The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.48.16 pmLove takes people on a journey, one that is full of self discoveries. It’s a journey that is very complex, not that it is ever simple to begin with, and for Won and Ha Na finding love has never been more complicated. Ha Na has never had much success in the field of love; just when she think she has got a good hold on love, she loses grip and it all comes crashing down beneath her eyes. It is no wonder she loses more and more confidence with each relationship. The guy who she almost walked down the aisle with has returned and ready to start anew with her but the question is whether she has the confidence to give their relationship another shot? Won will, regardless of her decision, remain by her side and catches if she falls, though he will definitely protect her from falling over like the protector he has been to her for the past 17 years.

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 6 Recap:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.36.54 pmSeo Hoo tells Won that he is in the middle of talking with Ha Na and that this is something he should not be interfering with. Won, pulls Ha Na inside but is stopped when Seo Hoo directs to Ha Na that she was waiting for him tonight. She tells him that she does not believe his words “I’ll come and pick you up tonight”. He is of nothing to make her wait and warns him to never look for her again.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.37.07 pmHa Na turns to head inside but Seo Hoo pulls her by the wrist and asks if she waited long? She shakes off his hand and tells him that he is the same person who only listens to his own words and does not hear out anyone else’s. Won commands her to go inside and pulls her by the wrist. LOL, all that wrist pulling!

Seo Hoo holds a his heart as he realises that Ha Na has gotten stronger.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.39.02 pmWon drops Ha Na off in her room. She brushes her teeth and tries to make small talk with Won but he just tells her to brush her teeth. After she brushed her teeth, she tells him that she wished the bunny wasn’t there. Won takes the bunny and asks if he should throw the punching bag away too?

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.40.32 pmFlashback. It’s been three days since Ha Na broke up with Seo Hoo. She has been crying her soul out and hiding under the covers. Mama pulls Won is hoping that he can open up Ha Na. He opens her curtains letting the natural light flow in and instals the punching bag for her. He starts punching it and tells her that the best fist is the angry fist. He sets out a best-of-three punching game with her, giving her a timeframe of one week. The loser has to shout chicken feet for three years.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.41.02 pmThe bffls head to their local convenience store. Won scores impressive on the punching game. Looks like Ha Na lost because she has to shout ice-cream and is shocked at how expensive Won’s ice-cream is. On their walk home, Ha Na comments that there is no way he could have gotten stronger fist as he ages and instead wonders if this is because he has gotten angrier? He thinks back to Seo Hoo’s unannounced appearance and replies that anger is the past, now is the age to control their emotions. They drop back into their comfortable teasing talk and he comments that they need to start building up their stamina.

They start their training on the streets and book it officially in for 6 o’clock tomorrow morning. The late person has to shout chicken feet. They head back to their respective homes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.42.04 pmHa Na looks at the bunny that Won has thrown out for her and narrates the reason why people repeatedly look back on the things they have thrown out is not because you don’t know why you threw them away but because you never know when they day you might need them again will come.

Won is up bright and early and is relieved to see that the rubbish truck has picked up the stuffed bunny.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.42.43 pmHa Na is huffing and puffing through each step she takes while Won is in full athletic condition. He so kindly goes back to help Ha Na through. Though they finally do make it to the top to enjoy the scenic view and fresh air. He jokes that she she has fully overexerted herself on day one, she will fall asleep in her room in the office. She comments that being able to have her own room in the office is no easy feat for her. She informs him that she has been secretly working on a project for one year and she will succeed.

Won strokes her head and jokes that he will be seeing on the cover of the Times Magazine very soon. He smiles as he sees her relaxed face.

Won says hello to everyone as he arrives to work. So Eun comments that he is in a very good mood today to which he replies is because of the weather. So Eun seems shocked that he gave her a pat on the back. On the flight, Won kindly takes care of an elderly lady by putting her shoes under her seat for her and providing her with a cushion and So Eun takes notice of this.

Ha Na is, too, in a very good mood. Sporting a new hairstyle, she hands out to her colleagues a very detailed and nicely planned out product proposal and warns her colleagues that they have to do all they can to score a contract with Jumei.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.44.20 pmHa Na is out on break and sees a couple being all cutesy with each other, with the guy surprising the girl with a kiss. She flashes back to the time when she was in the lavatory and Seo Hoo suddenly entered, surprising her with some alone time. She is shocked but also surprised as he pulls her in for a nice hug. She shakes that memory away.

So Eun is browsing the shops and picks up Seo Hoo’s piano recital. A voice next to her asks if people don’t listen to classical music any more because it’s stuffy? She isn’t shocked that a random stranger started a conversation with her and instead calmly replies that rather than new things, she prefers old things. He responds that he has met a fan with the same preference. She turns around and sees that he is the Seo Hoo in the CD cover and replies that she didn’t know he is famous the last time she saw him walking out of Won’s office.

He questions what relationship she has with Won. She responds that she is just his hoobae but isn’t so sure because he prefers friends over lovers. Seo Hoo mutters “Oh Ha Na” which So Eun picks up. He mentions that Ha Na and Won are like a package, always together. He asks So Eun for a favour.

Ha Na is at work late past overtime working on a presentation. She messages Won letting him know that she can’t make it to their workout session tomorrow morning. He tells her that it’s okay, she will just have to shout chicken feet twice and smiles to himself as they continue to message each other.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.46.08 pmWon is in a very good mood, soaking up a cucumber mask with Mi Hyang and talking through some beers. She tells him to tell of his good mood, reasons that does not relate to Ha Na but he has nothing to say. She sighs and tells him to go ahead and talk about Ha Na. He tells her that he is very proud of Ha Na for overcoming the worrisome problem better than he expected and is living life diligently. She advises to him to keep being friends like they were as children and then get married later. He doesn’t beat around the bush and actually contemplates this.

Mama enters Ha Na’s room and is shocked to see the messy state that it is in with papers lying everywhere. Ha Na informs her that she has a very special presentation today and Mama retreats, clearly knowing what this is all about. Ha Na doesn’t have time for breakfast but Mama hastily packs her some fruits.

Ha Na suggests to Won a movie marathon after the presentation for three movies but he points out her age and suggest that they’d be better off watching one movie and drinking beer afterwards.

Ha Na and Won share laughter at the movies and they also share emotional baggage. Ha Na watches as Won is all engrossed in a scene feathering a tendering mother’s love to her son.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.48.12 pmSeo Hoo is in front of Ha Na’s house and messages to come out now and meet with him. Meanwhile, Ha Na’s celebration continues. Ha Na and Won are in a jolly good mood as they head to eat. They even sing along with the music that plays. She brings up that he was never once close to any of her past boyfriends and he replies she was never once close to any of his past girlfriends either. They wonder why this is the case. Maybe it’s because they see something the other doesn’t? When you are so blinded in love you can’t see the problems or the misfortunes that you will face, whereas, as the best friend see it differently. He promises to only date girls she likes and the continue to drink.

Meanwhile, Seo Hoo is still waiting but messages her that he will see her tomorrow.

The flight attendants are enjoying their lunch with the guys talking about their ideal woman. So Eun throws the topic to Won asking him what is his kind of ideal woman like. He tells her that you only think of these when you were young. She then asks what is Ha Na’s ideal man like.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.49.56 pmWon ponders over So Eun’s last question. Flashback. Young Won sees young Ha Na reading a manga book and ushers her to the side. She said him she’d will find her ideal man through a kiss. Won is bewildered to hear this as girl usually considers things like looks. Ha Na disagreed and told him that of the guys who passed her first round, she will only date the guy who makes her heart pound and her head hazy. Won tells her that this kind of love ruins people but Ha Na just tells him that one day she wants to be able to experience this kind of love. 

In present time, Seo Hoo messages Ha Na that he will see her later but she deletes his conversation thread. No sooner does she do that does So Eun asks to meet. So Eun has arranged for her a blind date but Ha Na declines, citing she isn’t into this kind of thing. Ha Na excuses herself to leave. So Eun admits that “he” said that he has a special relationship with Ha Na and she was curious to know what that kind of relationship is. “He” arrives and it’s none other than her ex, Seo Hoo.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.50.47 pmSeo Hoo tells Ha Na that he wanted to meet her and needed to meet her. He wonders if her strong wall was built up by Won. She dodges the question and throws back questions at him. He personally gives her his piano recital and she gets straight to the point asking what is it that he wants. He is still the same making judgements by himself. He tells her that he realised that she is the one endlessly on his mind all the time. No one he dated could compare to the profound memories with her and this is the reason he came back. Ha Na seems moved by his words.

Won is not happy to hear from So Eun who Ha Na is with right now.

Seo Hoo knows that the break-up was hard on Ha Na but how does she know he did not have it hard too? She turns to leave but he grabs her by the wrist and tells her to say something to him whether that be a curse or resentment. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him and he figures that this is because she might waver. He can see through her that she is using all her strength to push him away. Suddenly they hear Won calling out to Ha Nam in a desperate search for her. Seo Hoo comments that wherever she goes, Won will be sure to find her. She leaves but he calls out to her that she doesn’t know everything.

Won calls Ha Na but she isn’t picking up. He searches up Seo Hoo but contemplates whether he should call him or not before deciding that he should.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.51.24 pmWon has come to pick a fight but Seo Hoo isn’t fazed one bit. He tells Won that acting like this is something he shouldn’t be doing for Ha Na because had it not be for him, he and Ha Na would not have had their relationship end up like this. Won accuses him of causing Ha Na’s wounds but he rebuts that if it had not be for him, he would have had the chance to heal Ha Na’s wounds. Won shoots back that he abandoned Ha Na but Seo Hoo disagrees, and tells him that is still the same old for getting involved with his and Ha Na’s relationship. Won is firm on protecting Ha Na from Seo Hoo.

So Eun asks Mi Hyang unni for advice; she has never seen Won so worked up before. Mi Hyang reveals Ha Na and Seo Hoo previously dated before and Seo Hoo is probably the biggest wound to Ha Na and Won. So Eun is surprised at this fact.

Ha Na lies on her bed and recalls back to her near wedding where she happily prepared herself for it and happily slipped into her pair of nude heels.

Ha Na wakes to her mother calling her up for work. She checks her phone and has got 100000 missed calls and messages. Assistant Hong informs her that their project is being held up by Jumei Global providing additional provisions but it’s nothing to worry about because the other team leader and the director resolved it.

Seo Hoo is on his morning jog and thinks over Won’s words on how he will stop him from getting close to Ha Na with his manager slowly driving behind. He takes the wheel from his manager. What’s with this scene?

Ha Na apologises and the director lets her off lightly.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.52.33 pmHa Na goes out drinking with her two best girlfriends. And they drink lots. Under Na Young’s encouragement, Ha Na calls Won to invite him to come join them but he doesn’t pick up.

So Eun apologises to Won for what happened yesterday. She asks him who Seo Hoo is to him but he doesn’t answer. She comments that whatever is going on between Ha Na and Seo Hoo, it has him worried and candidly tells him that she will use this opportunity to get closer to him. He wonders how she can always so openly show her feelings and she replies that if she were to hide them, the other person won’t know her feelings and that there might be a chance that she loses that person. This has Won thinking.

In her hazy state, Ha Na sees someone walking through the door, thinking that it is Won. It is actually Jeong Mi’s boyfriend, Chang Soo, who immediately drops to his knees begging for forgiveness after finally realising that he cannot live without Jeong Mi. The two reconcile and Ha Na is all smiles for them, though this hits her closer than she realises.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.54.43 pmOn the ride home she subconsciously wonders that if you realise something you didn’t know, can love also be turned around? She thinks about Seo Hoo telling her that there is parts of the story she didn’t know and how Chang Soo came about to realise something he didn’t know.

The next big project Ha Na’s company, Tandy, will be working on will be a collaboration with the famous pianist Seo Hoo, projected to go on for three months. Ha Na will be in charge of the project per Seo Hoo’s request and there is nothing she can do to get out of it.


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.55.09 pmDae Bok is outside Won’s place with something worrisome on his mind. It’s his parent’s anniversary next week and he wants to send them on vacation but doesn’t have the means to do so. Won agrees to get the plane ticket for him. No sooner when Won agrees to do that does he call his noona who tells him she will give him some gift certificates so he can purchase the gifts with them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.55.25 pmHa Na learns from her assistant that the director will be heading on a China trip tomorrow with the design team only. She approaches the design team Team Leader Hwang about the trip. Team Leader Hwang claims that this is all Ha Na’s fault with her bringing all her dating issues to work. She advises Ha Na to stop distracting herself with her dating problems and get her head straight.

Walking back to work, Ha Na subconsciously thinks “It wasn’t that I didn’t know, but I forgot. Even through cracks, a wind that can swallow up everything can come in. What the 34 year-old me has to handle is the responsibility for heartbreak and love.”

Won runs into Papa in the streets and the two lads go for some soju where Papa complains about Mama’s incessant nagging since he went out late one night. Won laughs and tells him that he is jealous that at their age they can still fight over love. Papa wonders how, at 34, Won and Ha Na has never changed from their high school days.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.56.12 pmWon thinks about Papa’s words on the rooftop and this brings him back to his high school memories. Won and Ha Na are walking home. She tells him that after the church confrontation, Na Young played a game of truth with her. Won, curious, asked her what Na Young asked. She replies that it was the same question Na Young asked her before – what does Won mean to her?

Ha Na tells him honestly what he told Na Young – he is someone very important to her, someone more important than her boyfriend, husband or family and she hopes that it will stay that way forever.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.56.42 pmWon got beaten up shortly afterwards and admits to Ha Na that she is cause of why he got beaten up. She wondered if they picked the fight because he was her friend and that he told them the same thing he always said: “I will never love you”. She didn’t even give him the chance and tells him she is on the same page because she, too, will never love him. But that was not what Won wanted to hear. He subconsciously wonders that if she knew back then the secret he couldn’t tell her, would she have been happier?

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.58.42 pm

Flashback. Won catches Ha Na reading one of her cheesy romance novels when the lights black out. She calls out to him and he tells her not to move as he makes her way to her. In the darkness as they made their way to each other, their lips bumped into each other’s.


My Opinion:

For many years Won has loved Ha Na but he has neglected himself to the friend zone because never once did he have the confidence to admit his true feelings for her. With Seo Hoo in the picture now, it has allow Won to become more aware of his feelings for Ha Na, and that feeling is a romantic one. His heart has always been with her which is why his previous relationships never worked out well. He loves Ha Na but he is holding back on his feelings towards her probably because he thinks he doesn’t deserve her. He is the one holding himself back from confessing his feelings and it is not just because Ha Na told him that she would not love him.

Won is actually quite a complex character that we are just beginning to know more of. He has a complex backstory, especially that regarding his mother which has affected the way he loves. There is so much of his past that we do not yet know and it is these that has shaped him to who he is today. The more that is revealed about him, the more questions that the drama leaves behind. I really do hope that the drama will be able to resolve these questions that they have just opened up.

Won’s past also explains for why his ideal girl is someone whom he can protect. His mother left him at a young age, leaving him to look after himself and I guess that is something he has carried on now that he has grown up and Ha Na happens to be that vulnerable girl who he can and wants to protect. He doesn’t want her to get hurt again, especially not by the same person who deeply wounded her heart, and he will do whatever he can to prevent her from getting hurt. Seeing Ha Na in good spirits makes him all happy as well because she just has that effect on him which she doesn’t quite see. Ha Na needs to listen to her heart and actually chase after it to find love. She may get hurt again but this will help her to better see who is the right for her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.42.39 pm

Click here to watch The Time We Were Not In Love.

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  1. Kappy July 24, 2015 at 6:13 am Reply

    Thanks for the recap MissCupCakes!

    I have honestly dropped this drama and and we still need to do the round table. CRAP!

    Just following recaps to see where this goes. So many changes, some pretty unnecessary.

    Which library do I need to stalk at night to get an accidental kiss from Won? LOL.

    • misscupcakees July 26, 2015 at 5:01 pm Reply

      No worries! LOL, yes we still do!

      IMHO, it has made too many changes.

      Ha Na’s library!

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