My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episodes 8 & 9

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 8 (13)I’m mashing my review for eps 8 & 9 of together since I got lazy and it’s just getting harder and harder to push out a review per ep when the eps itself are getting shorter in length leaving me with not much of an opinion to express as not much happens. I pretty much find myself repeating the same thing over and over again because there is only so much that I can express when the drama is pretty much limited in terms of direction and character development. There’s also the fact that these eps aren’t the full eps and not even close to being full eps so there are certain scenes that we don’t get to see which disrupts the ebb of flow for the drama.

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 8 (3)Eps 8 and 9 took an upward rise and then went back down. Ep 8 was better, much better than the previous few eps. It picked up pace and there were more sweet moments between Kotoko and Naoki which I have really been wanting to see. That’s something that they should have been exhibiting right from when they got married, no, right from when they started developing feelings for one another. Transitioning into a nurse for Kotoko is no easy task and she is really in this for Naoki. She just wants to be able to help Naoki be the best of who he can be. She lives her life for him and as long as he is happy then she is happy. Kotoko is adorable as a nurse. I love her attitude and her determination. I also especially love how Naoki cheers her on at work. See, that’s the little sweetness I want to see between them!

But then ep 9 started to annoy me, like really annoy me. I quite enjoyed the first season but this season just seems to frustrate me the more that I watch of it. It’s not necessarily the drama, but rather it is Naoki who annoys me. Arrrrgggghhhhh, Naoki Naoki Naoki. He is the perfect guy; tall, handsome, smart and a doctor-to-be. He is the guy who everyone envies and are eyeing to steal his heart away from Kotoko but he chose her yet doesn’t show that he loves her. He treats her like crap while she treats him as her everything. She is willing to put herself out there staking her claim on him while he just sits and scoffs at her action and really did not care that Keita likes her. He just sat and watched the events unfold and leaving Kotoko there to cry and constantly in doubt of his feelings. He tells her to be more confident in him because he chose to choose her but how can she when he gives her nothing of his love that she can be certain that she is able to hold onto?

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 9 (3)Naoki is all about talk when it comes to his love towards Kotoko. It’s just all talk and no show. They have been married for over two and a half years but yet their romance feels very light, so light that you can’t even tell that it’s a romance if you just right into the drama without any prior knowledge. He is still very cold towards her despite their warm make-up in ep 8. It might just be me but the more I watch of them the more that I feel like they are losing their chemistry. This is probably also due to way their characters has been written out which did not take into account that Naoki and Kotoko are a married couple. They’re are supposedly a married couple but no matter which way you look at it (other than the legal side) they are not that. Kotoko is pouring her heart out into their relationship while Naoki is just cruising along without batting an eye as to how their relationship is progressing. He ignores her or berates her for her clumsiness and completely pushes her to the side without considering her feelings. He is especially cold towards her despite the fact that she is his wife. Never once has he showed that he considers her feelings or ever stepped in her shoes and considered why she does what she does. Instead, he is the first to immediately determine her as the wrong without even seeking for the answer first and he doesn’t even show a little bit of concern towards her. Just a little bit of concern would suffice but nope, he shows nothing but coldness. A relationship does not work with one person putting in the effort. Kotoko might not be the brightest girl out there and neither is she the best wife but she puts in her all to match up to Naoki’s standards while he really couldn’t care less about their relationship. Frankly, Naoki is not worthy of Kotoko, especially if he is going to continue to treat her this way.

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 9 (12)It seems like kisses are the solution to Naoki and Kotoko’s relationship and his only way of showing compassion towards her. Kotoko gets mad but Naoki makes it up with giving her a kiss. But kisses don’t solve the problems in their relationship. It shows skinship to their relationship but skinship alone is not enough. I want to see them act like a married couple and not two strangers living under the same roof tied together because of marriage that was enforced by Mama Irie. They need to deal with marital problems and not have third parties intervene with their relationship because this won’t take their relationship far. More than that though, what they really need to do is talk. Talking does wonder to relationships and is something that Kotoko and Naoki can really learn something about. Also, when is Kotoko ever going going to stop addressing Naoki as “Irie-kun”?

The episodes are short, but they feel so long to watch. The drama started off well with the OTP going on their honeymoon and newlywed phase but soon after their newlywed phase they dipped into a cold phase with Naoki completely isolating his wife. I’m don’t really one for comparing, especially with remakes but I just can’t help but compare Naoki to his Taiwanese counterpart, Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng). Zhi Shu keeps his cool around his wife, Yuan Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) but he is loving around her. This is something that Naoki can really learn from Zhi Shu.

Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Ep 8 (10)

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episodes 8 & 9

  1. Rowanmdm February 3, 2015 at 6:10 pm Reply

    I haven’t even watched these eps yet b/c I have gotten so irritated with this show. I adore the Taiwanese version and have watched it multiple times, and the differences between Naoki and Zhi Shu are too glaring for me. I can handle different interpretations (the differences between our leading ladies don’t bother me at all), but I need to see some evidence of growing warmth and companionship between the two. Oh, and I agree with you about the Ire-kun issue.

    • misscupcakees February 3, 2015 at 11:06 pm Reply

      I’ve only watched snippets of the Taiwanese version, but the difference between Zhi Shu and Naoki is very obvious. They are like from different poles. Naoki is just cold whereas Zhi Shu shows love. Same here, the differences between the leading ladies don’t bother me because it’s just a different take whereas Naoki is a completely different character. Arrgggghhhhhh, I’m so frustrated with him!

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