Aaron Yan Releases First Official Japanese Album and Single

1This is a very belated post but my beloved Aaron Yan has recently released a new single and will be releasing a new album very soon (18 March) and that is something that I cannot not write a post about. Since last year Aaron has just been working non-stop with his album releases and drama filmings and he still isn’t giving himself a break as he is hitting up the Japanese market with the soon-to-be release of his first official Japanese album that is not a Japanese version of his Chinese albums called Moisturizing. Aaron is a multi-talented man; not only can he sing, dance and act but he can also sing in Japanese! There is a reason why I lub him so much and I willingly sat through the trainwreck drama Fall in Love with Me just for me. Anything, I will do anything for you my beloved!

Whoops, side-tracked a little there! Aaron will soon drop Moisturing, but prior to this, he released his first official Japanese single which goes by the same name. The song is very cheery and something very different to his Chinese songs. I like it but it’s not a song I can say I am a big fan of, and neither is the hair. The hairstyle he has is not flattering on him. However, his singing in Japanese is quite amazing. It is so much better than when he first started speaking Japanese a few years back. It’s amazing what a few years can do and it’s even more amazing how far Aaron has gone since the disbandment of Fahrenheit, one of Taiwan’s first ever boy bands. Wu Chun was my favourite of the four but since noticing Aaron more and more, I can’t help but fall in love with him more and more! Check out the MV for “Moisturising” below.

Aaron Yan’s “Moisturising”:

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