Rain and Tiffany Tang Headline Diamond Lover

1Tiffany Tang took over Chinese television back in January and February with her three back-to-back dramas My SunshineLady and the Liar and Legend of Fragrance which were all ratings hit, cementing Tiffany’s status as one of China’s most sought-after television leading lady. You’d think that after those juggernaut hits of hers she would be off the radar for a while but she is back sooner than you can even get her to sit down. Her leading men have all been quite the superstar themselves but this time she is crossing the strait to Korea, or rather, her leading man is crossing the strait from Korea to China. Tiffany goes for her big names because her leading man is none other than Rain. This is the second time the two are working together with them having previously worked together with him in the movie For Love or Money. Rain has been based in China since My Lovely Girl, which was a stinker of a drama that dipped low in ratings and wasn’t well-received. 

The drama Tiffany and Rain is headlining is called Diamond Lover with Tiffany playing a girl who has her life completely turned around after she had plastic surgery while Rain plays the owner of a diamond company. They are joined by Luo Jin, Tiffany’s frequent leading man, and hot-rising star Dilraba Dilmurat who play the second leads. Dilraba is such a cutie. I swear, she is like the younger sister of Mi Lu who played Tiffany’s best friend in My Sunshine.

Diamond Lover looks like a drama worth watching. The trailer is very cute and enticing. Although Tiffany and Rain are headlining the drama, it is actually Dilraba and Luo Jin who are enticing me to watch the drama! Check out the undubbed trailer below with Rain speaking in his native Korean while the other cast are speaking in Chinese. The drama started shooting last year in December, immediately after MLG, with shootings in Shanghai, Nanjing, Belgium and Korea.

Diamond Lover Trailer:



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