opening and closing theme songs and the preview for the next ep_ than what they were in the first season. Also, additionally these aren’t the full eps with the directors’ cut and other never-before-scene scenes. This is probably why this season feels incomplete.

We’re almost halfway there and there is still so much for the OTP to get through. They still have a long path ahead of them and first off the cab for them is a real life job as a doctor and a nurse.


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