Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Team Up for New TW-Drama Marry Me, or Not?

1Me likey, me likely this drama even though it has just barely started production! I have no clue what the drama is even about but I am already loving it. There hasn’t been a Taiwanese drama that has gotten me this excited with barely any news about it. Just the casting is enough to make me jump for this drama. After Roy Qiu and Alice Ke‘s very successful pairing in the unexpected ratings hit drama Office Girls four years ago, they will be reuniting once again in the upcoming drama Marry Me, or Not? 

Since Office Girls ended, both embarked on various filming expenditures. Roy came back-to-back following with Miss Rose which was also a ratings success but he and his leading lady Megan Lai were just all show on screen and kept their distance off-screen. Roy also followed with a very public break-up with Tiffany Tang which hurt his career, putting him in the limelight for a very ugly matter. He stayed out of the public eye after that and is now all refreshed to head back out. And back out together with Alice is a plus. Rounding up the cast with them is Joanne Tseng and Harry Chang. (On a side note, Joanne is currently in the SETTV daily Dear Mom so she must be very busy running back and forth between these two productions.) I’m just ecstatic to see Roy and Alice together once again. I adored those two and having them reunite is just something so sweet to hear and will be even sweeter to see.



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