The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.22.20 amHa Na and Won may have been friends for 17 years but a friendship can all change in the spur of moment. Everything changes with time and although a 17 year friendship may seem like a long time for Ha Na and Won to work out their feelings for one another, but there are some things that just take its time to foster. Ha Na and Won’s relationship take one huge leap forward this ep with both Ha Na and Won becoming more and more aware of their feelings for one another. While they are both taking on a different path in their lives, one thing that they can be sure of is that they will be there for one another to the very end, because that is what friendship calls for.

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.01.38 amWon moves Ha Na closer to her as he shelters her. He smiles. She narrates that every time she is at the pits in her life, she has a precious friend by her side.

Won checks her into the hotel room and tells her change her clothes so she does not catch a cold. He will go buy beer. She tells him to buy chicken while he is at it and he goes “chicken feet my butt”, but he comes back with them as well.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.02.41 amHa Na and Won eat fried chicken and drink beer while they discuss their lives. She tells him how when she was 24, she thought a 34 year old woman was not a woman. At the age when people start to call you ahjumma, she thought the feeling of having your heart flutter, being happy and being sad would be different. He comments that she is already at the ahjumma stage and her parents already had primary school children at that age.

Won tells her that Seong Jae could have hit the jackpot with her but he messed up. He tells her that she is pretty, kind, smart and cute; Seong Jae will never meet someone like her again but she doesn’t take his compliments seriously.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.03.43 amHe places a hand on her forehead and warns if she falls sick from the rain then she will really be a hopeless ahjumma. She sighs that after all she got dumped by a kid. A tear rolls down her cheeks. Won wipes it away with his thumb and tells her to stop cosplaying as a tragic heroic.

This livens up Ha Na. The two spend the night drinking and playing childish games.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.04.03 amThey find themselves sleeping next to each other the next morning with Ha Na sleeping on top of his arm. Won wakes first and stares at Ha Na’s sleeping face. He traces her eyebrow as he smiles. Ha Na begins to wake up so he immediately pretends to sleep and only just wake up. There’s an awkward atmosphere between them and Won tries to break that atmosphere by telling her to get off of his arm.

Ha Na is so out of it the ride home. Won drives her home but she didn’t even realise they had reached home. She goes to head out of the car but forgets to take her seatbelt off. The two then struggle over who should carry Ha Na’s luggage. Then she forgets her shoulder-bag. Dae Bok witnesses the strange, awkward scenario.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.07.01 amHa Na heads to her messy bedroom and recalls last night with Won, where she was lying on Won’s stomach and discussing her love life. She notes herself for being foolish these days but he tells her that she is not as foolish as the time when she was dating Cha Seo Hoo, how she would do everything to his wishes and never thought for herself. She tells him that this is because she loved him and love involves sacrifices. He contradicts that and tells her that love is loving someone unconditionally for who they are. She tells him that he is the only one who accepts her for who she is but he doesn’t see her as a woman. He explains that it is more her who does not see him as a man. She turns to face him and asks if he has ever seen her as a woman?

Ha Na shocks herself with this recollection. Meanwhile, Won is preparing for work and ponders about Ha Na’s words about how he is the only one who sees accepts her for who she is.

Mi Hyang is waiting for the meeting to start but she dozes off and imagines a pig coming for her. She wakes up from her weird dream and is relieved no one saw her in such a chaotic state of mind. She wonders if something good will happen today since pigs are the signal of good things to come, money maybe?

Mi Hyang is in the bathroom touching up her make-up when an elderly collapses. She gives the woman CPR and the woman wakes up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.07.47 amMama Oh is in shock that Ha Na is cleaning her room. The only times when Ha Na has personally cleaned her room was before her uni exam, the day after she broke up with Seo Hoo and when she had to give up on the first project she worked on. Mama is worried and asks for an explanation but Ha Na just walks off. This just makes Mama even more worried.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.08.24 amHa Na goes to do some bike riding, replaying over Won’s face she first saw when she woke up. Her sense of mind is elsewhere so she has to make a last minute swerve to avoid hitting some children. She ends up spraining her right wrist. She is advised not to move it for a while and this drives her crazy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.09.04 amWon calls Ha Na but she doesn’t pick up. Won’s colleagues are discussing how Mi Hyang has never been late before and goes to ask Won if this is true but his mind is elsewhere but at work. He replays the scene of waking up with Ha Na beside him. He absent-mindedly drinks his coffee and gets some on his noses. His colleagues bring him back to reality and mentions the foam on his nose because he ain’t no Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won‘s character in Secret Garden). They see So Eun and calls her over.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.09.48 amSo Eun calls him out on why left so abruptly last night; she couldn’t sleep because of him. He explains something happened with Ha Na. She throws the scenario that if she were to call in the middle of the night, what would he do? He tells her that Ha Na is a friend who is like family. If Ha Na is a friend like family, ten does this mean she is his girlfriend? He doesn’t respond, though gives the slightest of nods. She tells him that she will continue to think positively.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.10.24 amDae Bok jokes that it is better than Ha Na strained her wrist than ankle, because otherwise she would have asked for a piggyback and she is pretty heavy. Mama asks if Won knows she got injured. She comments that she doesn’t have to tell Won everything that happens in her life. Papa says of course she does; it’s not like her relationship with Won is of the ordinary. The parents wonder if something happened between the two bffls. Dae Bok spills that Ha Na and Won spent the night together and the parents are shocked to hear that. Mama decides they need to get out of the scene and let the to-be lovebirds develop their relationship.

Ha Na receives a message from her high school friend, Jeong Mi, that she is getting married. Jeong Mi has dating other guys before but it seems no one understands her better than her current fiancée. Jeong Mi tells of how her heart first beat for her fiancée was when he drunkenly held her hand. Na Young asks Ha Na if such skinship has ever happened between her and Won. She explains their relationship isn’t like that; she has seen Won shirtless numerous times but has never felt her heart flutter and Won probably feels the same way. Jeong Mi tells her that the same old action can affect the moment differently.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.11.38 amHa Na is washing her face while going through Jeong Mi’s words. She goes to grab her face washer but accidentally drops her phone in the toilet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.12.10 amWon messages Ha Na that if she comes up to the rooftop within ten minutes he won’t touch the squid. He keeps checking his phone but the message is unread. He calls but gets no response and wonders if she feels uncomfortable about the situation which is why she is purposefully avoiding him.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.13.10 amHa Na heads to work and is informed that Seong Jae will be late today. At the meeting, the marketing team director takes all the credit for Ha Na’s hard work. Ha Na takes the opportunity to gain his approval for the Chinese online shopping mall business which he could not refuse.

Ha Na’s team members are full of praise for her efforts. Assistant Hong wonders what she is going to do about Seong Jae since his internship is ending soon. She suggests to the director to make him a permanent employee and transfer him to the Chinese division. She also asks for holiday leave.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.14.42 amIt’s pouring but Ha Na feels shelter when Seong Jae arrives with an umbrella, thanking her for recommending him. She takes out her own umbrella and walks off but turns back she recommended him based on his abilities and nothing else. She tells him this time to use a proper way to show his abilities. She leaves and he tells he that because she fell for him, he thought he’d be her shield.

Seong Jae chases after her but watches as she leaves. He tells himself that she is a much greater person than he thought. Ha Na narrates that being truthful can give someone comfort but at the same time it can hurt someone even more. She decided to put his sincerity over her wounds to let her wounds heal faster.

Won is getting worried because Ha Na is not picking up his calls or reading his messages. He messages her asking if her arm break because she is not responding to his messages. LOL, spot on!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.15.42 amHa Na is at phone store to get her phone repaired. She is told the wait will take one to two days but she is totally fine with the wait since she is on holidays right now. She turns around and sees her brother who is looking at some phones. She motions him to follow her. He sighs that there is no use having a job that pays regularly when she can’t even buy something for her dongsaeng. She says she is not working to buy things for him but she takes him shoe shopping anyways.

The siblings run into So Eun and Dae Bok is quick to declare that while he may be brother, he can’t always be on her side.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.16.43 amSo Eun buys Ha Na a drink and gets straight to the point. She was concerned about her relationship with her oppa but is rest assured now since Won personally told her that he sees Ha Na as a friend who is like family. Ha Na appears unconcerned about what she has just heard, replying that she, too, sees Won as a friend who is like family. She assures So Eun not to worry about that night.

Ha Na’s parents are packing and wasn’t expecting Ha Na to be home. They are going on a hot spring vacation and well, with her cast on, Ha Na can’t go. So Eun purposely came back to greet Won on his way out using this to have him buy her food. He gets a call and learns that Ha Na broke her arm so he has to postpone his date with So Eun.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.18.57 amDespite having cleaned her room, Ha Na is back to her old messy habits. She eats crackers in front of her laptop and accidentally spills orange juice too. She goes to turn on the light but it’s broken. The bell rings and it’s Won who has come to save her day. Ha Na acts all awkward around him while he appears totally fine.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.22.22 amShe jumps and screams to herself once Won is gone but finds him outside their homes. He says nothing and turns around to kiss her. She pulls back and calls him crazy and punches him with her casted arm.

Won wakes and realises that was just a dream. He flashes back to the time when he was cornered by his friends for betraying them by dating Ha Na. He claims that he is not dating Ha Na and fought back at them when they fought him. One question he asked is why he can’t like Ha Na?

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.46.13 pmAfter the brawl, Won is at the library. Ha Na offers to lend him her psych notes, but he declines hiding his bruised face away from her. She questions what’s wrong but he pushes her away and he leaves, unable to comprehend Won’s change in behaviour while Won looks back after her.

Turns out the elderly woman Mi Hyang saved is the CEO of a food corporation specialising in pig feet. Mi Hyang gets to eat free pig feet for the rest of her life but too bad she doesn’t like them. WOAAHH, what a way to do PPL.

Ha Na’s parents return, disappointed to discover that nothing progressed between Ha Na and Won.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.47.31 pmHa Na decides that since it is the weekend, she should go out for some fresh air. She gets back her phone and reads all the messages that Won sent her but before she could let herself feel all warm inside, she reminds herself that So Eun told her that Won only thinks of her as a friend who is like family.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.49.37 pmHa Na and Won both visit the same art museum, unaware that they have both chosen the same location to visit at the same time. Won has brought along So Eun and they begin discussing how they got into art. Won replies that it is because Ha Na brought him into it. There’s a sense of jealousy in So Eun’s voice as everything that Won likes to do stems from Ha Na. So Eun slips her arms through Won’s and is all happy because this is their first date.

Ha Na spots them but they don’t see her. She throughs them some shade, particularly at So Eun whom she think is not all that right for Won.

Jeong Mi’s wedding has been called off, but what she is more upset over is the fact that she lost her best friend of 17 years. This hits Ha Na close to home.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.51.17 pmWon has headed back from his date and when he finds that Ha Na hasn’t eaten yet, well this means dinner round 2 for him. He passes her fork when he sees her struggling to tear apart her chopsticks, turns on the TV when the only thing she asked for was “Won” and wiped the mess off her face.

Some time passes when Ha Na hits the serious topic of discussion. She asks him if he will visit her when she ends up in the nursing home alone. He agrees with her that she has crappy eyes for men but promises her that he will be there for her until she dies. Won asks the same question by she plays hard to get and tells him that she will think about it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.51.48 pmHa Na is in a jolly good mood because she has gotten her cast removed and shares this news to Won. They agree to meet each other later for food. Won thinks to himself, “Ha Na, I wish that you will always be okay” while Ha Na realises that Won is the only person who knows her e-mail and phone passwords. The two shsare the same thought of being together until they die.

Won is at the airport and notices someone familiar.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.52.17 pmThat familiar face is famous pianist Cha Seo Hoo (Yoon Kyun Sang). He has a sound check where he begins to play some really complicated piece but drops back to “do re mi fa so la” where he can’t help but think back to Ha Na. With that, he makes a rapid leave.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.52.54 pmWon has brought beer and waves happily to Ha Na up at her balcony who gives back a friendly wave. Won notices Seo Hoo on the kerb. Ha Na comes down, full of sunshine. She doesn’t see Seo Hoo but Won never takes his eyes off him.

Flashback. Won brought a book over to prop up Ha Na’s head while she was asleep at the library. When she wakes, he immediately teases her for drooling before leaving. He can’t help but look back.


My Opinion:

I was frustrated last ep with how the drama chose to handle Ha Na and Won’s impending romantic relationship and I am even more frustrated now. Their relationship isn’t one based on friendship but rather their friendship is one that exists because of a romantic fire. That wasn’t how I expected it to be; their relationship was supposed to be one where Ha Na and Won come to realise their feelings for one another through their years of friendship but instead we are thrown with the romance of the puzzle, except we have yet to figure out how to piece it together with the bigger picture. It is very obvious now that Won is in love with Ha Na and has been for the past 17 years but it remains a mystery what is stopping him from unleashing his feelings. They have a platonic friendship right now, but their feelings for one another are growing stronger day by day and this platonic friendship is no longer platonic any more.

I think it was pretty nice of how Ha Na dealt with her relationship with Seong Jae. After all that he has done to her, she is still willing to help him out. He may have broken her heart but she took this as a journey of growth because he taught her a lot and made her realise even more.

With the way how the drama is choosing to head with Ha Na and Won’s relationship, it is impacting on the other relationships. The other relationships are supposed to help Ha Na and Won come to realise that they are the ones for one another but the drama is so grounded on this romantic relationship that the other relationships don’t play much of a role other than to fill in the 16 eps. Especially for Won, getting into relationships is supposed to be a way for him to realise just how much he loves Ha Na but the problem here is that he knows that he is in love with Ha Na so he can’t openly open his heart for a relationship with So Eun. She is eager to gain the status of being his girlfriend but she isn’t overly pushy about and respects his decision. But Won’s heart is really what is stagnating the drama right now. With the second male lead making his appearance now, hopefully this will push the drama forward.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.14.20 am

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2 thoughts on “The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 4 Recap

  1. Thoughtsramble July 11, 2015 at 6:25 pm Reply

    Have you watched the Taiwan version of this show?(: I was a fan of it, so I didn’t really like the remake (only watched 1.5 episodes and stopped!)

    • misscupcakees July 11, 2015 at 7:57 pm Reply

      Yeah, I did! Personally, I don’t feel like this is a remake, it has changed too much of the original to be a remake.

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