My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episodes 12 & 13

2015-03-11 21_09_47-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 12 - Watch Full Episodes Free - JapanNiceeee, now that’s more like it! These two eps are arguably my favourites thus far. It’s touching all the right aspects and really giving the drama the softness it was lacking. I was a bit busy last week with getting back into the rhythm of studying after a long holiday which is why I am putting the reviews for these two eps together as one. I had such a nice, warm feeling watching these two eps. It was so cute watching Kotoko and Naoki as a pair of lovers. It always urks me to call them a pair of lovers as they never really were but now I can feel happy to call them so. They need to continue with this because this is something they should have been exemplifying right from the start. The drama is based solely on their romantic relationship but has been quite hard to watch the last couple of eps. However, they are finally hitting it right and I quite enjoy watching Kotoko and Naoki together even though they are still missing some chemistry.

2015-03-11 21_13_14-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 13 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Japan

This is what I have been wanting to see from the couple all along! This cute sweetness that comes effortlessly but is filled with lots of love and just what I like watching. Naoki is more understanding of Kotoko now and treats her more as a wife than ever before. Naoki is a cold guy and even though he loves Kotoko, his action doesn’t necessarily speak the same. However, he is a lot more expressive in his feelings which Kotoko must be over-the-moon with. Spending months away from him must be such a pain for her so it was only naturally for her to go to Kobe and pay him a visit on his internship. It is something that he expected and he was actually quite happy to see her around. I really like that he just took her in without questions and treated her with care and love. It’s just so sweet to watch him who is usually an all-round cold guy just completely warm up in her presence. Although she might not be of one who is on par with him, she tries her hardest to be the best of who she is and something about her just melts his heart away. Whether he likes it or not, she has captured his heart and he does melt with her around. It’s not one of those cheesy melts that gets me all oooing and ahhing, but rather it is one of those melts that gives me a warm feeling knowing that Naoki loves Kotoko more than what he really knows.

2015-03-11 21_15_39-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 13 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Japan

In spite of all the sweetness that these two eps offered, they still don’t really have that couplely vibe to them. They still feel quite distant with each other and although they have closed their distance these two eps, I still don’t feel like they are anywhere near accentuating off the feeling of being a couple-in-love. They just lack that passion that comes so freely between couples-in-love. In saying so, in these two eps they really managed to take their relationship to another level and that’s what I like seeing.

After years and years of hard work, Kotoko finally became a nurse, except she doesn’t get to work with Naoki like she dreams of. She makes mistakes in her work and while she isn’t the best person at her job, she has the determination to do anything when she puts her mind and heart to it. Knowing of the prospect that she might get transferred to work in the same hospital as Naoki, she instantly became 100 times better in her job being able to take blood samples in one try and attending to the needs of her patients and leaving them with nothing to complain about. When Kotoko has got the determination, she will not rest until she has achieved her goal regardless of how hard it might be for her. Kotoko sees Naoki as her everything. He is her aspiration in life, he is her determination in life and he has given her a goal to pursue in life. He is just her everything and I really can’t even imagine how she would cope living a life without him. She caught his heart and she will hold onto it forever and ever.

2015-03-11 21_15_12-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 13 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Japan

2015-03-11 21_09_11-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 12 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Japan

Kotoko is still is awestruck with the fact that Naoki is her hubby. It has never ever ever in her lifetime that she would have though that she would have even got to be friends with him let alone marry him. He is literally a god who everyone looks up to while she is the complete opposite of that. Despite that though, she managed to win his heart and although she might not be as smart as him, she won his heart through her bright and bubbly personality and probably with her cute and caring ways. She will definitely continue to win his heart just as he will hers.

2015-03-11 21_15_20-Mischievous Kiss 2_ Love in TOKYO Episode 13 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Japan

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