My Faves: My Music Tracklist #2


It’s been a while since I’ve written up one of these posts but I thought it’d be nice to share some music around. Exams are right around the corner for me but since I am procrastinating with my studies, what better way to do so than to listen to some music? Music plays a very important part in everyone’s lives, which without, life would not be the same. There are songs which stand out and there are songs which get stuck with the crowd but nonetheless, these are some of my favourite songs that I have been listening to. Comment below and share with me what you have been listening to! 


My friend introduced me to these new boys on the block and I fell in love with them immediately. They aren’t actually new per say, but they are new to me as this was the very first time I came across them. Their voices are very soothing to listen to and I love that they have a number of acoustic songs available. Their voices are beautiful, it’s not particularly strong in any one spectrum but overall, they have this very subtle and beautiful tone in their singing which is very pleasant to the ear. And, they’re only 14-15 years old!

Megan Lai’s “Stray Dog”

This is my favourite song off Megan Lai‘s album I’m OK. When I get addicted to a song and put it on constant replay, then I know I have fallen in love with it. This was what happened with this song. I think the composition of it is just perfect, complementing Megan’s voice and her singing capabilities. I don’t think Megan is a great singer but this song does her voice wonders in that it doesn’t have her voice overpower the entire song. Megan has a very unique voice which I find can be quite overpowering in a number of her songs but here in this song it just complements the composition of the song beautifully.

Kary Ng’s “One Thousand Imaginary Endings”

This song is both powerful in the lyrics and the MV. One has got to watch and listen to realise power that this song withholds. Strong, powerful and breath-taking.

Ella Chen’s “Wasted Tears”

Ella Chen‘s singing style has changed quite a lot since her early days with S.H.E. The group is still as tight as ever and the members themselves are each simultaneously pursing a very successful solo career while maintaining their collaborative singing career in tact. Earlier this year Ella released her first solo album Why Not showcasing a more emotional and deeper side to her, one that is contrary to her usual tomboy personality. This album consists of a number of ballads tracks and in particular, I really enjoy “Wasted Tears” for the composition and its lovely MV.

UNIQ’s “Falling In Love”

Now these are the actual new boys on the block. They consist of Chinese and South-Korean members, promoting simultaneously in both these countries. They remind me of EXO even with their singing style. They have light, upbeat songs and they also have a few edgier songs. They have been around since late last year with a mini album released but I am in love with them! I especially love their song “Falling In Love” which has been on constant replay. This song is light, upbeat and addicting!

Taecyeon (2PM) feat. YerinB (15&)’s “Chocolate”

This song comes off 2PM‘s Japanese album 2PM of 2PM and is a solo by Taecyeon featuring YerinB, one half of the duo 15&. I love it for its upbeat tone and YerinB’s voice is just so beautiful to listen to! I actually like listening to this song more so for her than for Taecyeon, and in fact she sings more than he does.

U-KISS’ “Sweetie”

This song comes off their Japanese album Action and I absolutely adore it. It’s one of those more stripped-down songs that allows their voices to shine. It, like the above mentioned songs, is beautiful, which is why I love it.

Okay, back to studying!

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3 thoughts on “My Faves: My Music Tracklist #2

  1. Kierstin June 8, 2015 at 5:23 am Reply

    I’m friends with you on Twitter and didn’t even know you had such a successful blog. ^^’ I also really like UNIQ and U-KISS! If you like softer feel good songs, I recommend these! 🙂

    ONE OK ROCK- Heartache

    Royal Pirates- Fly to You

    And I wrote about Eddy Kim’s new album in my sad baby of a blog so you can read that if you would like!


    • misscupcakees June 8, 2015 at 11:51 am Reply

      Naaaawww, thanks for dropping by!

      Ahaha, yeaahh, I tend to listen more towards softer, feel good songs. 😛

      Thanks for your recommendations! ❤ Oh, and loving your blog too! (:

      • Kierstin June 8, 2015 at 3:36 pm

        You’re welcome! I hope you liked the songs! And thanks! It’s hard getting started but at least I know that you have one now, so I can learn from reading your blogs. 😉 Your blog is amazing~

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