The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 8 Recap

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ūüė• I am so sad because the recap I wrote for ep 7 didn’t save properly so everything I wrote disappeared! This is why this ep’s recap is out first.

There’s a saying that goes “timing is everything” and this has never been truer for both Won and Seo Hoo who were both just at the wrong place, wrong time so they missed out the opportunity to be together with Ha Na. For Won, he just never found the appropriate time to confess while for Seo Hoo, he was not there with her when she needed him most and because of that he crushed her heart. Won had 17 years to confess but could never muster the courage to do so. Seo Hoo had three years to find her, explain and apologise but never did so until now. For both these men, following their heart both comes down to timing. Now, they are¬†given the opportunity to win her once and for all and timing will be the crucial deciding factor.

The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 8 Recap:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.44.42 pmHa Na arrives at the event and it’s a work party with Seo Hoo in attendance who tries to use this opportunity as a way to get closer with Ha Na while she does her best to maintain her distance. The director is happy to lend his people to help out on this collab project but Seo Hoo is satisfied with Ha Na, citing that she is someone with the ability to make someone’s work stand out the best it can.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.45.30 pmHa Na is tipsy and struggling to walk straight. Seo Hoo offers to take her home but she refuses, telling him that she is not drunk and even if she were she won’t let him take her home. She trips but he grabs her arm to steady her. She shakes him off and tells him that she hates him and that he should be addressing her as noona since he is a year younger than her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.46.30 pmHa Na turns to walk away when someone calls out to her name. It’s Won who has come to pick her up. He takes her bags and piggybacks her home, without even speaking a word to Seo Hoo. Won flashes back to a similar piggyback scene back in their high school days.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.47.00 pmWon piggybacked a drunken Ha Na all the way home. He was able to muster up the courage to confess that he likes her but too bad he confessed when she was drunk.

In the present, Won tucks Ha Na into bed and brushes a stray hair away from her face. He remembers back to their youth how he told her he likes her and how she told Seo Hoo she hates him right before he took her home.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.48.41 pmMeanwhile, Seo Hoo is having a clear your thoughts session of his own. He makes it clear to his manager that he is not going to go any where until his charity performance is over, despite having other current contracts. He is determined not to give up this time around, clearly meaning he is not going to give up on Ha Na this time.

Ha Na wakes to find her family all clustered around her bed. They all agree that only Won can take responsibility for her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.50.09 pmHa Na heads out ready for work and Won offers to drive her, which she accepts. He doesn’t remember Won piggybacking her home but learns that he found out where to pick her up from her assistant. Mi Hyang gets in the car and immediately smells alcohol. Ha Na pops out from behind and apologises.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.50.21 pmHa Na maintains her professional work attitude but really is dying from the alcohol last night. Min Ji asks her for advice and Ha Na gives it despite Min Ji having stolen her boyfriend. Ha Na makes it clear that she only doing so because she wants the project she worked so long for to turn out well. Hoo Joon arrives, shocked to see Ha Na and Min Ji talking and wondering if Ha Na said something unpleasing to Min Ji.

Mi Hyang surprises Won with the news that he has been selected for an overseas position. Even though it certainly means a promotion, Won needs time to think about it since it also means two years abroad.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.52.27 pmUnwillingly, Ha Na makes herself go see Seo Hoo at the concert hall. He dictates to her that she must follow his schedule and accommodate her schedule to him. She agrees which takes him by surprise since he expected her to argue against him. She explains she doesn’t have the time or energy to argue with him and it is painful enough having to be with him. He signs that this isn’t any fun.

Ha Na spends the day running chores for Seo Hoo while he practices. She is the only one in the audience as he performs. His manager comes up and sits next to Ha Na, mentioning that it is impressive that she sit and watch Seo Hoo perform for so long. She replies that maybe it is because she is waiting for a special performance. Seo Hoo stuffs up and starts all over again.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.55.39 pmHa Na is resting her legs when Won calls, inviting her out for dinner. They go through their plans for the night when Seo Hoo takes Ha Na’s legs into his lap and massages them for her. “Who said you could rest?” he asks her, which Won happened to hear.

She hangs up on Won while struggling to free herself from Seo Hoo’s grasp. He asks to just be like this for a little while but seeing her face, he frees her and apologises for fooling around. She tellings him to stop fooling around because she doesn’t like it. He smiles as she walks away while she mutters under her breathe that he is so arrogant for being one year under than her.

The male flight attendants are surprised to see So Eun all happy chappy when just recently she was in a sulky mood. Meanwhile, Won is thinking over what he heard on the phone last night with Ha Na as well as the overseas position. So Eun pops by and Won gives her a smile in acknowledgement before walking off. She notes that he won’t even give her a chance.

Assistant Hong has the eyes for Dae Bok. She suggest that they date and watch Seo Hoo’s recital performance, both of which he refused.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.56.40 pmHa Na is leaving when Seo Hoo grabs her by the wrist and demands why she is leaving in such a hurry. She explains she still has stuff to do at the department store but he tells her that it can be done later because she has other work matters on him that she has to deal with.

So Eun questions Mi Hyang about Won’s overseas position and Mi Hyang thinks that this must mean she has given up on Won. However, that is not the case. She will miss Won if he goes but this way he can be far far away from Ha Na.

Seo Hoo makes Ha Na go shoe shopping with him. Won calls and Ha Na steps away to pick up the call. He is actually just outside the shop as she answers the call. He just tells her to come out when she is done. Ha Na doesn’t see Won but Seo Hoo does.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.57.39 pmThe best friends finally get to eat but end up picking a fight over every little thing, including what they should eat.

Meanwhile, Mi Hyang finds the ring box on Won’s table, which actually contains a necklace, and comes to her own conclusions.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.58.02 pmThe sour mood between the best friends continue to exist even on their way home. Won nags her about this and that until she turns around to ask him what is his problem today and throws him some remarks. He talks with his remarks which continue to irritate Ha Na some more. So she turns around and walks off in her painful heels.

Mi Hyang confronts Won about the box she found in his room and wonders if Ha Na is the reason why he is wishy-washy on whether he wants to take up the overseas position. She tells him that some time away from Ha Na and that he needs to get his priorities sorted.

Later in his room, Won takes a look at the box before pulling out his phone to call Ha Na to invite her out for shopping tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.58.48 pmThe two are searching up for a present for Mama and Papa Oh’s 34th year anniversary. The first thing he asks when they meet is whether they are going to forget about yesterday. She plays along and asks if something happened yesterday. He approves of her style.

Won comments that Ha Na’s parents have been together for a very long time. She thinks that this must mean her parents have a very stale but boring relationship but Won thinks so otherwise; he thinks that her parents are happiest when they are with each other. Won has his eyes to get her parents a camera.

Ha Na has got her mother a custom-made pair of heels and her father a pair of dress shoes while Won got them the camera that he saw yesterday. Dae Bok got his parents a trip to Jeju Island but of course his parents and Ha Na know that this really came out of Won’s pocket. They shower him with love while Dae Bok gets shoved to the side.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.59.23 pmHa Na also learns from Won of his overseas position and encourages him to go as this is a rare and admits that she will miss him when he is gone and this is the longest they will be separated from one another other than his military enlistment but even then she visited him at every opportunity.

She tells him to go and not worry about her. If this is good for him then being bored is okay for her. Won shakes his head knowingly and Ha Na asks him why he is doing that. He tells her that he knows everything.

Won escorts the Oh parents off as promised and takes pictures with them from the new camera he bought them.

Ha Na and her two best friends are at the salon getting some pampering and are shocked to hear that Ha Na is working on a project with Seo Hoo. However, they stand up for him claiming that he must have had a reason for staying away for so long. Ha Na tells herself that she just has to endure it for now.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.00.01 pmHa Na gets called in by Seo Hoo’s manager to come in¬†for something urgent. She finds him with his professor who chastises him for neglecting all the other sponsors for doing this performance as this will tarnish his image but Seo Hoo is adamant on keeping this decision. The professor mentions that this is like the incident three years ago but Seo Hoo cuts him off before he could say more. The teacher continues though and scolds him for wanting to go to a measly engagement instead of a performance. Well, an engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing… Seo Hoo turns to face Ha Na who has also turned to face him. This is news to Ha Na.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.00.12 pmHa Na confronts Seo Hoon about what she has just learnt. He tells her that it is as she heard; he did go and she looked pretty. She guesses this to mean that he did turn up to the engagement. She said he could have said that he wants going to be late that day; he should have explained and begged for her forgiveness. He apologises now. When she asks him if he came back to apologise, he tells her that he didn’t; he came back to gain the right to not lose her again and to get her back. She shakes her head and tells him that it would have been better if he had not come that day before walking off.

Ha Na absent-mindedly buys herself a bottle of Yakult from the local convenience stall. Just as she walks out, Won spots her but just watches as she walks off. He follows behind her in soft, timed footsteps. She turns back and they both smile at each other. She tells him that seeing him today was enough to turn her sad day around.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.00.55 pmHa Na tells Won everything she had just learnt but Won doesn’t understand why Seo Hoo only chose now to reappear, after three years. She knows it doesn’t make sense but for the fact that he did come, the hatred she had for him for three years was just very unfair. Won asks the logical question, why when Seo Hoo he did not show himself to her? She doesn’t know the answer to that question but tells Won that Seo Hoo told her that she was pretty that day.¬†It’s as if the wall she built around her all came crashing down.

Won asks if maybe he shouldn’t go to the training? She tells him no and the convo turns light again. Won’s dilemma gets her wondering that if he had told her not to go to Paris for training, would she had not¬†met Seo Hoo? If Won was there by her side, would she have known how bad of a guy Seo Hoo is?

Won asks her if he asked her to stay, would she have stayed? She smiles, knowing there is no way he would have told her that.

Won has decided not to go to the training which shocks Mi Hyang. Despite her pleas for him to go, he remains adamant on his decision.

Seo Hoo’s recital has been cancelled and the director is worried that this might affect their collaboration project if Seo Hoo’s image takes a downturn fall but Seo Hoo’s manager assures¬†the company that this cancellation was made by the agency and had nothing to do with Seo Hoo.

Ha Na seeks Seo Hoo out for the cancellation of the recital, asking if he really did it. He denies it, defending with the fact that he is not that powerful to do so. It is the power of the people who want him to fall down. He wonders if her coming here means that she is concerned about him? She claims that she is only concerned about him since her company has a project with him.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.01.44 pmHe promises to never make things hard for her again because of his own problems. She takes it to mean the project is going to continue. He tells her that more than that he doesn’t want to lose her again because that is the reason why he came back.

Meanwhile, Won is preparing the set up in the rooftop of how to give Ha Na the necklace.

Just before Ha Na leaves, Seo Hoo hands her a bunch of piano sheets with sticky notes and tells her to come back when she remembers. She isn’t sure what she is to remember but he just smiles and lets her know that it is up to her to remember.

Ha Na is at the bus stop, knocks the sheets over, picks it up and catches one with a picture of a rabbit that catches her eyes. She remembers back to her days with him and how she drew the rabbit because she claimed it looked like him. He’d also given her a rabbit keyring.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.02.47 pm

Ha Na remembers it all. She runs back to Seo Hoo while Won just waits at the rooftop.


My Opinion:

Seo Hoo is such a jerk but I am still shipping him with Ha Na. He abandoned Ha Na without any explanations whatsoever and suddenly pops back into her life three years later expecting her to fall into his arms once again. More than that though, he is still the same arrogant guy as three years ago, wanting his way and never listening to her opinions. In their relationship, he is the superior one¬†while she is left bossed around by him. There’s actually no reason why I prefer with Seo Hoo, I just do. Won is marginally the better guy for her but for some reason I don’t prefer him with Ha Na.

Despite that, I don’t feel like Seo Hoo is a nicely written character. He is quite shallow as a character with no depth to him. All we have gotten from him is that he is an arrogant person and that’s about it.¬†Why does he like Ha Na and how does he even like her? He just left her brokenhearted at their engagement ceremony and didn’t even give her an explanation. Even now, three years on, he hasn’t shown how he likes her, he just popped out of no where and demands for her to get back together with him. In this sense he is not a likeable character but for some unexplainable reason, I want him together with Ha Na.

And that is also where the problem with the drama lies. The drama is becoming slow and draggy.¬†While Won and Ha Na are intended to be together, there is no such thing as “discovery” between them. Won already knows deep down in his heart that he is in love with Ha Na, and he has known that for 17 years. It’s just a matter of timing for him to confess. He has never opened his heart to anyone else and that leaves me to question what is the purpose of So Eun? As a second female lead, she doesn’t have much of an impact to the drama. In fact, strip away So Eun, Seo Hoo, Seong Jae etc, and the drama can still progress on as fine as ever. The drama just lacks oomph with Ha Na and Won basically already together but aren’t because they are separated by time.

The drama just needs to hurry up with its development because it is sure taking its time. At this rate Won and Ha Na just needs to get together and call it a day. Won has been in love with her since day one but what and he has also been all “I’ll never love you” but now he loves her? I don’t even know. Let’s hope the drama sorts itself out soon!

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