Show Luo Crushes Hearts as He is No Longer Single

1This confirmation is sure going to crush hearts because it crushed mines. Taiwanese singer-actor-emcee Show Luo is off the markets. I haven’t always liked Show. I first got to know Show as an actor when I saw him with Rainie Yang in the drama Hi, My Sweetheart. I then discovered him as a singer but it wasn’t until the past few years when I really got know him and his music style that I came to really like him. But today he broke my heart with news reporting that he is taken, and that lucky girl is internet celebrity Grace Chow who frequently gets compared to Angelababy, even referring to her as “Little Angelababy”.

Grace was caught waiting for Show to finish for the variety show Go Fighting! in Shanghai. She waited at the filming premises and then headed to the same hotel where Show is staying. They were booked in separate rooms but he spent the night over at hers. He very openly confirmed their relationship but not all is happy with Show’s new gal.

2Netizens are expressing their dislike towards Grace, saying she is not suitable for Show. Some are turned off by her smoking habit and others by her plastic surgery. There are also others who are turned off by her extravagant spending and showing them off on social media. Show has no problem with it and neither does Mama Luo. I’m not particularly fond of Grace either but if Show is happy with his decision then so be it because at the end of the day it is him who gets to choose who he falls in love with.

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One thought on “Show Luo Crushes Hearts as He is No Longer Single

  1. Joy August 23, 2015 at 1:57 am Reply

    She looks overly plastic like someone drawn into a web game.

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